Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few markers

So during a couple of games in the past month I've pulled a few boneheaded maneuvers when it comes to shooting vehicles. Mostly I'd like to chop it up to the fact that there have been so many on the board I can't remember what is a wreck, what is immobilized, etc.

It's probably more than that... but that's how I feel better about it! hehe

So I decided to go down to the game shop at lunch. Spent $15 to pick up these handy markers. A few guys have markers and they do make things a little easier. The flames are for destroyed vehicles, a couple of smokes, and I'll use the 'Disordered' Red markers for immobilized. Usually we have craters for wrecks, sometimes we use dice tins. The only thing we don't have is weapon destroyed, but most of my guns are magnetized... and really this isn't what has been screwing me up.

Let's see if these help me manage my battlefield priorities a little better.

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  1. Yay

    that should make it easier especially when counting up everything at the end.