Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Update

So thought I'd do a quick update on my holiday 40k process.

I have painted the 8 bases for the next 8 1ksons.
I have cut and trimmed up all my vehicles.

So I still need to assemble the vehicles and I still need to do some painting on the 1ksons to get them on the bases and 'playable'. We'll see if I can get that done in the remaining time.

I've also gotten a handful of games in the last two days.

Yesterday I met Liam over at the LGS and played his sisters. It was nice to practice on the heavy terrain boards. Unfortunately my Templar did horribly, or Liam was on fire, but either way it didn't go well. 2 hard heavy losses. Not even close, not even a little.

Today I played Templar against Collins chaos with a new BT list. Still totally destroyed. I just don't know if it is me, my lists, or the luck, but I'm ready to shelf the zealots. I don't know if I've just built the army for higher points and I can't scale it back or what.

So I busted out Tau for a second game. Collins crept up for a tie but it at least felt like I had a chance.

So now I'm seriously considering Tau. Orks may be an option also, but again I don't know that my 1850 list really scales well down 600 points.

So we'll see about the tournament but I'm not feeling like anything I take is going to do very well.

I also tried out Space Hulk today. As we played we cut all the guys out and got the peices in order. The premise of the game is simple, but there are still lots of little rules. Not quite like 40k but still fun even as we were learning. I can see us bringing this out from time to time, but it requires a pretty big area to set up most of the missions (like literally the 6x4 game table).

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