Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pods Done

I had to travel last week and am now behind on painting.  At least the two pods are done.

There is no way I'm going to get everything done I had thought.  So at this point I'm cutting back on scouts and will just use marines which I have painted and have slightly smaller squads. 

That leaves me with just the Speeder needing to be done.  Hopefully with small sessions after work I'll be able to knock that out.

Monday, January 25, 2010

More Painting...

Finished up the Dread arms.  They don't match exactly, as happens when you don't paint the model in the same sitting with the same mixes; but they look close enough once you're on the table playing.

I also did some work on the pods.  They aren't finished yet, but a few hours to get the white complete and the details should mean they are done before the weekend.

Josh came up Sat and we mostly spent the day painting.  We also tossed together a list for Josh and we tried to jam though a game before he had to split.  We figured we'd make a list that would give my podding Templar problems even if it meant it would suck in an all comers event.

Stergaurd x 10, Fist Searg, Rhino
Stergaurd x 10, Fist Searg, Rhino
Tact Marines x 10, Flamer, Missile, Fist Searg, Rhino
Tact Marines x 10, Flamer, Missile, PW Searg, Rhino
10 Assault Marines, 2 Plasma Pistols, PW Searg

The game plan for Josh would be simple.  He would surround the rhinos around the vindi to prevent close pod/melta deployment and tuck his assault guys behind them and leap out when the opportunity arose.

I took my updated list with more Neos, Flamers on the Speeders, Adamantite Mantle on the Marshal, and no Tank Hunting/Venerable upgrades on the Dread.

We rolled Dawn of War and Multiple objectives, I won roll off and chose to go second, and we placed three objectives that all were fairly close to Josh's board edge.

Josh set up pretty much as planned,   His rhinos not only blocked most shots on his vindi they also made it impossible to put a pod in there and you'd be crazy to try to drop a speeder in there.  They also right away were claiming 2 objectives.  His assault guys were tucked into a ruin right next door.

By turn 2 when I came down I pulled 3 pods (both leaders), the dread, and one speeder.  They all landed right about where I wanted.  However all I managed to do was stun one rhino and blow a storm bolter off another.

Josh's turn 3 shooting wasn't too great, but his vindi did end up taking out 4 or 5 marines in cover.  My Marshal had to take that save and failed, so one saved HQ due the Mantle!  His missiles don't hurt my dread or speeder, but he drops a number of other marines with sterngaurd out the top hatch of rhinos and assault marine firing.  Finally his stormbolters on the rhinos manage a shake on the speeder.  His assault marines charge the EC squad, and blows are made but the EC squad comes out killing one more marine, but he sticks around to keep fighting. 

Turn 3 my last troop comes in but does a bit of scattering to be out of position.  The dread moves up to a rhino but fails to pen it with the melta again.  I do pop  Pedros rhino and he and the SG deploy.  My speeder goes fast to the flank and my guys out of position run into cover.  The dread assaults the rhino and destroys it.  My marshal and remaining lads charge into Pedro, but have to move through cover.  Combat ends with him up a few guys, me down to one fist and the Marshal at one wound, but the Mantle saves instant death from Pedros fist.  The EC chops a few more guys, and he lands a wound on the EC and kills off the last marines there.  We stick all around.

Josh's turn 4 and his vindi kills a few more marines that I have with cover squatting on the 'farther' objective. His troops that are next to the dread fail to pen with the missile.  His unit of Stern (no pedro) and Tacts jump out of the rhinos and start shooting the out of position Templar.  He kills a 4 or 5, but with RZ I'm able to pull myself fully into cover now.  Pedro's squad manage to kill off the fist and Marshal and Pedro has only lost one wound and has two Sterngaurd left.  The EC again kills another guy or two, and makes his saves to survive!  All that's left is his PW sarg and 2 Plasma Pistol guys, and I'm thinking I might actually pull off a win there!

Dan's turn 4 and I actually kill off my own EC with a badly scattered Deathwind.  Yay.  It happens.  My two speeders both land in flamer range of Pedros squad, and manage to flame his two marines to death.  The dread flames/MM a few marines.  The third speeder comes up to his other tact squad and flames a few.  The Dread charges the marines and kill another 2 and lives through the fist attacks.  My other troop squad charges his remaining Stern on the objective and hack it out.  It's close, I think I win combat, we sticks around, and has a few more guys than I do.

