Thursday, November 5, 2009

Painting may be a bit slow now...

So Dragon Age has probably totally killed my 'painting schedule' for the next few weeks. Oh well, I guess it was time for a break anyway.

I'm still thinking a lot about the pure 1ksons and how to build out the army. They will be fun overall but it is easy to see why they aren't super competitive.

-AP3 bolters sound good, but nearly everyone will just stick to cover (and are mechanized as well)
-4++ saves sound good until you realize, well, everyone can just stick to cover
-No grenades, no BP&CC weapons, and with S&P when the charge they are at Initiative 1
-No special weapons in the squad, so meltas and fists are lacking throughout the troop section

So yes, they can be a devastating short range army against squads walking up on them. They aren't the worst army in CC (hello Tau!) but really avoiding combat is probably for the best. Yes they may be able to survive for serveral rounds thanks to fearless and the 3+/4++, but winning combat is probably not so likely against any squad that is really after you for CC engagement.

They have a hell of a time with Mechanized, so really almost everything else in the army probably needs to be built around Anti-Tank.

So I'm pretty sold on the 3 1kson squad in rhinos as troops. I'm pretty sure my first attempts at filling the heavy slots will be with 3 oblits, and then 2 Preds with side las.

The HQs are the real question, and I'm still figuring out what to do there.

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