Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A god damned greek tragety

My iPhone lept to it's death from my gym locker this morning.

I'm not going to claim to be great with technology, but I have a good understanding of it, and I know my limitations. I've also been a PC guy my whole life. I never even bought a iPod, but the job I've worked the lat 3 years is fairly Apple centric so now for work that's pretty much all I use.

I've come to enjoy using the Apple stuff, but for some reason I keep destroying or losing Apple products; something that is wholly unlike anything I've done before this journey to enlightenment. In addition to the death of this iPhone I've lost another (think it ended up in a ToGos waste bin), and I've dropped a MacBook Pro on the cement ending it's career. I don't know why but I see to be still harboring anti-Mac tendencies despite my larger efforts to cross that bridge.

Last night I got enough time to base the pathfinders and crisis base in my snow flock. It's not too hard to do: just baking soda, some elmers, paint, and I use blue beads smashed up for crystals. The most important thing is to let the whole thing dry overnight before trying to mess with it. So tonight I'll brush off the excess baking soda and then paint the black bases white to match the army.
Sadly my other bits didn't come yesterday and I was too lazy to work on the others I have. So in theory tonight I'll do some painting of bits, but I can already see that some of them are going to be pushed until Friday.

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  1. I think its cause you want a new one anyway and the iPhone stuff comes out super fast. The new 3G one looks really nice and even has me tempted.