Friday, October 3, 2014

Ork Thoughts for 7th Edition

So tomorrow is Brawl in the Fall and I'm going to be taking my bike list I mentioned last post.  I'm hoping to grab some points but I don't really have super high expectations.  I don't feel like I've gotten enough practice and I could see easily dropping an early game.  Either way it is going to be a good time!

I have been thinking about what to play next year a bit now as I don't have much left on my agenda for this year.  Sure I might still play the marines once more at LVO in Feb so I can wrap up the ITC series and see if I can pop out near the top Space Marine list and hopefully top 10 overall.

However next year I think I'll play a... less crowded Codex.  At first I was thinking Dark Angels with my yellow marines.  Dark Angels is certainly less crowded and if I just played enough events I might be able to snag that overall.  However... maybe not!  It isn't a great list I have though it can probably win 1/2 the games.  Also it is boring as hell to play.  I might bring it out a bit just to get it out of my system.

The other army I have been wanting to bring out more is my Orks.  I've only really played a game or two with the new book and the games were fun though I think I lost them.  I've been tweaking a couple of different builds using self ally as well as the Ghaz ally.  This is a bit of the line up I'm thinking about trying out a bit.

Big Mek, KFF, Bike, Cybork, Bosspole, Da Finkn Kap, Grot Oiler, Warlord
Warboss in Mega Armor, Bosspole, Da Lucky Stick
11 Tankbustas, 1 Boss Nob, Bosspole, Trukk w Ram
4 Meganobz, Battlewagon w Big Shoota, Ram, Grot Riggers
29 Boyz, Nob, Bosspole, PK
10 Gretchin, Herder
9 Lootas
9 Lootas
5 Lobbas, 2 Ammor Runts

Painboy, Grot Orderly
18 Ard Boyz, Nob, PK, Bosspole
Battlewagon w Big Shoota, Ram, Grot Riggers

This is one way of trying this list out but you can do several differnent things with the same models roughly.  You could make the warboss the warlord and dump the Mek as the ally HQ.  You could get the points to get the 4++ KFF.  That might be the better choice, the ability to get two Strategic warlod traits might just be a trap.

So after this weekend I'll see if I can get some practice with this list.  I pretty much have this but my trukks are the old little things, as are my gretching the terrible old fixed pose.  Those will do for some test games before I buy them and make the list tourny ready as it may just be terrible.

I did/do have some other bits to work on for this in the mean time.  I already have 6 orks with rokkits.  So I decided to finish up some other rokkit orks I have for tank bustas and kit bash a nob together.

These came out fine and the good news is after lord knows how long since I painted orks they match up pretty darn will with the existing guys that I painted years ago.

I also decided to kit back the Mek and a warbike.  I had done a warboss/Nob years ago too using these old 3rd ed bikes I have.  He's a little small for a Big Mek but he'll do in a pinch.

It isn't much to look at now but I'll get it some paint and see how it comes together.

I was going to buy a little KFF bit as they have them on ebay from the 'Nauts and the Meganobz pack but they are $10.  I'm not sure how this is going to work so I decided to just kit bash it entirely.

Overall I think it's a neat little kit bash.  It has been awhile since I got to do something like this so it was a nice change of pace.

Of to Clovis tomorrow, hopefully for some really fun games!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Small Hobby This and Thats

Been really busy with work and getting ready for the new baby who finally arrived yesterday.  Hooray!  So now we're just hanging out in the hotel hospital room as we can't go home until tomorrow.  So with time to kill I might as well update this blog with what's been going on lately.

I did get out to Celesticon again this year, and like past years had a great time.  I took my drop pods out for 1500 which is not my favorite point level but for a one day 3 game event this was mostly just for fun.  In some ways I regret not taking some other fun list out (Orks), but since it was an ITC event I still was hoping to grab some nice points!

Command Squad, 5 Meltas, Pod
10 Tacticals, Melta, MM, Combi Plasma, Pod
10 Tacticals, Melta, MM, Combi Plasma, Pod
10 Tacticals, Melta, MM, Combi Plasma, Pod
10 Tacticals, Melta, MM, Combi Plasma, Pod
10 Tacticals, Melta, MM, Combi Plasma, Pod
5 Assault Marines, 2 Flamers, Melta Bomb, Pod

It is pretty much a no nonsense list that relies on a hard hitting drop and lots of OBSEC units to take objectives.

My first round I played a Bike/Rhino white scar list with Coteaz.  Funny enough the one practice game I ended up losing leading up to this was Frankie running my bikes!  I ended up not deploying great thanks to coteaz mucking about with his bikes, and he made every cover save turn one.  DRAT!  So I was working uphill all game.  I managed to tie the primary and lose the secondary so ended up with a loss.