At this point it has gotten late and we need to pack up and call it.  At that point I have 5 marines on an objective, Pedro is sitting on one, and his Stern are probably close enough to an objective even though they are tangling with my templar (plus he has a rhino there).  Technically I guess a tie, but the longer the game would have gone on the worse it would have been for me.

Pedro and the Vindi could both Template down on my 5 marines on my objective.  Maybe going to ground helps, maybe I still flee with LD 8.  Now that my EC is dead his assault guys are free to help out his Stern that are in Melee with my Templar, and that pulls a close combat into a win for Josh.  His marines that are free might not make it to Pedro to get to and objective on turn 5, but certainly turn  they could.  The dread is locked in with 5-6 marines with a hidden fist.  Maybe he lives, but again the longer it goes the worse it is for me and I'm not going to kill them and be useful again until at best 7 (which is all unlikely).  My best hope is scooting speeders around to contest objectives.  Could I win?  By the grace of the Emperor, yes.  Could I tie?  There are fairly good chances I could pull that off if the game doesn't go to 7.  But best chances are Josh could sneak out a win there.

The challenge for me against this list is that I have to shoot at silly rhinos, when I'd much rather be shooting at bigger and badder tanks.  A stun and a weapon destroyed doesn't mean crap to a rhino (usually), but on tanks like vinidis and exorcists it's huge.  Pedro also turned his marines into competent CC combatants with the +1 attack so that helped as well.  Of course the flip side of this is he had very little Anti tank because we knew he wouldn't need it.

Upside: The list feels good despite my lack of popping tanks early.  Adamantite mantle paid off twice, and once would probably have been enough for me to leave it in the list.  The speeders used their flamers, though once again not so useful against marines.  The venerable/tank hunting was not missed, nor was the increase in Neos.  Lastly, I can't imagine seeing a list like this at a 1500 tournament, but if someone does manage to bring 50 marines they just may have my number!

So now just to keep on that painting train...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Armor Assembled

Drop pod 5 joins drop pod 4 and the assembled and primered list.

As does Landspeeder number 3.

Now it is just about painting in the next two weeks.
-2 Dreadnought Arms
-2 Drop Pods
-2 Neophytes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dreadnought Assault Cannon to Multi-Melta Conversion

So I am puzzled why GW doesn't have the Multi-Melta in the Dread kit, and that the only way to get it currently is to buy Black Reach set (or the Dread from you favorite Bitz place, or forgeworld I suppose).  Not dying to spend $20 for just one arm I thought I'd give a crack at a simple conversion.

What I decided to do was take a spare Assault Cannon arm and try to combine it with a Leman Russ Demolisher Sponsoon Multi Melta.  Every dread has an Assault Cannon and they don't see much use these days, and almost no IG player uses the Multi Melta so you can score them cheap or free from friends.

Since everything is plastic this is mostly some easy cuts.

I decided I would try to keep the wires forward on the Melta gun, but I cut a little too much so I cut a bit of plastic card to give me a little buffer.  I also decided to remove the ammo chain that makes the assault cannon look a little more distinictive.  I figured I can keep the wire that existed between the ammo belt and arm hull.

A simple assembly and we have ourselves a pretty good Multi-melta.  I felt it needed a little more.  Cutting off the ammo box would probably be cool, but I decided to leave it and instead try to make the add a bit to the top of the Melta.

After looking around my bit box I found some circular plasticard that fit exactly into one of my brush plactic tip protectors (or whatever you call them).  I figured I could assemble it to resemble the melta paks you see on other Multi-meltas like you see on my speeder.

A crusder seal and a layer of primer and...

In addition drop pod 4 has been built and primered,

and more showed up to work on tomorrow.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on Terminator Marshal

I was feeling pretty good about getting my Marshal wrapped up though I've stayed up too late doing this work.  Then I took pictrures... and now I see a million things to touch up.  Going to have to be tomorrow, so consider these pics 'nearly done' pictures. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lysander to Templar Marshal Conversion

So I got a little work done on Sunday for my Lysander to Templar Termie Marshal conversion.

