Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 days until 'Ard Boyz

Not much other than grinding away at painting last night.

The second land speeder is assembled and primed, and this morning before work I hit it with the two highlight coats of grey and bleached bone. I've also been layering on more white on the 2nd drop pod which is all it really needs now besides a clean up session with black (try to do Fri before work). I had finished up the insignia and boltgun sections as well late last night.

Hopefully tonight I'll get the 'drivers' to the speeder mostly done as well as the first couple coats of the white on the wings/spoiler. Then tomorrow I can knock out the detail colors, finish up the white, and clean up the model while still touching up the original speeder.

It's still a lot but I'm feeling like it will get done.

The missions for 'Ard boyz have been officially updated. All I really see are the clarifications for Round 2. Still nothing official about the 'wipe out' = massacre but let's just hope that doesn't happen to be a problem.

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