Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving ToDo list

So Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and I'm hoping to knock out some 40k stuff over the long weekend.

-Paint two Aspiring sorcerers- I've slacked off on painting and need to get back to it. If I can knock out both sorc models that would be nice. Then I can focus on getting the second squad of dustbuckets done in Dec.

-Purchase tanks- I'm pretty sure on Friday I'll ring up the WarStore and pick up 3 rhinos and 2 predators. Usually they have an extra 5% off so that will save a little coin. I'm debating whether or not to order Be'lakor as a Daemon Prince or just keep waiting for the model announced OVER A YEAR AGO... way to go GW.

-Practice 1ksons- Anthony is coming up Friday and we're going to work on painting up his new sectional GW table, but in between coats were going to run some practice games to see how the 1ksons do. Does the DP work? Is Ahriman just a point sink? Will the dread be totally useless? Hopefully we'll get some answers there.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

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