Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More 'Ard Boyz rules clarifications

So a few odds and ends on some rules.

From and email reply from GW it looks like 'Wipeout' results will be a massacre.

Also from the thread he referred to earlier there is more on the KP for scenario 2.

Kill Points in this scenario are determined in the
following way:
• Troops - 1 Kill Point
• Dedicated Transports - 1 Kill Point
• Fast Attack/Elites/Heavy Support - 2 Kill Points
HQs that use up a HQ slot - 5 Kill Points
• Other HQ choices & Retinues - 1 Kill Point
• Demonic Heralds - 3 Kill Points
• Space Wolf Characters - 3 Kill Points
• Units created in battle - 0 Kill Points, such as:
Tau Drones from vehicles
Chaos Spawn from Gift of Chaos
Kugath’s Nurglings
Spore Mines, etc.

So if that is the case I think I'm down to 27 kp for mission 2.

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