Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Change of Heart

Here we are at Wed, with basically two days before the tournament, and I've once again questioned the army I'm bringing.

I just can't seem to get behind my orks.  I don't know why. 

Is it because I know there will be a bunch of other guys playing orks? 
Is it because I just don't think they can tackle IG?
Is it because I think they'll get steam rolled by Nob bikers?

I think there is a little bit of all of that.  I think if I really wanted a low point ork list to go well I'd at least need more BWs, and I just don't.

Templar are still out.
Tzeentch are A) not ready and B) sucky (especially at low point values).

So over to Tau.  I've been thinking about how to utilize what I have in a force that could do ok in the meta game.  Here's where I'm at right now:

Shas'el, Missile/Plas, Bonding Knife, HW Blacksun Filter, HW Multi Tracker, Positional Relay- 110
Crisis Missile/Plas x3- 186
Crisis Twin Linked Flamer, Missile- 43
Kroot x 10- 70
Kroot x 10- 70
FW x 6- 60
Pathfinders x 5, Devilfish w/ Disruption Pods- 145
Broadsides x 2, ASS, Team Lead, Target Lock, Bonding Knife, 2x Shield Drones- 205
Railhead w SMS, Disruption Pods, Multi Tracker, Target Lock- 180
Railhead w SMS, Disruption Pods, Multi Tracker, Target Lock- 180
Total 1249

So there are a few things I can try with this list.
I have a Deepstriking suicide suit.  With the pos relay he comes in on turn 2 on a 2+.  The pathfinder fish lets him reroll scatter.
Depending on the game I can also use the pos relay to slow down units like outflanking Kroot (which have to be small units) to come in when I desire.  Or they might start out front as a speed bump.  I have some options.
Lots of Railguns. A good clip of plas/missile.

So I think I can pop vehicles at this point level.  The Railguns can drop pie plates on hordes.  The nob bikers are still a bitch, but hopefully with what I have I can drop enough shots to whittle them down, and spread myself out so no more than one unit ever gets assualted.

The other PLUS to this list is no painting.

I've tried a few other variants (no pathfinders, no suicide suit, 3 Railheads, Hounds with Kroot) but this is what I'm thinking now.

I'm sure I'll change my mind at least a dozen more times...

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