Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tau for Sat 11/14

So it looks like at long last we are going to get a solid 40k night in this Saturday. There should eventually be 4 if not more players involved so I'm hopefully to get 3 games in at least at 1850 points.

I'm thinking I'll bring out my Tau. I'd love to practice the 1ksons but there is just so much that needs proxy and I never like doing that. I could bring out Templar or Orks but I think Tau have been played the least in my last few nights out so... out they come!

I've come to realize that the biggest problem with Tau these days is simply objective holding. At first I thought it was kill points but really most units are fairly survivable. Tau are still plenty killy and can also be good at picking off 'easy' KP off a lot of other armies (ie rhinos, drop pods, etc).

But the objectives... man what a pain! Tau aren't durable enough to just plop down and hold them. You basically need to kill everything in the area very dead, or try to blast onto objectives to contest at the last minute. Of course I'd say that only works for me about half the time so... time to tweak the list.

There are 3 things I'd like to try out in my next Tau games. I'm cutting out loads of FWs, and going back to one Pathfinder squad. So what do I possibly do with those newly freed up points?

-More kroot: A second squad of Kroot (10 Kroot 7 Hounds) would be nice as they are a scoring unit, and they have a good clip of flexibility. The problem is they aren't very killy at the end of the day, and again I'm thinking I might just give up the idea of squatting on objectives or hoping for a good outflank against just the right opponent. Still they have their place in my army, but I might hold off on that second squad until we get to 2000 points.

-More Crisis: I could easily add two more Fireknives, or I could put in two deathrains and tweak the HQs and still add some more kroot in the list. I like the idea of more long range firepower for sure. They are survivable as long as you keep them out of site, but a few games I've really wished they could survive contesting objectives a little better.

-More Piranha: So I've been enjoying running two in a squad. Yes they are two kill points but it is more armor, and they aren't as easy to kill as people think at the start of the game. It gives me more steel to move around and block off lanes, plus they do actually make good last minute objective contests. Sadly one more to make a squad of 3 is probably not very game changing, but another squad of two could be a big help.

Of course I'm missing handfuls of models for any of these ideas. I have a good ebay win for my last Kroot hounds on the way but it wont be here by then. I only have one fooked up suit but really need two more new suits to pull of my middle plan. Or I need at least one more piranha if I want to run 4.

I really feel guilty plunking cash down for Tau when A) they are hopefully moving toward a new codec in the next two years and I already have a good clip of semi retired units on the shelf (hello stealth suits, gun drones and firewarriors!) B) any of these plans probably don't really make the army THAT much better over the other (or possibly over my earlier lists) and C) I've still got a significant shopping list for my 1ksons.

So... thinking hat is on now!

Update- went down at lunch to pick up my Ahriman and bought a Piranha.
I'm so weak willed. ;)

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