The upside was that I already knew I had bits I could use for his arms.  I had picked up some extra TH/SS bits and had the sergeant bits left over.  I also had leftover Templar Terminator Shoulder pads.

Here's a pic of the all the bits.

You can see here my basic game plan.  His Thunderhammer is a great arm, but the hammer is a giant fist which I don't want to use.  Same goes for the great looking shield... big fist has to go.  Rather than doing a lot of chop shop there I'm just going swap for the plastic arms.
The next task is the Imperial Fist icons on his knee and Heraldry pad.  For this I took out my knife as well as my Dremell and went to town.

I'm not how smooth the knee is at this point, it's a little hard to tell as any flat bit pics up the light so well.  If when the model is done I find it looks not to my liking I can easily drop a few more crusader seals there to hide anything I'd like.  The Heraldry is perfect, and I know I'll be able to do some BT iconography there now which is nice.

I used just a dab of green stuff to hold the arms in place to make sure I was happy with the model.

Satisfied with that I dropped a little bit of tape on to each arm/torso area where I'll apply glue and primered the model.  The tape will make sure there is actual metal to be gluing together.

So that's where I am right now.  I'm wondering if I should have tried to make a BT cross out of Greenstuff for his Heraldry Pad.  I guess its not too late to do, I'd just have to hit one more quick primer layer over it.  I was originally thinking I'd just paint it but, meh, my ability to draw that damn cross has been pretty fail.  I'm not sure how much better the greenstuff would work.

That's it for now.  I'm going to leave the arms off for most of the painting so I can get around ok.  Then I'll glue him together and do the last few steps to make sure it all looks good.  Hopefully he'll be ready to kick ass at the next tournament in early Feb.
Update:  Last night worked with the Green Stuff a bit.  My first real attempt to make something, normally I only use GS to fill holes.  It's not perfect but hopefully painted it will look nice.  Sorry for the crap pic.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Future Drop Pod Templar Planning

So I've decided I will plan out some expansion down the podding Templar after their success on Sat.  This of course will put the 1ksons a bit on the back burner since they are not for real competitive play and are really just a fun/showcase army.  Such is life.

So looking at my 1250 list, I sat down to figure out how to get it to 1500, 1850, and hey why not 2500 'ard boyz also.  My goal here being to make a fun competitive list but also not blow the bank either.

1500 Additions to my 1247 list:

Dread, Venerable, Tank Hunter, EA, HF-150
Pod, Deathwind-58
Landspeeder, MM-65
- 2 HF off the existing Landspeeders

Yes, a MM on the Dread might be better but I don't really want to buy a Black Reach dread just for the arm, but it of course may come to that after some play testing.  Who knows if Venerable or EA mean a damn when you are dropping deep into the territory.

Add 3rd landspeeder but losing the HFs that I not once got to fire on Sat, and somehow think that may be the case so easy points to cut if I need the room I think.

1850 Addition to my 1500:

5 Assault Termies, FC- 215
Pod Deathwind- 50

Brother Captain, Psy Hood- 85

This gives me a hard hitting termie squad in the field, and I can shift a few marines around in pods for the BC to get a hood out there.  I'm not sure how useful he really is in a podding army so he might be pointless.  I also would like to play test using a Command squad termie squad with 2 Assault cannons.  They are basically the same points and can lay down some fire the turn they land where Assault termies are just going to make sure they are in cover before they take a boat load of shots to the face.

2500 Addition to my 1850
Termie Command Squad, 2 Ass cannons- 200 (they take one of the troop pods)
Add 5 marines and 2 Neos to build out that troop squad to 13-100
Add them to a LRC - 268
Upgrade Brother Captain to Grand Master to ride with them- 60

The nice part here is all I have to add/buy is that command squad which I might be doing anyway for 1850.  I think I can do some conversions of the Black Reach termies, old AssCannon metal arms, and BT bits I have already.

It gets my LRC back on the table so now the only bits of my Templar I don't end up using are my two rhinos, Vindi, and pred.  Oh well.

I figure the LRC can go in reserve and now you have a great bunker to move in and squad on an objective or blow someone off a close objective while all the pods can go for deeper objectives.

