Monday, July 6, 2009

The Dash to 'Ard boyz

Five days this week and then 'Ard boyz and I'm feeling like I'm falling behind. Not by much, but I'm feeling the pressure that I've put on myself to get the whole 2500 complete.

I completely blame the Blood Bowl video game.

Several nights last week I finished my set 'goal' for the night and thought maybe I'd try to get a little further ahead on my painting. But maybe just after one game of blood bowl.

Ok two games.

No, 3 games.

This happened twice last week, and these are not short blood bowl games. They last late into the night, they make me get up groggy and tired and I don't get my normal 20 minutes of painting in before work.

Add in the vacation over the weekend (which was fine and dandy and all) and I'm now behind.

Granted I did get the bulk of what I wanted to get done wrapped up. (Sorry for crappy iPhone pics before work, I'll get out the nice camera for 'Ard Boyz and get some decent pics.)

Here we have the last of the Cruaders sqauds painted and based (minus a PF and a Melta), as well as Anthony's GKT based as well.

Here's where I'm behind.Ok it doesn't look like much. It's the insignia for the Drop pod, two meltas, and a PF arm. I was hoping to have that done so I could move straight into the drop pod tonight or get to cleaning up the GKT.

So new plan is this:
Mon night: Finish insignia, meltas, fist, Dullcoat Crusader squad, primer drop pod 2 (assuming Josh brings this in complete today)
Tuesday: Dry brush Drop pod, paint the Astronmoicon Grey that I use as a base for the white.
Wed: Paint the white on the drop pod
Thrus: Paint the details on the DP (thankfully they are few) and clean up the edging (cause the white will have spilled up on the black in some places), attach the insignia, dullcoat
Friday: Touch up GKT squad

It doesn't look like a lot on paper but I know the areas that will foul me up. White is just a pain and require patience and time, both I will be short on this week.

If Josh doesn't have the pod done today I'll just bounce cleaning up the GKT to Tues and primer the pod then and bump things back a day. But I really need to have something in my hands by Tues or it's just not going to get done without me taking time off work, which for just getting this done for 'ard boyz seems a little zealous even for me.

Actually I really need to hope my black primer and dullcoat will get me through this week...

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