Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Possible Ork Revision

So I've been missing my lootas and am trying to see how to squeeze them in the list. Now I am doubting I'll have to deal with the Avatar, but certainly MCs and Tanks are going to be abundant.

Elite: 12 Lootas
Troop: 29 boys, 3 rokktis, Nob Klaw/Bosspole
Troop: 29 boys, 3 rokkits, Nob Klaw/Bosspole
Fast: Buggie, Rokkits
Fast: Buggie, Rokkits
Heavy: Kan, KMB
Heavy: Kan, KMB
Heavy: Kan, KMB
1000 pts

This drops me down 1kp to 9 total. The lootas are still really fragile. I could drop the rokkits off the boys and pick up a cheap secondary HQ to sit with them but it may be a waste. I'm down to only two troop scoring units but I have had issues with 'seizing' more than one objective anyway.

I'm lacking the mobility of the Trukk and the BW, but on the small board I may be able to slog orks along if I need to do so. More importantly the BW drew a lot of fire, which gave my kans some length of life. Pulling out that magnet might be unwise...

I wish I could get in another practice game, but work is not going to allow for that to happen this week. :(

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