SO, in short my workbench needs to make room for the incoming:
2-3 Drop pods depending if I just continue using my old paper drop pod
1 Speeder
1 GK HQ (unless I borrow one of Anthony's Minis again)
4 Command Squad Termies

....and of course I've already begun work on a Lysander conversion for an appropriate looking Marshal. :)

Just another $100 (after using my $60 winnings to pick up some of the above and picking up that $30 pod last week) into an army I thought I was shelving until a new codec a week ago.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tournament Results

The short story is I took second (missed first by 10 points and 3rd I think was by 1 point) and got best painted army.

The long story is as follows.

So Friday I'm still unhappy with my orks, and I'm still not satisfied with my Tau.  So finally I'm back to Templar, even though they had all kinds of fail in practice games.  I see the big problem is my lack of ability to get to the enemy.  With everybody far better able to kill vehicles at range I'm just not able to cross the board.  That's when it hits me...

Drop Pods

Now I only had two painted pods, plus my old paper made unit (that I made years ago before pods were only Forgeworld).  The paper pod is a little small, but it actually looks good even though it has minimal painting done to it.

So I make a list.

Emperor's Champ, AACNMTO
Marshal, Termie Armor, TH/SS
7 Cursaders, 2 Neos, Fist, Melta in Pod w/ Deathwind
7 Cursaders, 2 Neos, Fist, Melta in Pod w/ Deathwind
7 Cursaders, 2 Neos, Fist, Melta in Pod w/ Deathwind
6 Cursaders, 2 Neos, Fist, Melta in Pod w/ Deathwind
Land Speeder, MM/HF
Land Speeder, MM/HF

Drat, one drop pod short.  Off I go to the store after work.  I figure 'Hey, I'll just get it built and nor worry about getting all the cool magnets or painting.'

6 Hours later I'm finally calling it a night with the pod built (but I did leave out the insides) and a good clip painted.  I woke up at 7 and spent another hour painting.  I didn't finish all the details, and I think the black is actually different than the other pod (used P3 primer rather than GW) but they look close.  I couldn't finish all the details (notice the lights above the door, I need to clean up the dry brushing, and the underside is pretty much undone) but in the end it looked pretty good.

So there I am ready to go.  I'm using just a normal Termie as the marshal but that's ok, and the 4th pod is small but again it doesn't look too out of place.

So Anthony (with his gaurd) and I show up and by the start there are only 12 people.  A little light but everybody says that smaller turnouts are expected at lower point values.  Surprisingly the only ork player actually had to leave before game 1, and less surprising there were no Tau.  So all that concern I had about playing an army everyone else was playing was for naught (this is where you can point and tease me). 

If I'm not mistaken the Armies were: 4 IG Armies, 2 Space Wolves, Podding Vulkan, Podding Templar (woot), 1 Eldar, 1 Pedro Marines, 1 Sisters, and one Deathwing.

So we all laugh 'haha, all the gaurd armies will hopefully play each other, but really everyones going to have to play 1 or maybe even two gaurd armies!'

And of course I played Gaurd 3 times.  No joke.

Game 1- Jason's IG- Dawn of War, Kill points
Jason's gaurd is not a whole lot different the Anthony's.  The armies are bleeding together now (shocking after playing three slightly different IG armies), but I think it was 2 chims of troops, 2 valks with troops, 1 chim with small comand squad, and two of the Plasma variant battle tanks.

I won roll off and chose to go second.  He basically rolls on all tight in one corner and decideds to outflank his gunships. 

Turn 2 the valks both come in and fly fast.
I only get two pods in, and they land right in front of his tank bunker, but thankfully can deploy into cover.  Both Meltas are close but miss. :( A wary beginning.

Turn 3 his shooting chundered a bit, and I had mostly everything come in and land fairly well.

The rest of the game is a bit of a blur but with him having only two turns to shoot and me on top of his guys with nowhere to go he couldn't quite get it going.  My speeders survived a miraculous amount of shooting, and I think I killed more guardsman by exploding vehicles than anything else.  7-3 me for a 17 point victory.

