Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thoughts from Sat gaming

So it's been a busy few days and I haven't been able to give a quick update from Saturday.

I was lucky enough to get 5 games in Sat night so that was cool. Unfortunately 3 of the games were all single objective missions and I lost every one of those missions. I just don't see how Tau are supposed to be able to knock off an entire army off their objective. They don't have the assault punch or to really jam a unit in there and hope to survive unless you try for a turn 5 miracle. The firepower is nice but against armies like IG that just have stacks and stacks of troops in Chimeras you can't really hope to knock them all of the ONE objective.

I really dislike that mission in general. The multiple objectives means there is some movement and strategy on both sides, and killpoints are probably the start of a good idea, but it's not the worst as it is right now.

I think the 'single' objective mission works better when you do corner deployment and the objective is placed in the center of the 'opposite' quarters. Now you don't have such a static game and real startegy needs to be applied.

I know we have a handful of missions from different tournaments we have played. I think I might get them together and maybe we'll have 11 or so missions we could roll 2d6 for and have some more variety with some fun missions.

As for the Tau they were a little disappointing. My shooting was horrible. Well not so much my shooting, but I could just not kill vehicles. I seemed incapable of rolling above a 3 on the vehicle damage dice so that was frustrating. I certainly need to figure out how to use the piranha better, going up a flank or what not. They pretty much absorbed lots of firepower, but most games were obliterated at the end of turn 1 if not 2.

I think I'm going to dump out the second Devilfish and FWs for Kroot and hounds. That will free up enough points to drop in two more suits with missile pods (also means making the 2nd HQ a normal suit). That would give me a little more long range firepower with the flexibility of the Kroot which did ok I would say. I'll try that out next time and see if I regret not having the second fish for more mechanized troop options.

Who knows when we'll play again of course. It could very well not be until the holiday break. :(

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