Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pride is a funny thing

I can deal with losing. Really I can. I've lost plenty. I'm probably batting about .500 with lots of ties. So really, losing is not a big deal.

Plus, you learn a lot from losing. You can look at your army and look at your strategy and see where things went wrong.

After all that's what practice games are all about.

Last night my practice game with Anthony showed some problems with my list and my tactics, and by the end of three we called it a game for Anthony since there was really not much I was going to do to turn that around. I'll put up a battle report later.

Now here is where the pride bit comes in and it isn't the losing. It is the fact that 'ard Boyz is 3 days away and I'm reluctant to change my army? Why? Because I'm so close to having the whole thing painted.

It is totally flawed thinking. 'Ard boyz isn't about painting, its basically about creating a killer list. However I was hoping to have a killer list that was nicely painted.

The big composition flaw that was exposed last night was the lack of tank killing I have. Now against a 'I'm going to come get you in assault by using my vehicles to get to you' army like CSM or orks I probably will do ok. I have a good clip of meltas and fists, and really it's dealing with the infantry will come down to determining the winner.

But Anthony played a somewhat turtling mech marine list. You can make that an IG or Tau list and probably get similar type of results. I just can't pop enough vehicles before my troops are getting across the board, the drop pods are not a sure thing, and my poor tactics last night didn't help either.

So what's the answer?
Well kinda of these. These were picked up in separate bulk ebay auctions when I got my BT going. The one on the left is not too hideous but could use some touch up. The one on the right is... well... hideous. It is missing the guns I want, the foot rests are broken, the 'doors' were you would mount the missile launchers are missing, and the gun rail for the top gun is broke also.

I had thought about trying to buy all the bits to fix it but the ebay bids always go higher than I want to pay. Do I really want to pay $20 plus shipping to fix this heap of slag?

I think the answer is no. I'll likely go down today and pick up a fresh speeder.

SO this means adding two multi melta speeders. I don't think I can squeeze the points to get the flamers, meaning they are more of a one shot (maybe two) deal.

So I've had 3 2500 pt practice games and I've seen what is and isn't working. Here's how I'll get the points to fit these in to the list:

Trim Drop Pod squads- I'll cut a marine and a neophyte out of each squad, keeping them at 8 strong. The drop pods are hit and miss, and many times they serve as a shoot the tank and be a distraction. Two of my games were KP, so they didn't get as useful as objective contesters/takers as I think they will (and why I don't want to cut them further)... but even still i don't think this cut will drastically change their affect on the games. Points saved: 52

Dump the Deathwind Launchers- Ok, so all 3 games were against Meq saves, so I'm not totally shocked they've been useless. More importantly the pods have scattered off quite a bit, and many times I haven't even been able to shoot if not more than once. Even if I were fighting Geq, they aren't guaranteed to do much, and really I'm going to rely on my basic troops to take it to Geqs anyway. This further cuts the amount of points I have to leave off the table on turn 1. Points saved: 40

POTMS on the Vindi- I hate cutting this but I think it is for the best. In three games I have only gotten to shoot once when I was stunned. Most of the time I'm either shooting anyway, have lost the gun, or are destroyed. I'll trim this off but add on smoke since I could be stunned. Points saved: 27

Unguents of Warding- this is the gear that gives my GKT the 4+ save against psychic powers. I only used it once against Liam's chaos. It's nice but you are counting on A) playing against a psychic B) thinking that psychic wont just go after something else if you have this wargear and B) pass your save. I'm going to just hope my psychic hood comes through better than it has in practice. Points saved: 10

Searchlight- ya it was my spare 1 point and hey it could be nice game one but I'll happily dump it. Points saved: 1

There's my 130 points. I could cut two more neophytes from the drop pod squad to get the flamers but I don't know if I will. It is already painful cutting 4 bodies I've spent time painting. It's that pride thing again.

Plus I'm clearly not going to have everything as done as I wanted. I'm going to do my best to get the white, boltgun, and insignia all done tonight for Drop Pod 2. Then I'll try to assemble and primer the new speeder Thursday Am, and try to get as much of it painted Thursday night. Friday I'll finish cleaning up the new speeder, clean up the old speeder, and touch up the remaining black on the drop pod 2. Anthony's GKT are just going to go as is, at least looking 'complete' with the basing being done.

I'm really pushing it now, and likely something will go disastrously bad due to these 11th hour changes.

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