Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 More Day, 2 More lists

Ok, so I revised the Tau list to be a little more all comer I think.

Shas'el Missile/Plas, HWMT, Bonding Knife
Shas'el Missile/Plas, HWMT
3x Crisis Missile/Plas HWMT
6 Firewarrios
2x 10 Kroot
5 Pathfinders, Devilfish, DP
3x Railhead, SMS, MT, TL, DP

In this build I just go all out for survivable heavy tanks with lots of dakka, and spent a little extra for 2 HQs so I could in theory either have 3 seperate units of plas/missile or a big unit of 5.  The big unit would let my utilize the markerlights the most efficiently.

I've also come up with a fallback Ork list that requires no painting.

Mek, KFF
6 Lootas
6 Lootas
3 Manz, Kombi Rokkit, Kombi Srocha in Trukk, Ram
20 Shootas, 2 big shootas w/ Nob PK/BP
17 Sluggas w/ Nob PK BP
Buggie, Rokkits
Buggie, Rokkits
BW, Ram, Armor Plates, Big Shoota
3 Lobbas, 3 Ammo Runts

Am I crazy to take Ghaz at 1250?  He's almost 20% of the army.  He's also a beast.  He can single handidly take down a nob bikers squad or just about any other bad boy assault unit out there.  I've got room in the BW (w/ the KFF) or I can drop him in the Trukk w/ Manz.

It's a little light on troops.  I've dropped Snikky again but I added my long lost love the Lobbas so I can work on IG in the open or Lootas (or hell I guess even Chims if I need).

I think I may just pack that in case I get there and have a major freak out about pulling out my Tau.

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