Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching up

So I was away last week for work so the blog has been not updated with the no 40k time I had anyway.

I did play 3 games with that 1000 sons list before I left and had a good time. I can barely remember how the games went in detail now, but I remember going 1-1 with sisters and losing to another chaos list.

I only recall a few key points for future list building of 1ksons.
1) More 1ksons. I think they fall into the 'if you use them use lots.' I only used one and while my troops did well I think more 1ksons would have been better.
2) Don't be a pussy. So I kept charging out with my CSMs and leaving my 1ksons behind. In reality I should have been advancing the very durable 1ksons, but more of them will help.
3) Dump the vinid, take another pred. I need the vehicle killing power. The ap2 while nice is not going to be your 'anti terminator' piece regardless. Stick to the mass firepower of the 1ksons.

The prince, oblits, termies and pred all did well enough. I think some tweaking will help the list. I think the mechanized sisters is a really hard match up for these guys. There is so much tank killing he had, not enough tank killing on my side, and a psy hood. Basically take the the three curve balls I want to dodge and put them in one army. Ouch. Sadly things like mech eldar are going to be right up there, so this army (if it gets put together) will probably never win at Friday night games, haha.

Aside from that my Zuzzy mat arrived and I'm looking forward to starting to paint that. I picked up some 'bulk' acrylics to do the work, and while at the craft store picked up some cheapo styrofoam and a foam cutter. I figured I'll do some playing around there and see what happens.

Aside from that it looks like we're targeting another 1850 game night, and there is a 1k tourny at the game store. I'll chat with the wife to see if I can do both and then work on lists. I'll probably just default to orks for both since they haven't gotten much love, plus I can use what time I have to work on terrain.

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  1. I think 1ksons are rough to play with everyone being in tanks these days. They do not really have any tankbusting abilities except the Sorcerer but that is ultra expensive. Cool looking units but you are gonna need a lot of Obliterator support to open up tanks in front of them.