Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday's Winding Down

So I finished up my 3 Rhino's the other morning. They've come out well and all have magnet work done so I can remove weapons or add on some combi weapons. So 'Vehicle Assembly' is complete.

However... I've yet to do any painting on the 1ksons themselves. I am still hoping over this weekend I'll get a little bit of blue shading done and I'll glue them on the bases so they are more usable on the field of battle.

We had are game day Wed and we had some fun games. I ended up bringing my orks to practice 1250.

Big Mek KFF
6 Kommados w/ 2 burnas + Snikrot
6 Lootas
6 Lootas
19 Shootas w/ 2 Big Shootas, Nob Klaw/Pole
18 Sluggas, Nob Klaw/Pole (For BW)
11 Sluggas, Nob Klaw/Pole, Trukk w/ Ram
11 Sluggas, Nob Klaw/Pole, Trukk w/ Ram
Buggy w/ Rokkit
Buggy w/ Rokkit
Battlewagon Ram/Big Shoota

I only played one KP game against Liam's sisters. Everything did ok, nothing was really outstanding, but I think it might be the final list. It has a good clip of troops and a decent bunch of shooting. Sure almost everything is diposable, but even in the KP game it was able to hold its own. I just need to paint up the 2nd old school trukk sometime next week. Best of luck to me...

I also busted out the Dustbuckets for three games at 1850.

-Lost to Spacewolves in a great 6 turn game. It was a close objective game that I could have gone either way at the end.

-Tabled Grey Knights. Pretty much was the battle for 'who has the worst army' and came out on top. Hooray.

-Lost to Eldar (GASP). I figured I would try to see how hard this would be with Runes. IT IS HARD. Basically I guess I have to stick to not trying to use powers at all. Check. Probably will still lose but hey, it was fun.

The lesson learned overall was that those 1ksons are pretty damn survivable. Sure they might not win combat, but they do last forever. So knowing when to assault just to tie up units for turn upon turn is something I'll need to get used to as well.

Also I did ok against tanks which was surprsing. Plus my 'cheap' prince did well enough. I don't think having the extra 75 pts for powers would have made a damned bit of difference any of my games.

So fun times. Hopefully I will get a little painting done, and maybe another game or two.

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