Game 2- Michael's IG- Multiple Objectes (5) Spearhead
Michael's list was heavier on Firepower and light on toops.  He had 2 chims with troops, 1 Chim with ONLY a commisar, 2 squads of 2 LRBT, and 1 more Battle Tank with a more evil gun of doom.
Michael won roll off and made me go first.  2 LRBT are up front a bit, and the other 3 tanks are in the back corner far far away from anything.  Turn 1 he advances his Commisar Chim up and one troop chim to a forward objective and keeps one back by and objective in his zone.

Turn 2 I get 1 troop w/ the Marshal and 2 speeders.  My speeders I get brave with  and they land both close enough to shoot the forward LRBT.  The other pod comes down by the objective he is advanced  his squad.  I manage to pop one LRBT and his Commisar Chim but that's it (and if I recal I even lost 1-2 guys to the exposion).
His turn he easily downs both speeders and picks off a few marines, who fail their LD 10 and break.

Turn 3 I get all 3 pods, one I have come up with the forward objective and the other two go off to my backfield to camp objectives with are in a 12" triangle type shape.  I pop his other forward Chim and kill some gaurd, but can't manage to do more the drop on 1 on this commisar.

Turn 3-6 is basically the same thing.  He pounds me with ordinance and I take saves.  I kill off his troop up at the objective, but his commisar manages to live.  In the end I haven't even shot at any other tank.  In the last turn I spread my last squad (which was still at 9 guys) to form a conga line arc to claim all 3 objective, but with his shooting I have to pull off one of them so I claim two objectives.  He's got one chim claiming an objective, the commisar is contesting with a drop pod.  Templar eek out a narrow win by hiding behind cover 9-5 (4 points for holding per counter, 1 point for contesting).

At this point polling around it looks like I may be in first with 26 points.  Anthony had 25 points and a Space Wolf player had 25 points.  SO we KNOW what is going to come next...

Game 3- Anthony's IG- Long Table Edge, Single objectives
Anthony ran a list like he's been running just trimmed to the appropriate points.  1 chim with HQ, 1 chim with vets, 2 vendettas with vets, 2 LRBT, and Marbo!

He also beats my 5 which I had hoped would let me go second with a 6 and he makes me go first.  I place my objective deep (which I think might have been a mistake) and he places his also deep.

Turn 2 I drop literally 3 pods and both speeders.  A really great roll I would say.  I put the EC squad back on the objective, 2 up on him and 2 speeders up as well.  One speeder lands on a tank but goes back in reserve, and one pod actully lands right between his untis on the corner of a building and they are able to squeeze to get cover and be cloese to his objective.  My shooting is inefective (immbolized a chim and took a weapon).  He proceeds to kill the speeder and starts whittling away but not breaking my squads, but also killed both pods).

The rest of the turns are kind of a blur.  He shot me, I shot and charged him.  I killed a lot of vehicles, but he didn't clear me off his objective until turn 5.  Marbo came in close to my roof troops and killed himself and 1 of mine with the demo charge.  My speeder didn't come until 5 and failed to kill one of the vendettas.  Time is winding down and we roll a turn 6.  We look at the board and can see how it looks more or less.  He's got one objective with one vendetta, and another one free to blast up to my units waiting for him.  But I've got 2 full squad in cover a big spread to prevent units coming in to contest.  First we think maybe he can tank shock them, but the Birds aren't tanks so no go.  He's got some templates but with a go to ground no way.  Even with turn 7 we decide it is a tie. 10-10.

Of course the Wolf player tabled the guy he played so his 20 points (45 total) put him at first, and I take second (36 total).  For whatever reason Michael came in 3rd, but by my count he should have had 35 points, the same as Anthony.  Anthony thought maybe it was painting, but upon reflection the both had "Spue grey" for most of the army so... not sure what the dealio was.

Speaking of painting I got that award to which is a first.  Granted there were only 12 people and nearly ever army was not fully painted.  There was an Eldar player that had a pretty good looking complete army, and the Salamander army was nearly done as well I think that probably would win if it was totally done.  This was judged by the players so I guess they liked the paper drop pod. :p Against any other well painted army there is no way this army should win again, but the small numbers and large amount of upainted armies made the arena small.

So I got $60 in gift cards, which I promptly used to buy another drop pod and Lysander (so I can make a proper TH/SS Termie Marshal).

