Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ice Board terrain work

So my wife was gone last night so it became "Geeky Craft Night" out in my garage.

I started out looking at my Deffkoptas and realized it would be a hell of lot easier to start with a metallic base coat from the airbrush. I had already magnetized the bitz and made the Buzzsaws, so this means I'll just need to paint over the metal on the orks, but that should be ok.

Since that was going to need a few turns with the airbrush after the sides dried I figured I'd bust out my new foam cutter and see how it worked.
Not so bad it turns out! The foam is not the 'good' foam but I figured for this small test project we could see how it would do. I'm wondering if I should have actually hit is with some paint at this step. It may have been easier, but in the end I'll probably flocking the whole thing with snow so maybe it wont matter.This is a very thin piece of plasticard that is to be attached under the foam.

I built up a pipe section for the terrain.

Here are the three pieces all put together. Once they dried I was ready to add in the Vallejo Water mix.
Uh, so, it was not what I was expecting. First off it was thick and second it was white. I imagined just pooring it in and getting a clear flat glossy like water. Instead this doesn't really go on smooth, so it is going to be really textured.

Here is a look at it this morning. The texture remains (it didn't flatten out like I kinda had hoped) but the 'thin' parts are now transparent. I think after a day or so maybe the whole thing will be transparent. I'll have to see what it looks like with the water mix and the paint. Still it is a good experiment.

Speaking of experiments I figured while I had the airbrush out I would hit up one of my sample pieces from Zuzzy to see how well my tundra board would work out.
First I hit the whole thing with a really light grey. Then I used a ultramarine blue on the 'patch' of ground that I'll try to make look like an iced over section. The piece next to it is my other sample piece for reference.
Then I hit the whole thing with a white/light blue mix. It did not come out very blue. I think I might have to mix in ice to get the overall effect I want. I will probably only use it sparingly on the big mat just to help break it up and give the texture some depth.
After the two coats with the airbrush I just dabbed some white on, I think they call that effect Stippling. It helped to also break up the ground a bit by highlighting a few areas. Overall looking at it next to my other sample piece at least I know the white can go on well enough on that black texture.This morning I did a little more work on the details. I used some more ice blue and white/ice blue is to get that patch looking a little more like I invisioned. I hit the log up with khemeri brown and a brown wash and am happy with that. The rocks I wasn't sure what to do. I had originally thought I wanted them to be Blue like the gems on the Tau bases but I'm not so sure. I might just reserve the gem pieces for the terrain bits I make and just make the rocks, uh, rocks. So I tried a few other colors, Granite, Brown, and grey.
Here's the piece with a Crisis suit. The Blue stone on the mat isn't that convincing. Plus it may ending up looking too much like the water. I think the grey rock is how I'll end up going. You can see in the snow of the Tau base how the ice blue comes through a little, and I want to still get that on the mat. So I'm hoping adding in a little ice blue before the stippling step will help.

I'm not sure when I'll get back to this project, but I now know I'm not trying to do the impossible. I just need to do a little more testing and hopefully it will all look good in the end.

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