Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Templar Dreadnought

So I finished up Dragon Age Saturday morning. It was very enjoyable, and the story was good with only a few 'huh?!?' moments along the way. I've gone through most of the rest of the origins bits now and debating whether to play through it again. I think I'll sit on that and maybe come back to it in a few weeks and see how I feel about it.

I decided I should do some painting this weekend. I felt like I needed something besides 1ksons so I decided to knock out a Templar Dreadnought. I had a really destroyed Dread that had come in and ebay lot that a few months ago I patched up and primered. So he was ready to go and came out looking pretty good.
In 1850 I can basically decide if I want to use this guy, the PotMS vindi, or the GKGM.

Liam came over late Sat night and we got two practice games. Liam is practicing for the tournament Dec 5th which I am bummed to miss.

First game was multiple objectives (5) and DoW. This was a fun game despite the fact I realized starting turn 3 I did not place my 2 5 man shooty squads. I had totally blanked! This obviously was noob mistake and likely would have changed the game a bit, but oh well. At the end of 5 we called it as there was no way I was going to overcome his Sister's wall of rhinos.

Second game we brought out the orks for his Sisters to try to overcome. This was a killpoint long table edge game. I had a killer turn two (killed all 3 exorcists and immobilized/weapon destroyed on a number of other rhinos) which put me up on the KP fast. However Liam was able to catch up over the next few turns. Ghaz and the manz managed a double one assault for a sqaud 2" away that hurt but that's really the only other memorable event of the game. In the end the game went to turn 7 and it really came down to the fact that the difference in KP in our armies (Sisters I think had 17 vs orks 12) was too great for Liam to close the gap even though he still had more alive on the board at the end of the day.

We both had fun and hopefully we'll see some more practice games before these guys head of to the tournament.

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