I had fun which was good and was really what I was most worried about I think.  The only thing I regret is having to play 3 gaurd armies.  Sure it worked out for 2nd, but now I don't really know if Drop Pod Templar are great, or just good against gaurd.  I killed a good clip of gaurd with exploding vehicles, Marines wont die like that.  There were 0 psychic powers I had to worry about either.  I also never ran up against a 'Ard' unit like Nob bikers, Assault Termies, Wolf riding bastards, etc.

So the only thing to do now is bring the podding boys in black back Feb 6th at the 1500 point tournament!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 More Day, 2 More lists

Ok, so I revised the Tau list to be a little more all comer I think.

Shas'el Missile/Plas, HWMT, Bonding Knife
Shas'el Missile/Plas, HWMT
3x Crisis Missile/Plas HWMT
6 Firewarrios
2x 10 Kroot
5 Pathfinders, Devilfish, DP
3x Railhead, SMS, MT, TL, DP

In this build I just go all out for survivable heavy tanks with lots of dakka, and spent a little extra for 2 HQs so I could in theory either have 3 seperate units of plas/missile or a big unit of 5.  The big unit would let my utilize the markerlights the most efficiently.

I've also come up with a fallback Ork list that requires no painting.

Mek, KFF
6 Lootas
6 Lootas
3 Manz, Kombi Rokkit, Kombi Srocha in Trukk, Ram
20 Shootas, 2 big shootas w/ Nob PK/BP
17 Sluggas w/ Nob PK BP
Buggie, Rokkits
Buggie, Rokkits
BW, Ram, Armor Plates, Big Shoota
3 Lobbas, 3 Ammo Runts

Am I crazy to take Ghaz at 1250?  He's almost 20% of the army.  He's also a beast.  He can single handidly take down a nob bikers squad or just about any other bad boy assault unit out there.  I've got room in the BW (w/ the KFF) or I can drop him in the Trukk w/ Manz.

It's a little light on troops.  I've dropped Snikky again but I added my long lost love the Lobbas so I can work on IG in the open or Lootas (or hell I guess even Chims if I need).

I think I may just pack that in case I get there and have a major freak out about pulling out my Tau.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Change of Heart

Here we are at Wed, with basically two days before the tournament, and I've once again questioned the army I'm bringing.

I just can't seem to get behind my orks.  I don't know why. 

Is it because I know there will be a bunch of other guys playing orks? 
Is it because I just don't think they can tackle IG?
Is it because I think they'll get steam rolled by Nob bikers?

I think there is a little bit of all of that.  I think if I really wanted a low point ork list to go well I'd at least need more BWs, and I just don't.

Templar are still out.
Tzeentch are A) not ready and B) sucky (especially at low point values).

So over to Tau.  I've been thinking about how to utilize what I have in a force that could do ok in the meta game.  Here's where I'm at right now:

Shas'el, Missile/Plas, Bonding Knife, HW Blacksun Filter, HW Multi Tracker, Positional Relay- 110
Crisis Missile/Plas x3- 186
Crisis Twin Linked Flamer, Missile- 43
Kroot x 10- 70
Kroot x 10- 70
FW x 6- 60
Pathfinders x 5, Devilfish w/ Disruption Pods- 145
Broadsides x 2, ASS, Team Lead, Target Lock, Bonding Knife, 2x Shield Drones- 205
Railhead w SMS, Disruption Pods, Multi Tracker, Target Lock- 180
Railhead w SMS, Disruption Pods, Multi Tracker, Target Lock- 180
Total 1249

So there are a few things I can try with this list.
I have a Deepstriking suicide suit.  With the pos relay he comes in on turn 2 on a 2+.  The pathfinder fish lets him reroll scatter.
Depending on the game I can also use the pos relay to slow down units like outflanking Kroot (which have to be small units) to come in when I desire.  Or they might start out front as a speed bump.  I have some options.
Lots of Railguns. A good clip of plas/missile.

So I think I can pop vehicles at this point level.  The Railguns can drop pie plates on hordes.  The nob bikers are still a bitch, but hopefully with what I have I can drop enough shots to whittle them down, and spread myself out so no more than one unit ever gets assualted.

