Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quick Holiday Update

A little more progress on the hobby yesterday.The two preds are magnetized for weapon swaps which is always nice. I was going to put another animal head on the autocannon but it didn't look quite right and I was not about to cut down the barrel to try it out. So I'm going to leave it alone... but the look is growing on me.

That's a Belakor model I received for Xmas. He'll be my solo prince for now. The model is beautiful, but I'm again reminded how much I prefer working with plastic. He's not attached to the base yet as I again want to paint them both seperately first but that base will work well for him so I've set it aside.

Tomorrow afternoon is more 40k with the boys. I'm still not entirely sure what to do. Tau are probably my best bet. Orks are an option but I haven't got my head around a strong list with what I have on hand. I have a feeling the only chance orks have now with new gaurd involve more lootas and more Battlewagons. Joy.


  1. You played tau at the last small tourney and did not have a good time, orks would be the most fun for you and probably the most competitive

  2. Dont listen to the IG player that just wants to put pie plates on your Orks all day.

    Man up and get your 1ksons going. They shouldnt be too gimpy at the low points. Maybe with some dreads and preds you could dish out some damage.