Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Update

So I'm pretty pleased with the holiday weekend as far as taking care of my 40k 'ToDo' list.

First of all I did order my 3 Rhinos and 2 Predators, so those are on the way to me now. With those and the models I'm borrowing I have an 1850 army, and can now just pick up some other models (Daemon Prince, Dreadnought, Terminators) at my leisure or maybe ask for them as gifts. Either way I've got plenty to put together and paint before I finally pick up that 3rd squad of Tsons and can return Liam's squad to him to be shelved indefinitely. :)

Next I did complete my two aspiring sorcerers.
I'm pretty happy with most of the paint job. I'm feeling like I'm getting the blue and gold down well and hopefully that will speed up my next set of sons. The force weapon I'm also ok with how it turned out. I'd like a little more glow but I think I'll leave it like this for now. The only thing I'm not really thrilled with is the white robe. I was going to do yellow since I like how my yellows have been coming out for the sons and I always hate white anyway. But in the end the sorcerers traditionally have white so I went for it. The under coat and first layer of white went great. Then I thought 'hey, how about I use a blue wash' and man, I just never felt like I recovered from that. I think I would have been better off just tinting the white with blue and painting layers up from there. It is kind of hard to see the end result because of the flash, and even this next picture with the flash off is hard to see.
Lastly I did get two games in with Anthony when he came over. We spent some time painting his new board and played the games as we waited for layers to dry. We played 2000 pts and he tried a new twist on his marines.

Librarian on bike, Force Dome and Null Zone
10 TH/SS Termies
8 Vangaurd Vetrans with 2x Lightning Claws, 2x TH, and 2x PW
10 Tactical marines Melta/MultiMelta Rhino
10 Tactical marines Melta/MultiMelta Rhino
5 Scouts w/ HB + Telion
Predator Autcannon w/ LasCannon Sponsoons
Predator Autcannon w/ LasCannon Sponsoons

So Vulcan was a new add but I think Anthony just wanted to try him out. Lysander would have been much more of a problem. He was also vehicle light for 2k points which helped me, but his 10 terminators which are normally a problem would be even more of a challenge than normal (yay Ap3 bolters don't help!). The Vanguard were also a new thing to try out, but between them and the Librarian on the bike I could see the game plan. Force dome the Vets for the 5+ save, charge the sons, make them reroll invul saves since there were a lot of power weapons and move on to the next unit.

Prince, MoT, Warptime, Wind of Chaos
Dread, Multimelta
9 Sons, Wind of Chaos, Rhino w/ Combi Plas
9 Sons, Wind of Chaos, Rhino w/ Combi Plas
9 Sons, Wind of Chaos, Rhino w/ Combi Plas
Predator Autcannon w/ LasCannon Sponsoons
Predator Autcannon w/ LasCannon Sponsoons
3 Obliterators

I wanted to try out the expensive prince and Ahriman as well as the crazed Dread of doom.

First game was multiple objective and long table edge. The game ended on turn 5 as a loss for me, but I played the odds that the game would have gone on gave up on what could have been a tie and am pretty sure I would have won should the game have continued.
The second game was single objectives and dawn of war. This game I ended up winning as Anthony called it on turn 5.

The games are kind of a blur now but I can recall a few things from the games.

The Librarian was not much of a problem as I would have thought. I know the DP picked him out one game, it might have been both, but either way I only failed one psy test both games I think.

The 205 pt DP was ok, fulfilling his 'Please shoot me, ouch ouch ok I'm dead' but I'm not so sure all the powers and the 4++ was worth it. Warptime was nice the once each game I used it but would 130 pt prince have been nearly as effective and still dead come turn 2? Probably.

Ahriman was exactly what everybody said he would be: the same thing as a 185 pt sorcerer. Yes he shot a few fairly useless str 8 shots but that it. I think most games I'll be leaving him at home unless I just want to be friendly or burn that last 65 points. The chance of getting a Spawn off in a 'non gift of chaos list' is probably pretty rare.

The dread was actually a surprise to me. Sure game one he was popped I think turn 1 (maybe I should have smoked instead of run). But game 2 he was the man. He finished of the last of a termie combat squad (after the TH guys had been shot off by failed inv saves), moved on to fry a rhino, charge and see off its cargo tact squad, then charge and route the scout squad. Sure he was immobilized next to the opposing objective but that was fine. All day no crazed rolls. It makes me want to use him more, but as Anthony points out that game was probably the highest a chaos dread will ever achieve and from here out I'm probably set for disappointment.

The thousands sons themselves also did well enough. They sure do eliminate marines with no saves, and even with cover saves they still fall down. Wind of Chaos was simply awesome though, and that certainly was decimating whole squads at a time. Also while they aren't really efficient in CC they do stick around. That can be a positive and a negative... I guess I just need to know how to use that to my advantage.

Two things I did learn the hard way:
1) Two squad of sons rapid firing and double wind of chaos is not enough to kill 5 Terminators. with 3 shields (oh and Vulcan was hanging out with his 3++ save too). Yes you might think it is, but it is not. Better to shoot at 24" range with other units and pick them off one at a time, them maybe clean them up in rapid fire/wind of chaos range. Lesson learned.
2) Don't ever charge with the sons. You think you can kill those last two marines/terminators with your aspiring sroc? You're wrong. You go last and your just not getting out of combat any time soon. You are better getting charged and at least swinging at the same time as marines. Either way it's still better to avoid it if you can, but that's not always going to be the case if you run an army where you want to use WoC.

The oblits did their part for sure, popping vehicles and plasma fun for termies. Sure they got killed by charging vangaurd vets game two but I'd rather have lost them than a squad of sons.

The preds also did ok. Seeing as we both had two preds they mostly shot at each other. Nothing horribly spectacular nor horrible on either side of our table.

In the end Ahriman is probably going to be get cut down to a sorc, the prince down to a bare bones prince, and I'm still not sure on the dread. With the cuts from the HQ if I cut the dread I can run a nice 5 man termie squad and they could have potentially done everything and more that the dread did game two (and not have been popped turn 1 game 1). The problem is what do you cut to get to 1850...

I felt like I had enough anti tank but again he was a little light on armor. A real test will be Liams sisters with the what now, 6-8 FA 11 and 3 FA 13? That will be a much tougher nut to crack.

But for now I can say they were fun to play. Armor will be tough, hordes may be a problem, and who knows what I'll do against Eldar, but still I think all those games will be a blast to play.

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