Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh Rules, you are so crazy!

So now that I'm looking at using the Grey Knight Grand Master there are a ton of rules I'm realizing that need to be clarified here before I just show up and hope thing work the way I think they would. I can make all the assumptions I want, but far better to get these knocked out with my shops tournament organizer before hand.

If most of these don't fall the way I think they should the list will be in for a re org for sure.

1. With the GKGM attached to the Black Templar Terminators does the squad still Righteous Zeal? Normally ICs and squads don't gain the benefits of the rules the other has, but the rulebook says unless the rule specifies that it does and uses stubborn as an example. The stubborn rule and the righteous zeal rule both have similar language in saying that it also affect the attached ICs. However it is unclear if the RZ rule really meant attached BT ICs or ANY IC, but I think there is a good chance the RAW would mean the do indeed RZ.

I can live with them losing RZ in the end, but I don't want to have to roll for RZ, possibly fail (however low chance that is), and not get the benefit of moving forward.

2. Shrouding: I'm guessing this doesn't apply to the BT squad and is not used because of the aforementioned ruling about ICs and transfering special rules.

3. Rites of Exocism: Ditto on the above, though how cool would that be to make Daemons have to roll difficult terrain and have their initiative at 1.

4. Grand Master Nemisis Force Weapon: This can be summed up best by the Adepticon ruling.
DH.17H.01 – Q: Does a Daemonhunter Force Weapon ‘[slay] outright’ as in the codex or does it inflict ‘instant death’ as in the rulebook?
A: The Daemonhunter Force Weapon slays outright and therefore models immune to Instant Death can still be affected by it [RAW].
So I'm going to double check to see if that is going to be our 'ard Boyz ruling as well.

The last of these is probably the most important. The others would be nice to have, but I could probably live without. If 4 doesn't come through then I'm not sure the GKGM is totally worth it. He'd be great against ork warbosses and the like, but tough nuts like Daemon Princes, Greater Daemons, Ghaz, and Lysander will still cream him.

Time will tell, but I'm thinking about options to replace the GKGM now.

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