Friday, June 26, 2009

Blood Bowl makes me tired

So Bloodbowl is fun, but you are quickly reminded of the folly of Nuffle.

I played two games with Dave last night. First was his Lizardman vs my Skaven. Aside from killing a Saurus early on the game was all fail for me. By mid 2nd half it was 2-0 against me and I had 5 rats out of the game. By turn 14 when I, for the 2nd time, didn't blitz the guy next to me but blocked him (which I also did a ton in beta) I pretty much conceded to Dave and we just 'ended turns' to get Dave the win.

Game 2 we played Dave's Chaos vs my Skaven. This was the complete opposite. Every roll went against Dave and everything went my way. At one point I think he was down to 8 people on the pitch while I was at full strength (he later KOd 3 rats in a row, though). The game ended 0-4 in my favor, and included my missed pass that bounced into a gutter runners hands for a TD.

Needless to say I was up way too late... and I got basically no painting done on the BT.

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