The other PLUS to this list is no painting.

I've tried a few other variants (no pathfinders, no suicide suit, 3 Railheads, Hounds with Kroot) but this is what I'm thinking now.

I'm sure I'll change my mind at least a dozen more times...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Revised List for Sat Tournament

Two of these three freshly basecoated Ork units will be painted and appearing on Sat.

After taking pictures last night I started to think about my Warboss biker and his uses.  After mulling it over I think I've decided to give him a shot at 1250.  There are of course risks with sending him out with out other bikers, but he could also come up big on heavy LOS boards or against nasty AV 14 vehicles.

Of course to take him I need to trade something, either a Trukk squad or Snikrot's kommandos.  At the end of the day the Kommandos are probably the best choice as they fulfill a similar role but have their own set of risks (not coming in at the right time or not having a prime target to charge).

Cutting the Kommandos freed up extra points and the first thing I thought about was adding a another buggie.  Buggie is nice and cheap and another tank hunting unit.  The biggest downside is I really doubt that I'll use a third buggie anytime soon so kind of sad to paint it for just this turkey.

Then my mind turned to a Kopta.  I've been meaning to get at least one painted, and for 45 points more I've gained some flexibility.  For one I've got the scout move, two I could use him as an outflanker, and third if I know I'm going second and it looks ugly for me I conceivably could attach the Warboss to the Kopta (jetbike) and have some options to split wounds up.  It doesn't fit every scenario (like looking over at tri las preds or vendettas) but it could have some armies where I don't want the biker sitting out alone (like Tau).

The last bit to decide is the options.  I really want Ram on all the vehicles because there is normally so much terrain at GK.  I'd also like Extra Armor on the BW to try to keep it moving.  On the bike boss I'm willing to live without his 6th attaack on the charge from the Squig, but I'm finding it hard giving up Cybork.  Lastly I'm always tempted to take the Buzzsaw on the Kopta.  Yes it is 25 pts for a Str 7 on the charge Klaw, but the thought of getting a good alpha strike after the scout move is alluring.

Of course, more sacrifice needs to be made to get all of that.  So now I'm considering running two 5 man loota squads as opposed to 6.  They still are screwed if they take long range fire, but hey that helps take fire off other units.  That also isn't devistating statistically from shooting going from an avg of 4 hits to 3.33 per squad at the get go.

So now the list would look like this:

Big Mek KFF 85
Warboss, Bike, Cybork, Klaw 135
5 Lootas 75
5 Lootas 75
20 Shootas, Nob PK/Pole, 2 Big Shootas 170
12 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole, Trukk w/ Ram 152
12 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole, Trukk w/ Ram 152
19 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole 154
Buggie w/ Rokkits 35
Buggie w/ Rokkits 35
Kopta w/ Rokkits, Buzzsaw 70
Battlewagon w/ Big Shoota, Ram, Armor Plates 110
Total 1248

The upside: there are lots of targets and none of them (except the warboss) really stands out as really a big killer, so it could confuse the opponents shooting.

The downside: 14 KP!!! Ouch.  Not sure if putting the buggies together is a big help or not.

Thoughts on the list?  I need to get painting the 2nd Trukk and the Deffcopta to get this army ready unless I'm not thinking of something game changing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Incoming: Ork Pictures

Tonight after putting the kiddo down I headed off to the workbench to begin painting the second ork trukk which I need for Saturday's tournament. It was then I realized that the first step I used for painting the vehicles was an airbrush of metalic silver.


Since my aircompressor is as loud as an Earthshaker Cannon I decided I would just get my nerd on and pull out all the Orks for a little photography session. It's been on my 'I should do that sometime' list that didn't quite make it over the holiday.


Big Mek with Kustom Force Field- I never leave home without him and he gives opponents fits. 5+ save to squads around him and an awesome 4+ saves to vehciles. I try to run some crafty formations around this guy.

Ghazghkull Thraka- He's big an mean, and one of the best characters in all 40k. Another total beast to give people fits. I can cut 100 pts to field him as a Mega Armored Warboss and while still a tough combatant doesn't provide the big army mulitplier that Ghaz brings.

