Monday, June 29, 2009

'Ard Boyz Practice BT vs Chaos Marines

So I had Liam over Friday to practice for the Ard boyz tournament and asked him to put a horrible CSM list together for me. It looked something like:
2 x Lash Princes
1 x Greater Demon
2x 5 Chosen in Rhinos, 2 meltas, 2 flamers
1x 5 or 6 raptors with fist guy
2x 8 Khrone Beserkers in Rhinos
2x 10 CSMs in Rhinos with meltas and PW
3x 3 Oblits

Here's the army (missing a few of his Sister's Rhinos I think he had already placed)

My list has been revised now to:
1 Emp Champ,
1x Marshall, Twin Lightening Claws, Termie Honors, Iron Halo w/ 9 man retinue inluding Sarg/Fist and Comp Champion in Rhino, EA and Smoke
1 x 5 GK Termies, Brother Captain has Psy Hood and Unguents of Warding
1 x 5 Assault Termies, LRC w/ Smoke
1x 7 Marines, 2 Neos, Melta, Fist, Rhino w/ Smoke
2x 7 Marines, 3 Neos, Melta, Fist, Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Launchers
1x 5 Marines, Las/Plas
1x 5 Marines, MultiMelta/Plas
1x Tri Las Pred, Smoke
1x Vindicator, POTMS

Here is my Deployment after I set up for Mission 1 From 'Ard boyz. This is a long table edge deployment with 5 objective markers, 1 in the center and 2 in each deployment zone.

Battle Report
Dan Turn 1, Modest shooting, TriLas picked off a Oblit on left flank, Las popped Khrone rhino on left objective, All Advance by me.

Liam Turn 1, 2 oblits pick off 1 GKT, Advances up Left CSM Rhino, tucks aways DP behind it, Advances oblits that just shake LRC, Advances rhinos with squads, DP, and raptors on right flank.

Dan Turn 2: EC Rhino advances on left flank, pops CSM rhino, Tri Las and Vindi clean up the last oblits on that squad, Las/Plas, drops a wound on DP on left flank, GKT, move a bit into cover, 1 drop pod comes down scatters off target a bit (too far to shoot raptors with Deathwind), LRC deploys Termies who mow through oblits, Command squad meltas fail to pop rhino
Liam Turn 2, Things start to go right for Liam, 1 Chosen squad outflanks on the left flank
He manages to almost surround my rhino with the CSMs and the DP, The chosen pop the rhino and all I can squeeze out is my EC, a Melta, and Fist

On the right flank he manages to lash out my termies, plasma a few down with oblits, then charged them to death with DP and CSM squadHis GD comes out but his khrone can't manage to pop the Command squad rhino in CC. His raptors assault my drop pod lads and we pretty much are at a stand still there.

Dan Turn 3, Drop pod 2 comes down and scatters a ways of his left objective. Those boys get out and shoot and his khrone holding the objective and kill one. The GK advance up and together with the remaining EC squad charge and clean up his CSM squad.

My Command squad deploys out the back of the rhino and the rhino backs out of there. My MM/Plas squad and LRC pivot to open fire and down the Greater Demon, while the command squad chows through the krone squad and consolidates in cover. My first drop pod squad is still doing little with the Raptor squad.

Liam turn 3, Left flank he moves his first chosen squad up to do some firing on my remaining EC squad but miss/fails, his second Chosen squad runs on the same flank and dumps our right next to my las/plas squad but fails to do a wound! His Demon prince and Krone hop out and wipe out my 2nd Drop pod squad handily.

His second DP assualts up with his raptors and finally kills off the last of that squad, and his other CSM squad moves up to his objecive and is able to melta my LRC to death. His oblits only land one plamsa cannon shot on my command squad and pick off a few guys. Lastly his right flank rhino is moving up to advance on my right objective.

Here is the scen at the end of turn 3:
Dan Turn 4, Las/Plas kills off 3 chosen and they break! Unfortunately they are on track to pass right by my vindi and drop pod so they aren't out of this yet! Tri Las puts a wound on the DP, while my EC squad can neither Melta nor Fist it to death, i think getting only Immob and Weapon destroyed. GKs move up to put the DP to death and consolidate up to move toward his remaingin krone.

Vindi lays down some fire on his CSM squad but it too big to do much use, the deahtwinds are all useless, my command squad rhino moves up and I roll to get in but I've spread my guys out to far and they can't go in it, DOH!
Liam turn 4, His prince sprints across toward the GK Termies and fails to lash them out, but the khrone are in charge range even if the raptors are not (but they advanced over also). They munch two GKT, but the GKT kill off the Krone and consolidate on the objective.

His fleeing guys are able to pop my vindi. His CSMs and Oblits drop a few more of my command squad. He has two beat up rhinos that are basically out of the game in the middle but hanging around, and his 2nd chosen rhino on the right flank moves to head toward my las/plas squad to contest.

Dan Turn 5, Now when I think I've got the game in hand I make some bad calls. My EC squad moves away from the rhino to head toward the objective and finally pop the chosen rhino. My GKT handily clean up the khrone and sit on the objective. My deathwinds are again useless against CSMs.

My command squad rhino moves around to at least block off the oblits from firing and my command squad moves up to hope to get in the rhino next turn, but send off a final volley to pop his last immob rhino on the right flank.

Where I boned it is my Las/Plas killed off the fleeing ueless chosen. My Tri Las pred and MM/Plas end up popping the middle rhinos that were pretty out of it anyway. I totally ignored his one mobile rhino in my backfield.

Liam Turn 5, Liam takes his mobile rhino and backtracks next to my las/plas squad to contest the objective. His chosen and raptors assualt on my EC squad and are able to fist the EC down and kill the last guys there. His oblits shoot the rhno to immobilize it and his last CSM squad kills off my drop pod.

The game ends.
In the end he holds an objective with his CSM squad, I have one with my MM/Plas squad, but his damn rhino is contesting my Las/plas squad. The GKT are just sitting over on his other objective and burnout vehicles are surrounding the center.

So while it is a tie by objectives it now goes to KP.
I lost: EC, Assault Termies, LRC, Crusader Squad, their rhino, Drop Pod squad, Drop Pod Squad, Drop pod, Vindi= 10 kp
Liam lost: DP, GD, CSM squad, their rhino, other CSM rhino, Khrone squad, their rhino, other Khrone squad, their rhino, Oblit squad, Oblit squad= 11

A bloody game that would have resulted in a BT minor victory. Had the game gone on a few more KP may have shifted around, and whether or not I could pop the last rhino would have been all could have done to get a Massacre.

In the end in our post battle chat there were several things that we could have done differently so we certainly are taking what mistakes we made down for future games. I have to prioritize things that can contest, damn rhinos have cost me a few games now from last turn movement.

A few last pics of the remains from the game.

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