Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Tau "to do" list

I was sick Tuesday evening and Wed which sucked, but yesterday afternoon I got a chance to gather up my Tau, do a little work and take a look at what I need to do to get ready for Liam's bash.

Tau were my first 'completely' painted army. I had slowly started a handful of orks, but when I picked up Tau about 1/2 of what became 2000 pts was already painted and able to be finished up in a few month before I returned to the orks. The paint job is very simple, but certainly good enough for table top playing. It doesn't get the cool comments my orks or my templar get (nor will it ever get great painting marks at big tournaments), but that is ok. If I play in something that requires a painting score one of my other armies will go.

So first in my 'what I want to add/swap' into my army is pathfinders. Rather than spend $45 for 9 guys I decided I would try to convert them out of FWs. I already had 6 pulse carbine FWs painted from when I bought the army I never used, so after a trial model early in the week I chopped the rest of them up and then built two more with spare FW bits I have laying around.
You can see the two guys on the right are the ones I just made and painted since they don't have the old green flocking. Here's a quick couple shots comparing the new pathfinders to a FW (of course with a pluse rifle). It also illustrates how basic the paint job is and how it could have more detail but... meh.
It is an easy enough conversion. You basically don't put the shoulder pad and backpack on (or in my case pop them off) and trim the leg armor plating and the right shoulder plating. They don't look quite as sleek at the normal pathfinders but for my purposes they will do. If I have time later I'll probably chop up some other carbines to add a little markerlight bit on top... but that's can wait.

I also built that 6th crisis suit out of part I had around.

I've only built one of my other 5 suits and I tried a dynamic pose with the last one as well. I figured I would use the 2nd HQ head and do another dynamic pose. The last guy is standing on a rock. This guy is in mid jump. He was actually much easier to do than the last guy and actually I like him much more as well. The slight angle of the flying mount is a nice touch. Of course all the weapons and war gear is done with magnets like my other suits.

So that takes care of nearly most of the assembling. Here's a quick shot of what I have left to paint (minus a few things that need are in shipping).
In order that I'll probably paint them:
Pathfinders: A few quick touch ups and then basing.
Kroot Hounds: I have 6 and 2 on the way, get them painted and add them to the basing group.
Crisis Suit: Get him painted, get his base painted with the others.
Railgun: Yep, need to paint up that big ole Railgun there.
Shield Drones: Ordered the parts to make two offical shield drones, get those done up easy
Misc Crisis War gear: Need to do some painting/mag work for 2 plasma guns, 2 Multitrackers, and 1 custom target array.

Hopefully I'll get the kroot hounds finished this weekend. Then next week I can base everything, knock out the commander, and finish off with the odds and ends by Sat.

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