Monday, July 20, 2009

A minimal 40k weekend

It doesn't feel like I got much 40k work done this weekend... mostly because I didn't.

Instead I:
-Went 3-1-2 online in bloodbowl. Unfortunately my last two games were against teams that seem to be using the journyman exploit right now and they thoroughly decimated my team (2 deaths and 4 Niggling Injuries). It's enough to make me either want to stop playing non friends, or at the least just only play as bashy teams so it isn't so crushing to your team when you get those players.

-Cleaned the garage. We could park the cars and do laundry, but the place was a mess and you could barely walk to the cars or struggle to access the fridge out there. Now I can get to my work bench and hobby bench and the storage is better organized so there is more room to get things or be out there.

-Replaced my router. My old 2wire router went dead after two years use, so I picked up a netgear router from Fry's. Unfortuanetly I'm an idiot, so reqired Josh to give me a bit of phone support, in addition to needing to talk to someone from AT&T to reset passwords and the like. 2 hours later and I was up and running again, thought for some reason I STILL can't access the router via username/password. Going to have to poke around to see what is up and/or call Netgear... but at least everything is working.

-Spent time with the family. Usually it's my wife's family we spend a ton of time with, but this weekend we went down to visit my family in SJ. Plus wife and I set up our son's water toys on Sunday and hung out in the yard with him so he could splash around and play.

Other 'good' bit is my wife is totally into the Twighlight books right now, so I am getting a couple hours each night to myself (though obviously bloodbowl ate a lot of that time). It is rare for her to have something of her own that A) eats a lot of time B) doesn't require me to be involved.

I decided to build up two more pathfinders so I did convert and start painting them.The head there is actually poached from another FW that I will never end up using (and will become another paint test) since I seem to be out of FW 'antennae' for the heads.

I also figured I'd get the base coats on the crisis.I was a little frustrated with this work. For one I watered down my blue too much and a bunch bled onto a section of white. That means some retouch work that never comes out as well as just the plain white. I also am really hating my main paint brushes right now. Sadly the new brushes don't get here until Thurs. I'm thinking I might shelf working on him until the new brushes arrive.

Lastly I finished up the plasma guns, including cleaning up the guns that had previously been 'done'.
I scrapped the green and decided to go orange with a yellow highlight. They look like mini pieces of candy corn on them now, but, meh...on the crisis suits they'll be fine.

At this point there is no way I'll having everything done for Sat, but that will be ok. I think the kroot hounds will get the bump so I can Airbrush them later and do them properly.

With luck the painting schedule will roll out like this.
Monday: Receive Kroot, Tank bits, Shield Drone. Assemble & Prime New stuff, Finish 2 Pathfinders
Tuesday: Receive bits for TA, HWMTs, Convert TA and Prime with HWMT, Begin Basework for Pathfinders, Crisis Suit
Wednesday: Complete Basework for Pathfinders & Crisis Suit, Paint Shield Drones, TA, HWMTs, Railgun, SMS
Thursday: Receive Paint Brushes, Complete Crisis Suit
Friday: Catch up whatever has fallen behind, Dullcoate Everything

If it turns out I'm really ahead I'll hit the Kroot hounds with the Airbrush to at least get them base coated. Now I just need everything to show up on time...

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