Monday, August 31, 2009

Taking a beating

So I've managed to get three different play sessions in the past week with my 1k orks. I've played IG 3 times, Marines once, Eldar once, Nids once, and Chaos once. I'd say they've been competitive in all but the IG games which they all lost, but I've made some modifications since those first few games. They've basically gone 1-1-5 which is not a big confidence builder. Usually my practice lists have a few solid wins in tough practice games prior to the tournaments, so this is a bit troubling.

Of course the flip side to that is for the last 1k tournament I had 1k Tau list that had been doing awesome. It must have won all 4-5 practice games, but I still went 1-2 in the tournament.

Is it the list? Is it poor generalship? Is it just dumb luck of the missions and opponents? I want to believe it is the latter, but maybe that's just an easy excuse.

Since the tournament is supposedly having it's own 4 unique missions I don't know that I can really do much anyway. Any change I make is just as likely to hurt me as help me.

So I'll likely just take the list I have and see what I can do taking what few lessons I've picked up on over these last few game.

1) For orks be wary of attacking vehicles with Klaws, and if there are other boys squads around do that assault last. Nearly every game that my opponent had vehicles I ended up exploding them and wiping out tons of my own boys. It is bad enough to lose half your trukk squad, but worse when your 20 boy squad loses half too before they even started THEIR own combat phase. So I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to keep that in mind.

2) Trukk boys squad may not even get out of the trukk. I need to run some more mathhammer for these guys. At least two games I thought the trukk boys could handle weakened assaulty type units and they did not hold up well. I wonder if just skirting the fringe of the board for a last trun blast to objectives would be better. Seems a little like a waste of 162 points though...

3) Stay in the KFF. That thing has saved so many vehicles it is ridiculous. I have been herding around the BW and keeping things alive much longer than they rightfully should. This has made my tank killing better than the first three losses to IG.

So who knows. I definitely have felt heavy on KP. I can't deal with uber units like the Avatar or even DPs horribly well. I'm missing my lootas badly, but don't think I'm ready to trade in the kans. I have not mastered the trukk squad.

Hopefully it will be fun, and hey maybe I'll win a raffle, but this is probably the least confident I've felt since the first tournament appearance.

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  1. I wish I brought my girls to see how they would of done against your list. If and this is a big IF I get to come play in the tourney I have a 2 exorcists list at 1k that might do really well. But the chance of me coming is way below 10% right now.

    IMO, your lootas are really needed, the damage they can dish out to MC and Mech transports is devastating. I didnt miss them on Friday :)