Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drop Pod 2 Magnet Glory

So snapped some pics of the drop pod to show off Josh's handiwork before primering this bad boy. Above you see the drop pod closed up, looking normal (but really lined up straight with the doors unlike my previous drop pod).Here's the drop pod open, again looking like your normal drop pod would look. You can see it has the deathwind missile launcher attached, but it comes off and is interchangeable with the Storm bolter with the finess magnet work in side them.
Here you can see the magnet on the turrent.

But you see those harnesses? Those all come out as well. Center bit comes out, and each harness magnets inside the mounting hole.
A shot of the bottom of the center bit and a better look at the magents on the harness.
Here's the inside when it is all emptied out.
And this is what it looks like when I'll use it as a Dread drop pod.The bits for the harness are all very snug. It takes a little fandangling to get everything in and out. Josh and I talked about maybe trimming a bit of the bottom of the harness to help make that easier. They are VERY secure now, losing that one anchor point probably wont change much. I also don't want to be rubbing off paint once the inside gets all painted.

Of course my priority right now isn't the inside. It's getting the rest of the outside painted this week. I primered is last night and got the highlights done this Am. I also finished up my two meltas and fist, got them on the crusader squad, and had them all dullcoated.

Tonight the wife has book club so heading over to Anthony's to try to run up against a nasty 2500 Space marine army. I'm sure it will be a challenge, and great practice!

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