Monday, July 6, 2009

Rules in from GW on 'Ard Boyz

Hey looky here, and email reply from GW to my 'Ard boyz inquiries.

Answers to your questions are below and are also being updated here (on Dakka Dakka):

1. Is there night fighting in game 2? It isn't listed under the special
rules but is normally included in Dawn of War.
Yes, there is Night Fighting in game 2

2. Are kill points by force org chart or by individual unit, specifically in
game 2. In other words are commander + retinue 10 points or 5. Are split
marine combat squads worth 1 or 2.
By unit. But commander + retinue is worth 6 points (5 for commander, 1 for retinue).

So I guess that answer's my questions pretty cleanly. So I need to tack on 1 more kp for the command squad in game 2 for a total of 29 I beleive. That's not so bad.

Now I just need to forward this on to my tourny organizer and hope that floats for him also.

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