Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tau: Report Card for 7/27

Like I did with my Templar I'm going to take a look at how each unit in the Tau army performed on Saturday's engagement and see what I can tune up for next time.
HQ/Crisis Suits
Game 1 Shot rhinos up, shot marines up
Game 2 Killed defcoptas, popped a trukk, put a few wounds on Nob bikers
Game 3 Wounded Prince, shot up noise marines, 3 died
Overall Grade A-
So I lumped both groups and the HQ together because they all kind of worked the same way. I think I only lost 3 guys in game 3, the rest of the time JSJ did the trick to keep them safe. This was the first time I went exclusively Missile/Plasma and while the cost is a little high for only BS3 with the pathfinder support they did most everything I needed. I think the only thing I might change is bumping another HQ in the list so that there is a defacto BS4 in each squad if pathfinders are unavailable for assistance.
Kroot & Hounds
Game 1: Outflanked and knocked out marine squad from rhino, held objective
Game 2: Outflanked and traded shots with trukk boyz, contested objective
Game 3: Outflanked and shot a noise marine or two, traded shots (ineffectively) with oblits, but past morale checks
Overall Grade: B
For their price kroot and hounds are excellent. I don't think I've ever had them be useful against chaos unfortunately. They can't stand up to any kind of assault with any chaos trooper, and their shooting is ineffective against any tough thing chaos have (princes, oblits, plague marines). I was fortunate to have them hold up against the oblit firepower, but the big squad was nice. I think I need to squeeze in a second.

Game 1: Stayed in Devilfish the whole time
Game 2: Deployed to shoot Nob bikerss (rather ineffectively), one group got shot and routed of the table, the other mounted up where it remained until the end of turn 5 to deploy out to an objective
Game 3: Stayed in Devilfish the whole time (finally one was popped out on the last turn)
Overall Grade: D
270 points, 15% of my army, committed to killing 0 units. This is why people don't take them but in the minimum squads. I should simply cut these squads down and use them for either more crisis suits or more Kroot. FWs are basically only here to make Devilfish 'scoring units.'

Game 1: Popped a Landraider, Popped a gun-less vindicator
Game 2: Killed one nob biker, zoomed around, contested an objective
Game 3: Killed a Vindicator, died, and the drone died (meaning 2 kp)
Overall Grade: B
They did their job game one doing an excellent job of killing tanks. Game two was a lot trickier as they were primarily deployed to try to kill a nob biker or two and screen. The fact that they didn't die and were able to move off to contest is just a big bonus. Game 3 is a mixed bag. They absorbed some firepower and managed to hang on long enough to kill off a vindicator, but in the end gave up the two kill points for themselves and the drones. This is the crappiest part of the piranha units, but in the end it seemed to work out ok. I'm not sure the Target lock is worth it since usually they are going after something I REALLY want dead. I guess if they were in between two rhinos it might be worth it, so I'll leave it unless I really need the 5 points.

Game 1: Ok markerlight hits, survived
Game 2: Ok markerlight hits, survived
Game 3: Ok markerlight hits, survived
Overall Grade: B-
So it looks underwhelming and at face value they were. Between 2 x 5 men pathfinder squads they seemed to average about 4 markerlight hits a turn. BUT those markerlight hits were always put to good use and really made my shooting much much more effective. The fact that they all lived every game is also amazing, but all three armies didn't have an abundance of firepower so that maybe shouldn't be so surprising. This is the first time I have run two small squads and I must say I like it better than the one large squad. I'll probably think about bumping these to 6 man squads just to try to get the avg hits per squad to 3.

Game 1: Shot marines, 'held' objective (with FWs)
Game 2: Shot orks, 1 contested objective, 1 'held' objective (with FWs)
Game 3: Finished off Demon prince, shot marines
Overall grade: A
So this was the first time in forever I ran the heavy Warfish option and I really do like it. The extra firepower isn't crushing, but it is that extra bit to help kill that extra two marines, or 1 more wound on the prince. The survivability is nice and even thought they weren't the dedicated transports for the FWs it seemed to work out ok (dawn of war was a little rough). The Flechette dischargers did not get used, but had we continued in Game 2 one would have HAD to be assaulted by a group of orks to have any chance of getting that objective so it probably would have helped there. I'm not sure if I could squeeze another DF in this list, but it is something I'd think about at 2k.

Game 1: Killed a LRC, Razorback, Rhino, Survived (minus one railgun)
Game 2: Killed Two Battlewagons, Pie plated a bunch of boys, Survived
Game 3: Killed a Defiler and Rhino, Survived
Overall Grade: A
They killed armor, proved they could kill hordes, and lived. Their shooting was actually hit and miss, but more of the former than the later.

Game 1: Killed Rhino, Killed a handful of termies, Survived
Game 2: Immobilized a Battlewagon, Killed 2x killa kans, Survived
Game 3: Stunned rhinos? Died to Aspiring Champ
Overall Grade: B
They did fine really, but game 3 they were asleep at the wheel. I was trying to shoot at oblits to insta kill them but with cover and no pathfinder support they would have been better off shooting at armor. They lived 2 out of 3 games, so I can't really complain.

Overall the army did well. I had two Capture and Control missions and I was very worried about only having 3 troop choices, but in the end that was fine. I think that I may try to get a fourth troop choice in there in the future, maybe something like the list below.

Shas'Ui- Missile/Plasma, HWMT
Shas'Ui- Missile/Plasma, HWMT
2x Crisis- Missile/Plasma, HWMT
2x Crisis- Missile/Plasma, HWMT
6x Firewarriors
6x Firewarriors
10x Kroot w/ 7x Kroot Hounds
10x Kroot w/ 7x Kroot Hounds
6x Pathfinders, Devilfish, MT, TA, SMS, DP, Flecchette
6x Pathfinders, Devilfish, MT, TA, SMS, DP, Flecchette
2x Piranha Fusion, TA, 1x Target Lock
Hammerhead, Railgun, BC, DP, MT
Hammerhead, Railgun, BC, DP, MT
2x Broadsides, A.S.S., 1 Team leader w/ Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones, Target Lock, BK

I'd need to pick up 6 more hounds and craft up two more pathfinders but that seems easy at this point. For 2k I could just add in 5 of my stealth units that are shelved just to put them in the mix.

One thing for sure is I actually look forward to playing some more games with Tau!

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