My second round I played a rhino CSM/min noise marines + Nurgle Spawm list.  This game was the relic which usually I do great with pods.  The reason is I can deploy very in the face in front of the Relic with most of my army and then one small unit can grab the relic turn one.  The rest of the game I can do a bit of a fighting retreat with my main line and keep the relic squad pretty safe.  This is what happened this game as well, though had the game gone on longer he just might have caught up to me with those fast moving spawn!

Game 3 was against a CSM/Daemon list that had a Bastion.  I don't recall the mission but this is one of those games where things mostly just went my way.  I was downing FMCs and getting those last wounds on when I needed.  Meanwhile his reserves showed up piecemeal and just generally couldn't get over the first drop down if I recall.  I think this ended up being a full 10 points for me.

So I went 2-1 and placed 11th in battle points out of 38.  All of my opponents were new guys I'd never played and were lots of fun.  I'd like to know how my paint score was but knew I wouldn't have won as soon as Master Painter Israel showed up with his Tau!

That currently cracks me into 5th place overall in the ITC standings.  Of course you only get your top 4 scores, and currently there are only a handful of us that have all 4 events complete.  As more of the leaderboard with 3 events cracks their 4th score I'm sure it is going to be awfully tight in the top 10.  I've got some decent scores at the 4 events I have but nothing game changing either.  I've got 2 ITC events on the docket to attend still that hopefully I can increase that score a bit with a huge win (or at least a really good showing)!  Even still if I crack 300 I'd be pretty happy, but I am not sure that will be quite enough to hold on to a top 10 spot.  It's still fun to just mess with, but I wonder if next year I'll just pick Orks or Dark Angels and go for a 'Best of' Top Spot that is less crowded than Space Marines.

On the hobby side of things I've been doing lots of this or that; no big projects so to speak.  The main thing I've been doing is updating some of my buddy, Dave's, Tyranids.  Sadly I don't have any before pictures but once I get through the last of them I'll so post some pictures.  It is mostly some cleanups and added layers just to kick the painting up a bit.

I also previous to Celesticon had finished the insides of all my drop pods.  I had only gotten two done for the BAO and now I can say that 1850 army is completely done!

I was also looking to just mix in some modeling one of the last weekends while watching some Sunday football.  So I brought down my Carnosaur kit that I've had in the closet but just never had a need to put together.  I'm not sure if I'll ever really use him but he does look cool!

I'm excited to see the changes coming around in Fantasy.  I hope it gets a bit more popular as it is fun to mix in to the gaming rotation. 

I've also had on my to do list updating Anthony's Coteaz.  I wish I had some before pictures because it was a pretty terrible ebay paint job.  I debated stripping the metal model but decided I would just overpaint and see how it worked.

I used the same Gold techniques I used on Helbrect on Coteaz and it came out great again.  I was also really happy with the cloak, as I think I've got a good red plan going on now (which I've been using on Dave's bugs) that gives off a really nice bright red and some rich darks too.  I tried a technique on the fur I had tested years ago on a Tau model that I never put into production but it makes a cool blue/white effect on the fur.  I also really like his head, which probably happened more by happy accident than anything else.  I was trying to get some different flesh tones in there to make the big bald head be more interesting and I think it came out wonderfully!

The only part I'm a little disapointed with is the eagle.  This is the main area that stripping the paint probably would have helped as some of the head and body just had too thick paint to give nice quick highlights to them.  I spent some more time trying to get those details in there and it is ok, but still I think it is the one sore spot on a nice paint job.  Still he's 1000x better than the 'barely basecoated' model off ebay.

So next on the calendar I have Brawl in the Fall down in Clovis.  This is a 1750 2 day event using the BAO missions and rules in early October.  I've been wanting to get the bikes back on the table for awhile now and since there isn't any soft score factor going in here the toss up between pods and bikes is about the same.  They are both solid armies and fun to play, but the pods look several notches better than the bikes.  So I think I'll bring them out more when there is some overall scoring that goes on in some of the smaller events.  For Brawl being another ITC event I'd like to have a fun time and of course improve my overall standing if I can!  So I've had a few White Scars practice games and am going through more list revisions.

Given some of those games I've had, and now that I'm still holding on to this Coteaz model and seeing him in my earlier opponents White Scar list I'm thinking of running the following.

