Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dreadnought Assault Cannon to Multi-Melta Conversion

So I am puzzled why GW doesn't have the Multi-Melta in the Dread kit, and that the only way to get it currently is to buy Black Reach set (or the Dread from you favorite Bitz place, or forgeworld I suppose).  Not dying to spend $20 for just one arm I thought I'd give a crack at a simple conversion.

What I decided to do was take a spare Assault Cannon arm and try to combine it with a Leman Russ Demolisher Sponsoon Multi Melta.  Every dread has an Assault Cannon and they don't see much use these days, and almost no IG player uses the Multi Melta so you can score them cheap or free from friends.

Since everything is plastic this is mostly some easy cuts.

I decided I would try to keep the wires forward on the Melta gun, but I cut a little too much so I cut a bit of plastic card to give me a little buffer.  I also decided to remove the ammo chain that makes the assault cannon look a little more distinictive.  I figured I can keep the wire that existed between the ammo belt and arm hull.

A simple assembly and we have ourselves a pretty good Multi-melta.  I felt it needed a little more.  Cutting off the ammo box would probably be cool, but I decided to leave it and instead try to make the add a bit to the top of the Melta.

After looking around my bit box I found some circular plasticard that fit exactly into one of my brush plactic tip protectors (or whatever you call them).  I figured I could assemble it to resemble the melta paks you see on other Multi-meltas like you see on my speeder.

A crusder seal and a layer of primer and...

In addition drop pod 4 has been built and primered,

and more showed up to work on tomorrow.

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