Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Thousand Son's Planning

So I've acquired the two sets of 1ksons from Dave. I also talked to Liam about borrowing his squad of 1ksons and a sorcerer. My game plan is to be able to eventually field the following army.

HQ: Daemon Prince, Wings, MoT, Warptime, WoC
HQ: Ahriman
Troop: 8x Thousand Sons, Aspiring Sorc, Doombolt, Meltabomb, Rhino
Troop: 8x Thousand Sons, Aspiring Sorc, Doombolt, Meltabomb, Rhino, Combi Melta
Troop: 8x Thousand Sons, Aspiring Sorc, Doombolt, Meltabomb, Rhino, Combi Melta
Heavy: 3x Obliterators
Heavy: Predator, Las Sponsoons
Heavy: Predator, Las Sponsoons

So I'm doing good so far on the troops. I could proxy the sorcerer for Ahriman for now.

Obliterators are clearly the next choice and I'll pick them up in Sept. I've got a budget set per month so that will be all I pick up.

The next logical thing would be the Daemon Prince. The problem is I don't really like the current model (and it is wingless), GW is supposed to be releasing a new plastic model, and the rumor is Forgeworld will have a Tzeentch specific DP at some point. So this makes me want to hold off on that purchase. If a game were to go down before I have the DP I could make a more obscure proxy (well Ghaz is roughly the size of a DP) or borrow someones DP they might not be using.

Or just for giggles I might try and run two chaos dreads with EA and Multimeltas. I can proxy them with templar dreads, and they are sure to provide some ammount of comic releif.

The rest of the army (3 rhinos, 2 preds) can all be proxied with Templar vehicles. I'll probably figure out how to pick those up before/after the prince release and just hit them all up with the airbrush in one sitting.

After that I'll pick up the last 1ksons squad and Ahriman so I can return Liam's models and have the army all painted by myself.

Oh and at some point I'll need to figure out some Spawn models. Ahriman may occasionally try to pop someone with Gift of Chaos so it would be nice to have a few models around. Hopefully I can score some cheap on ebay. :)

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