Monday, September 28, 2009

A little painting, a quick game

So I did get a little 40k at long last over the weekend.

After doing my 'test' I figured it was time to get started on a real 1kson. Here is a 'done' guy on the base with still no gun. I'll do the gun next to finish him.
This is really the first time I've done a lot more wet blending and it is taking some adjustment. There are things that I don't like... some of the blending still looks too 'hard' to me. The glowing eyes are only ok imho.

Still I think it is a good start. Now that I've got one guy done I can refine the process now to speed things up. There are a few steps I think I can now safely skip, and some things I've realized I can do in a better order. So I'll probably do another solo guy to get that process down and then start on guys 2 or 3 at a time.

Also it worked out I was able to have Liam come up for a game Sat. I wont post a report since he one over at his blog (linked to the right). I figured I'd just run Templar since they are easy and I had an 1850 ready to go. He brought Chaos and it was a fun game. I think we were both a little rusty from not playing but it was good to get reminded in a friendly game of the do's and dont's.

The nuts and bolts of it were I was a little to eager with my LRC and he popped it and fried all the termies/GKGM with lash and oblits. I don't think the hood has worked once for me, I wonder if I'm kidding myself about it's worth in my list. Either way losing a 600 pt squad is always bad and once that nut was cracked I was on full defense and with the game moving into 6 there was little I could do in an objective based game.

I'm not sure if I should keep the two small 5 man squads. I had been thinking the hood would help against lash and that maybe they would survive but it has yet to work. I might trim the grandmaster to a brother captain and toss one of the 5 man squads for something else, maybe a las/missile dread.

We'll see if they see the light of day any time soon of course... not many games in the future that I can see.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Camera work is horrible

Ok, I don't know why I can't take a decent photo to save my life. Yes I have Macro turned on, it doesn't matter, I suck and I can't get the lighting right.

Anyway, tonight I thought I would do some test painting for my 1ksons.
Here is my test bit. I thought I could use this helmet to practice some yellow, and would have enough blue area and gold trim.
Here he is with the basics done. The picture is horrible. There is actually highlighting going on here though it is near impossible to tell.

Anyway since it was a test I thought I would go all out.
So I did some practicing with the glowing eyes. This is actually the result of too much. I actually had something I was really happy with but then pushed it too far, and this was as good as I could go back. So I'm going to have to go really slow on this step. I also used some wash with the yellow, I think I'm going to use that for the loin cloths but we'll see.

A quick hit with the dullcoat helped smooth it out, though it is hard to tell.
I am looking forward to actually trying out a 1kson now. I think I need some help with my paints though. My Enchanted blue and Ice blue are too dried out so I'll try watering them down. My two golds are also dry but water doesn't seem to help as much, so either I'll need to get new ones or maybe one of the special dilluter thingies they have at the store.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where has the time gone...

Doh! Nearly three weeks since the last post. I couldn't help it, work has been crazy. I was out to FL, then out to Amsterdam. I'd like to say I'm back to 'normal' but this is unlikely to be true and I'm going to probably be a bit sporadic on posting.

Sadly I missed the 1k tournament due to my trip to FL running late. Unfortunate, but at least Anthony was able to pull off a best overall victory.

After all that crazyness, and of course a million other family obligations, I finally had most of today to dedicate to being a dork.

Last month I had gotten two things done for the 1ksons. I had gotten the two boxes of 1ksons I got from Collins trimmed and flashed. I also ordered bases for the planned 1850 army.

While I was out the bases arrived. Here's a look at the 25mm ones after they've been cleaned up a bit.

I thought the clockwork would be kind of cool for Tzeentch, and it is a hell of a lot different than anything I've seen before on the table. Since this is my 'showcase' army I figured I'd give them a go.

So it took a few hours, but here's what they look like painted.

The pictures don't really do them justice, but in person they looks really cool to me at least. They take a lot longer than 'normal' bases, but obviously the detail is really outstanding.

I look forward to seeing them with the models done on them!

So I also had enough time to get the bits for the 1ksons out and get assembling. A shot of the desk while in progress.

You can see I'm doing most of this via assembly line action!
Here are 8 of them ready for primer!
And then outside for primer, then base coats. First the guys...
then the guns! I figured I'd like to paint them separate and put them together later.
Now I have 18 guys ready for real painting.
However before I get going on this I think I'm going to do some tests first. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do (they are 1ksons after all) but there are some techniques I want to try out before I start on the precious metal models. So I'll probably toss a few extra chaos bits together, and the next hobby day/night I get will probably be spent practicing a few new tricks.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Possible Ork Revision

So I've been missing my lootas and am trying to see how to squeeze them in the list. Now I am doubting I'll have to deal with the Avatar, but certainly MCs and Tanks are going to be abundant.

Elite: 12 Lootas
Troop: 29 boys, 3 rokktis, Nob Klaw/Bosspole
Troop: 29 boys, 3 rokkits, Nob Klaw/Bosspole
Fast: Buggie, Rokkits
Fast: Buggie, Rokkits
Heavy: Kan, KMB
Heavy: Kan, KMB
Heavy: Kan, KMB
1000 pts

This drops me down 1kp to 9 total. The lootas are still really fragile. I could drop the rokkits off the boys and pick up a cheap secondary HQ to sit with them but it may be a waste. I'm down to only two troop scoring units but I have had issues with 'seizing' more than one objective anyway.

I'm lacking the mobility of the Trukk and the BW, but on the small board I may be able to slog orks along if I need to do so. More importantly the BW drew a lot of fire, which gave my kans some length of life. Pulling out that magnet might be unwise...

I wish I could get in another practice game, but work is not going to allow for that to happen this week. :(