Monday, October 5, 2009

Not much in the way of 40k

So more traveling last week. It did give me a chance to finish Ravenor at least. It did take awhile to get behind the book, but I'd say about midway through the second story I was hooked, and by the third book I was racing through to get to the end.A quick pic of the painting desk. I did manage to paint one more 1kson guy over the weekend. I think I'm almost figured out the plan of attack to paint these guys. I think the last big change I need to make is to paint the gold base coast before attaching the guy to the base, then I can move on with my blue blending. I'll probably start that on a lot of 3 guys and see how it goes. If I stick to only painting 1 guy a week it will take me 1/2 a year to get done. Not that I'm in a rush or anything...

We didn't make game night Friday, but maybe we'll get something going this Fri. I'm certainly hungry to play.

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