Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making my 'Ard Boys List

There are always a few things I try to keep in mind when making a list.

1) What are the most likely armies you'll see? This year I'm thinking Chaos, Orks, Marines, and IG.

2) Of those, what do you think will give you the biggest problems?
Nob bikers, Monstrous Creatures, Psychic Powers, lots o' tanks

3) What do you have that will give other list big problems? Well I've got a few ideas below as it turns out...

So here is my current 'Ard Boyz 2009 Black Templar List

HQ 0: Emperors Champ, AACNMTO

HQ 1: Marshal, Twin Lightening Claws, Iron Halo, Termie Honors, Holy Orb, Furious Charge
7 Command squad, Furious Charge, 2 meltas
1 Company Champ, Furious Charge
1 sergeant, term honors, fist, Furious Charge
1 Rhino, Smoke, EA

HQ 2: Grey Knight Grand Master, Master Crafted Weapon, Psychic Hood

Ellite 1: Assault Termies; 3 Twin Lightening Claws, 4 Thunder hammer/Storm Shields, Furious Charge
LRC, smoke

Troop 1: 7 Initiate, 2 Neophytes, Power Fist, Melta
Rhino, Smoke, EA

Troop 2: 7 Initiate, 3 Neophytes, Power Fist, Melta
Drop Pod, Deathwind Missile Launchers

Troop 3: 7 Initiate, 3 Neophytes, Power Fist, Melta
Drop Pod, Deathwind Missile Launchers

Troop 4: 5 Initiate, Lascannon, Plasma Gun

Troop 5: 5 Initiate, MultiMelta, Plasma Gun

Heavy 1: Predator Annihilator, Lascannon Sponsoons, Smoke

Heavy 2: Vindicator, POTMS

Total: 2500

So the big question becomes: what will the mission look like this year? I either have 16 kp if we go the normal book ruling, or 20 if we use last year kill point example (3 for HQs, 2 for elites, fast, heavy, 1 for troops, 0 for dedicated transports). Both seem like modest numbers to me.

The command squad and the termies are both very killy in CC. The Grandmaster in his own right is a beast, but really if he can kill a Warboss with the force weapon that is great. It's really the phychic hood that I'm betting will come in big for me.

5 troop choices sounds solid. Granted 2 are only 5 man shooty squads but left in the back they will likely not get a lot of attention.

The drop pods are a lingering question for me. Since BT don't have to start them out turn 1 they will come in randomly during the game. Early in the game means I can hopefully pop things like chimeras and battlewagons, spilling out the sweet meat for the deathwind launchers. If they come in late hopefully they are popping down to take or reinforce objectives.

Its not a lot of fire support, but hey it's Black Templar. I'll hope the LRC delivers its payload thanks to our smoke rules, and that the vindi and the pred get a few turns to fire off shots while the LRC takes the brunt of the heavy weapons.

I think it will do ok as far as list functionality goes. Obviously the missions and the opponents will ultimately determine how uphill I have to go.

I've got a bit of painting to do (even though it's not judged or required), but baring no real shockers this is probably this list I go with July 11th.

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