Monday, July 13, 2009

'Ard Boyz Templar Report Card

So I figured since I wanted to put up some pics of the army I would also review how each unit selection ended up doing for me over the course of the day. I'm not the world's greatest photographer by a long shot so bear with me on that. :)

Command Squad

Game 1 sat in rhino, contested last objective
Game 2 sat in rhino, melta a rhino
Game 3 killed plague marines, killed DP
Overall Grade C-
Game 3 was the only game they were really of use. Game one and two I could have save a whole lot of points by just having them being another troop choice. The marshal could have still ran away in game 2, but really while the command squad is good it just isn't good enough to take on 10 chaos termies with Abaddon or 10 Marine termies with Lysander or name-your-killer-HQ-retinue-here that you see at 'Ard boyz. Overall a lot of points sat around doing not enough.

Grey Knight Terminators

So I didn't get to touch them up but the basing makes them at least look respectable on the table.
Game 1 shot and charge 50 IG, tied them up for 3 combat rounds, felled many but got killed
Game 2 killed a plague marine squad before wandering too close to a exploding rhino that killed 3, BC killed by Sorcerer in CC
Game 3 killed a DP, failed the only psyhood test of the game but shrouding saved them, finish off by plasma
Overall Grade B-
Even though they died somewhat foolishly game 1 they served their purpose in being a big speed bump. Game 2 they at least killed a nastly troop choice before a very unfortunate turn of events, and game 3 they did 'ok'. I probably would keep them in the list, but likely in anything smaller and I'd just drop down to running the Brother Captain along the Marshal and EC for the psyhood.

Assault Terminators

Game 1 charged 50 gaurdsman, felled many but were killed
Game 2 mopped up 2 plague marine units including sorcerer
Game 3 killed off outflanking chosen, died to hail of plasma fire
Overall grade B-
Like the GKT they pretty much did their job. I could go for more of these guys or a second squad perhaps, but where could you find the points.

Land Raider Crusder
Game 1: Blasted the hell out of a 50 man squad for two rounds, finally routing them off the table. Survived two turns of vets firing meltas at point blank range.
Game 2: Did some shooting... not much else after dropping of Termies but lived.
Game 3: Some ineffective shooting, rolled a 1 on terrain late in game and was eventually melta'd when he 'got around to it.'
Overall grade B
First the primary function is to get the termies where they need to go and it managed that every game. My choices for where the termies went was somewhat questionable. The shooting was a mixed bag, but what really kept this from being an 'A' was the dedicated transport choice. I saved myself 1 kp in game 2. Big whoop. If i had taken it as a heavy any squad could have used it (since my BT still have the old dedicated 'we don't share' rules for transports). Doing so I could have moved my running 5 man shooty squad into it game 3 to be a bunker to try to hold or at least contest the objective... but could not so both were blasted away.

Crusader Squad with Metla, Fist, 3 neos, and Emperors Champ

Game 1 survived some shooting, eventually lost rhino, killed command squad, 3 las cannon squad, 3 missile launcher squad and contested objective.
Game 2 Killed plague marine squad, got killed by abaddon and chaos termies
Game 3 Got tied up with defiler and while injuring it a bit, tied it up for 5 combat rounds (amazingly) before finally dying off
Overall grade B-
Game one they were amazing, Game two they did ok, game 3 they were somewhat wasted. The EC is great and all but he can't deal with walkers, and really even my 1 fist attack hurts there as well. However overall I wish I had more guys in rhinos at the end of the day.

Crusader Squads in pods, Melta/PF and two Neophytes

Game 1: Both units went after one objective but due to terrain only one could really get over there and engage a unit and do well. The other had to sit off to the side and do some meaningless fighting.
Game 2: Nice solid landing behind rhinos but couldn't manage to pop them. Both eventually engaged plauge marines and with some assistance did them in but took significant losses. 1 unit lived, 1 unit was chewed up by Abbadon squad, and both drop pods ate it.
Game 3: Pods again came down early and were largely ineffective in almost every way.
Overall Grade D
I was disappointed with these guys, but I can't say I'm totally surprised. I had been seeing them not be horribly effective and I hoped by trimming points I would feel that carrying their weight would be easier. It still wasn't. The drop pods are a nice threat but one melta doesn't cut it and the squad can't hang deep in enemy territory unsupported. Overall I was wishing I had squads in rhinos, and will probably move to having a pod (or two) with dreads to see if that is more effective overall.

