Monday, January 11, 2010

Future Drop Pod Templar Planning

So I've decided I will plan out some expansion down the podding Templar after their success on Sat.  This of course will put the 1ksons a bit on the back burner since they are not for real competitive play and are really just a fun/showcase army.  Such is life.

So looking at my 1250 list, I sat down to figure out how to get it to 1500, 1850, and hey why not 2500 'ard boyz also.  My goal here being to make a fun competitive list but also not blow the bank either.

1500 Additions to my 1247 list:

Dread, Venerable, Tank Hunter, EA, HF-150
Pod, Deathwind-58
Landspeeder, MM-65
- 2 HF off the existing Landspeeders

Yes, a MM on the Dread might be better but I don't really want to buy a Black Reach dread just for the arm, but it of course may come to that after some play testing.  Who knows if Venerable or EA mean a damn when you are dropping deep into the territory.

Add 3rd landspeeder but losing the HFs that I not once got to fire on Sat, and somehow think that may be the case so easy points to cut if I need the room I think.

1850 Addition to my 1500:

5 Assault Termies, FC- 215
Pod Deathwind- 50

Brother Captain, Psy Hood- 85

This gives me a hard hitting termie squad in the field, and I can shift a few marines around in pods for the BC to get a hood out there.  I'm not sure how useful he really is in a podding army so he might be pointless.  I also would like to play test using a Command squad termie squad with 2 Assault cannons.  They are basically the same points and can lay down some fire the turn they land where Assault termies are just going to make sure they are in cover before they take a boat load of shots to the face.

2500 Addition to my 1850
Termie Command Squad, 2 Ass cannons- 200 (they take one of the troop pods)
Add 5 marines and 2 Neos to build out that troop squad to 13-100
Add them to a LRC - 268
Upgrade Brother Captain to Grand Master to ride with them- 60

The nice part here is all I have to add/buy is that command squad which I might be doing anyway for 1850.  I think I can do some conversions of the Black Reach termies, old AssCannon metal arms, and BT bits I have already.

It gets my LRC back on the table so now the only bits of my Templar I don't end up using are my two rhinos, Vindi, and pred.  Oh well.

I figure the LRC can go in reserve and now you have a great bunker to move in and squad on an objective or blow someone off a close objective while all the pods can go for deeper objectives.

SO, in short my workbench needs to make room for the incoming:
2-3 Drop pods depending if I just continue using my old paper drop pod
1 Speeder
1 GK HQ (unless I borrow one of Anthony's Minis again)
4 Command Squad Termies

....and of course I've already begun work on a Lysander conversion for an appropriate looking Marshal. :)

Just another $100 (after using my $60 winnings to pick up some of the above and picking up that $30 pod last week) into an army I thought I was shelving until a new codec a week ago.

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