Warboss on Warbike- Semi-Retired- So in 4th edition he was awesome, then 5th came and solo bike boss went out the door with the IC rule change. He's no where near as cool a model as the new bikes or forgeworld, but someday maybe I'll finish painting my other weedy bikers to use him again.


Kommados w/ Burnas- This is one of my favorite squads visually that I often wonder if I just field them because of the unique models throughout the squad. I had a handful of old 'Stikkbommas' that just migrated into Kommados and the metal models are awesome. The burnas are pure orkiness. The Nob has so much flavor it is ridiculous, he's one of the best ork sculpts in my mind. However he often gets left in the box for this guy:
Snikrot is my favorite sculpt I own. He also makes Kommados go from a 'meh' squad to a 'OMGtheyjustrapedmybackline' squad. The paint job is also pretty good, from the glowing 'eyes' to his compass in the hilt of his deadly blades.

Lootas- Can you ever get enough? Probably not, but painting them is a bitch and they aren't easy on the wallet either. I field a big 13 man squad most of the time, but this weekend I'm going to try out two small 6 man squads. Another unit that gives opponents fits.
Tankbustas- Semi-Retired- Ok really these are my old rokkits I used to use in my big slugga squads. However once 5th ed came out the boyz are usually running or in combat (or dead) so the rokkits are cut and now I can only think I could use them as Tankbustas if I filled out the squad with a box of the metal models. Too bad their rules blow and lootas are just way better options right now.
Troops Mega Armored Nobz- MANz are great, and with the warboss are troops to boot. I've seen people run huge squads, but I'm quite happy with a small 3 man unit as bodygaurd to the HQ. They are great at killing some beastly units, just know what to stay away from and let the boyz handle instead (Terminators, MCs). They almost always take the Battlewagon as their dedicated transport.

The trusty battlewagon. I always arm mine with a ram and a big shoota. Armor plates if I have the spare points, and grot riggers if I have even more, but both get cut if the points are tight. I keep it cheap because it's a big target and there is no point in sinking boatloads of points in something that is usually always dead come turn 3.
Speaking or transports... The aforementioned trukks, one on the painting table now. I run them cheap, ram if I have this points.

Shootas- I run a squad of 20 with the Nob/Klaw/Bosspole with 2 big shootas. These are my objective squaters, but the are always great to have around. Some games they just do very little, others they heartly cream those who try to take my objective. For the points they are fantastic.
Boys- 30 of 'em, the staple of my armies usually as I run two.

See, that's the other squad. :) They don't live often but they are usually a big target and take a huge beating while dishing out pain along the way.
FastBuggies w/ Rokkits- Usually out soloing around these are another great choice. Yes they are almost alway killed, but they usually make their points back with the death of any tank in the game. Plus I've had them zip around at the end of games to contest objectives. Sure they lack the dirty tricks of Koptas, but for 35 pts a pop they are hard to beat and also drive opponents crazy.
Heavy Kans- As soon as I get over 1500 pts the first thing I always add into the list is Kans. With a Kustom Mega Blasta (Str 8 Ap2) the BS 3 is helpful for gunning at other tanks, and with the Klaw they can help chew on vehicles in CC. Keep them around the KFF and again drive opponents crazy. Deff Dread- Semi-Retired- Ya ok he can count as a troop with my Mek in the list, but since he can't hold objectives at best he's a 'look what I put up front in DoW' (which is still priceless to see the opponents face btw). Kept cheap he's a point filler, but I have used him rarely since 5th edition. Big Gunz- Another great little point filler. Kannons add some extra Vehicle shooting, but Lobbas I love to use to harrass people who turtle. I only wish Lobbas were Str 6, but oh well, Kannons end up going in more these days with the abundance of vehicles. This is my unit I put together on a budget. The Lobbas are from plastic Empire cannon bits, and the Kannons are the Dwarf kannons from Skull Pass. The grotz are actually old Bloodbowl goblins. Good enough for my purposes!

That's the tour! I have a few option up around 2k, but I'd need to pull more together to do 'Ard Boyz with orks. Of course I have plenty still to paint, but the abundant HQs, Boyz, Bikes, and Stromboyz aren't really high on my list to do. Maybe another Battlewagon someday, but for now the orks are pretty ready to go to WAAAGGGH!!