Shooty Crusaders: Las/Plas and MultiMelta/Plas
Game 1 held objectives, took fire, killed some sentinels, and lived!
Game 2 MM/plas was out of range most of the game, Las/plas worked over a rhino or two and softened up some plague marines
Game 3 Both squad were not so effective at firing, and because of lack of mobility made last ditch effort to move to objectives late in the game but were shot to shreds
Overall Grade: B-
The last game had gone poorly so hoping these guys were going to save me was not likely. The Multimelta was ok, saving the 5 pts got the list under 2500 and the +1 on the damage table is nice, but the range was debilitating on game 2.

Land Speeder Squad with Multi Meltas
Game 1: Stunned a LRBT, was annihlated by a LRBT
Game 2: One was quickly downed and the other lost its gun early, so ran and hid the rest of the game
Game 3: Stunned a rhino and ran around trying to stay alive while being stunned often until finally dying turn 5.
Overall grade C-
Another disappointment for me with these guys. Maybe it was my lack of knowing what to do with them but I had hoped for some, well, tank killing. The only thing that keeps them from moving down to a D grade is they did take a good clip of fire power. I don't know if bikes would have been better. The terrain is so dense they would get jammed up but there would be more cover for them. I think I need to run these more and get used to how they work. Probably taking more in a large game would help, or splitting the squad up in standard missions.

Tri Las Pred and Vindicator
Game 1, Got shots off all game long popping and stunning tanks and lived.
Game 2, Popped rhinos and oblits, only lost its top turrent
Game 3, Popped on Turn 1 thanks to my bad placement
Overall Grade B+
I can't argue that the pred did great in the first two games, but game 3 was bad generalship by me.

Game 1, Killed some gaurd, more gaurd, stunned a tank and the valk before eventually getting mobbed by garudsmen mid fieled and stunned... but still contested center objective.
Game 2, popped turn 1 before doing a damn thing
Game 3, killed two oblits and stunned a rhino before being immobilized with no cannon to be usless the rest of the game.
Overall Grade C
Game 1 it did well, Game two it just was a fire magnet, and game 3 was so so. The good news is I didn't miss POTMS at all. I just don't know if it was more effective than having more speeders, or add in the attack bikes.

Now given all of that what list could I have run that would have probably served me better those 3 games and would hopefully still be strong against the other lists I saw there.

Marshal, Termie armor, Adamantite Mantle, Pair of Lightning Claws
Assault Termies 2 Claws, 3 Hammers
GKT with psyhood
7 marines, 2 neophytes melta/fist in rhino EA, smoke (with EC)
8 marines, 2 neophytes, melta/fist in rhino EA, smoke
10 marines, 5 neophytes, melta/fist
5 marines las/plas
5 marines las/plas
Speeder with MultiMelta
Speeder with MultiMelta
TriLas Pred
LRC w/ smoke (for termies)
LRC w/ smoke (for marines)

This list actually works out to be 2 kp less under normal missions (game 1 and 3) and for game 2 works out the same as the old list.
I have all 5 troops on the table turn 1.
2 LRC in heavy slots so I can have other squads use them after deployment if needed.
Bump the Multimelta in one 5 man to las for range.
Split the speeders up for multiple targets (both for shooting and being shot)
Drop the vindi in favor of the second LRC.
The HQ is riding with the termies and while not in a retinue at least can't be insta-killed.

Of course it's all just mental now, but it is fun to think about. Who knows how much the list would have changed the results, or would have done against some of the other top lists at the event.

The only sad thing now is my command squad (well the company champ at least) will probably be mostly retired, and who knows when I'll field more than one drop pod again.

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