Khan, Moondraken
Command Squad, 5 Metlas, Melta Bomb, Pod
5 Bikes, 2x Melta, Combi Melta, Melta Bomb
5 Bikes, 2x Melta, Combi Melta, Melta Bomb
5 Bikes, 2x Grav, Combi Grav
5 Bikes, 2x Grav, Combi Grav
5 Bikes, 2x Grav, Combi Grav
5 Bikes, 2x Grav, Combi Grav
Storm Talon, Skyhammers
Storm Talon, Skyhammers

So this list is a bit different than previous lists I've run.  I think it hits like a ton of bricks and has even more bikes than I've ever brought to the table!  However it does give up some of the resiliency I've had in the past.  The first most noticeable absence is the lack of the super stud Chapter Master from hell.  His 2+/3++ eterernal warrior used to just soak up the bullets.  However I've had a number of games where with the new jink and even night fight the whole army potentially can have a 2+ cover save!  Not so helpful for wave serpants though so I'll be needed to make clutch 3+ armor saves.  It also takes out a bit of my assault punch as well which can indeed be useful.  Technically I lose the threat of the Orbital strike, but that was really a red herring anyway that never did crap.  Most opponents are already spreading out because of the TFCs anyway.

Also of note there are no attack bikes in this list.  Back when I started playing bikes I had tons of attack bikes both in the troops as well as the fast slot!  Of course these days I need the air support the Storm Talons bring.  However losing that attack bike in the troop units means no 6th wound on the squad, and occasionally I get to do shenanigans of taking two wounds but not having to take a break test.  However with marines this usually is not that crippling.

The other thing I'm worried about is super heavy vehicles and Knights.  While the MM attack bikes are great the big thing is just getting as many Meltas you can in range.  This is where the pods excel but the bikes have been lacking with my traditionally heavy Grav builds.  So out come the attack bikes, more bodies have been added to the list and two dedicated bike melta units are out for heavy tank hunting.  The attack bikes are just a bit pricey for what I'm getting I think.

I've also added a command squad back in the list which I haven't used with White Scars since Feast last year.  Originally I was going to do more bikes as I have in the past, but I'm actually out of bikers!  I do have a pod and marines for this army that I used to use as Sterngaurd (back at BAO 2013).  A couple of melta guns later and now I've brought some of the hitting power of my pod army into my bike list.

Lastly is Coats McGoats of course in the list who I have yet to actually use to see if this makes sense.  Of course as anybody knows he brings a lot to any list.  The chance to get first turn increases, the lvl 2 psy, some extra psy dice protection, the 'if all I get is prescience then great' for his powers.  The one thing I'm not sure I'll get much mileage out of is the 'I've been expecting you' super interceptor power unless I'm playing a heavy drop army where I can then put him with a grav bike unit.  That kinda ruined my whole plan at Celesticon!  I don't really have the long range fire that makes that such an amazing ability in many other Imperial lists.

I think most of the time he probably stands in the back with a Thunderfire Cannon and gives out powers as he can.  Of course I have the option of putting him in that Command Squad drop pod and really trying to kick in the teeth of a Knight or Baneblade turn one.  If he's already gotten me turn one then hell, I'm either going to really make my bed that turn or fail miserably.  Him standing in the back watching that super heavy obliterate my army isn't going to turn the tides later in the game!

So we'll see how it goes!  I have to turn in a list in the next few days so I'll probably be going in with this regardless.  Hopefully I'll still get a chance to give it a game or two to see how it comes together!

With a brand new baby that might be tough to do!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Helbrecht Painted

Sometimes you just want to mix it up a little.  This last week I was thinking about how to run some Black Templar.  I think the last time I played them was the first day of 6th edition.  Despite the fact that I've turned all the pods into Black Dragons I still have a pretty good BT force.  So I started to muck around with it and thought about using High Marshall Helbrect.
I've had this model for a long time but had never had a need or real desire to paint it.  After all the Black Dragons I thought this would be a fun small project to knock out in a few days.
Overall I'm pretty happy with him.  Given most of my Templar were painted several years ago I think my painting has come along way.  I certainly would like to do a few things better of course but overall I think he looks good.  He has the classic gold armor but I was happy that it was not crazy overpowering.

Once I got into the model I appreciated the sculpt a lot more.  I finally got around to pinning the sword because it has broken numerous times.  Hopefully it is on there for good now.

Unfortunately I still am not really happy with any list I can think of running.  I was toying with trying them out at 1500 Celesticon.  I ended up trying two 1850 games this last weekend.  Tau Tripple Riptide just murdered me in two turns.  I managed a lucky draw against bugs because the game ended on 5, otherwise I was likely tabled.

The problem is if you try to take advantage of the BT strengths you are really neglecting most of what makes regular Marine TAC lists very good.
1) Tactical squads are flexible, Crusader squads have to either be large or small.
2) Spamming LRC in the troop slot sounds cool but since they always die having them obsec is not often going to matter.
3) The named characters while being nice army multipliers are pushovers to building a super Chapter Master.
4) Most list styles can be better with any other chapter tactics.  Playing bikes, play White Scars.  Playing drop pods/rhinos play Salamanders or UM.  Playing heavy tank list play Iron Hands?

So how do you make a good Templar list that feels like a Templar list and can be taking advantage of the BT Chapter Tactics.

I've yet to figure out that riddle...