Monday, January 4, 2010

Incoming: Ork Pictures

Tonight after putting the kiddo down I headed off to the workbench to begin painting the second ork trukk which I need for Saturday's tournament. It was then I realized that the first step I used for painting the vehicles was an airbrush of metalic silver.


Since my aircompressor is as loud as an Earthshaker Cannon I decided I would just get my nerd on and pull out all the Orks for a little photography session. It's been on my 'I should do that sometime' list that didn't quite make it over the holiday.


Big Mek with Kustom Force Field- I never leave home without him and he gives opponents fits. 5+ save to squads around him and an awesome 4+ saves to vehciles. I try to run some crafty formations around this guy.

Ghazghkull Thraka- He's big an mean, and one of the best characters in all 40k. Another total beast to give people fits. I can cut 100 pts to field him as a Mega Armored Warboss and while still a tough combatant doesn't provide the big army mulitplier that Ghaz brings.

Warboss on Warbike- Semi-Retired- So in 4th edition he was awesome, then 5th came and solo bike boss went out the door with the IC rule change. He's no where near as cool a model as the new bikes or forgeworld, but someday maybe I'll finish painting my other weedy bikers to use him again.


Kommados w/ Burnas- This is one of my favorite squads visually that I often wonder if I just field them because of the unique models throughout the squad. I had a handful of old 'Stikkbommas' that just migrated into Kommados and the metal models are awesome. The burnas are pure orkiness. The Nob has so much flavor it is ridiculous, he's one of the best ork sculpts in my mind. However he often gets left in the box for this guy:
Snikrot is my favorite sculpt I own. He also makes Kommados go from a 'meh' squad to a 'OMGtheyjustrapedmybackline' squad. The paint job is also pretty good, from the glowing 'eyes' to his compass in the hilt of his deadly blades.

Lootas- Can you ever get enough? Probably not, but painting them is a bitch and they aren't easy on the wallet either. I field a big 13 man squad most of the time, but this weekend I'm going to try out two small 6 man squads. Another unit that gives opponents fits.
Tankbustas- Semi-Retired- Ok really these are my old rokkits I used to use in my big slugga squads. However once 5th ed came out the boyz are usually running or in combat (or dead) so the rokkits are cut and now I can only think I could use them as Tankbustas if I filled out the squad with a box of the metal models. Too bad their rules blow and lootas are just way better options right now.
Troops Mega Armored Nobz- MANz are great, and with the warboss are troops to boot. I've seen people run huge squads, but I'm quite happy with a small 3 man unit as bodygaurd to the HQ. They are great at killing some beastly units, just know what to stay away from and let the boyz handle instead (Terminators, MCs). They almost always take the Battlewagon as their dedicated transport.

The trusty battlewagon. I always arm mine with a ram and a big shoota. Armor plates if I have the spare points, and grot riggers if I have even more, but both get cut if the points are tight. I keep it cheap because it's a big target and there is no point in sinking boatloads of points in something that is usually always dead come turn 3.
Speaking or transports... The aforementioned trukks, one on the painting table now. I run them cheap, ram if I have this points.

Shootas- I run a squad of 20 with the Nob/Klaw/Bosspole with 2 big shootas. These are my objective squaters, but the are always great to have around. Some games they just do very little, others they heartly cream those who try to take my objective. For the points they are fantastic.
Boys- 30 of 'em, the staple of my armies usually as I run two.

See, that's the other squad. :) They don't live often but they are usually a big target and take a huge beating while dishing out pain along the way.
FastBuggies w/ Rokkits- Usually out soloing around these are another great choice. Yes they are almost alway killed, but they usually make their points back with the death of any tank in the game. Plus I've had them zip around at the end of games to contest objectives. Sure they lack the dirty tricks of Koptas, but for 35 pts a pop they are hard to beat and also drive opponents crazy.
Heavy Kans- As soon as I get over 1500 pts the first thing I always add into the list is Kans. With a Kustom Mega Blasta (Str 8 Ap2) the BS 3 is helpful for gunning at other tanks, and with the Klaw they can help chew on vehicles in CC. Keep them around the KFF and again drive opponents crazy. Deff Dread- Semi-Retired- Ya ok he can count as a troop with my Mek in the list, but since he can't hold objectives at best he's a 'look what I put up front in DoW' (which is still priceless to see the opponents face btw). Kept cheap he's a point filler, but I have used him rarely since 5th edition. Big Gunz- Another great little point filler. Kannons add some extra Vehicle shooting, but Lobbas I love to use to harrass people who turtle. I only wish Lobbas were Str 6, but oh well, Kannons end up going in more these days with the abundance of vehicles. This is my unit I put together on a budget. The Lobbas are from plastic Empire cannon bits, and the Kannons are the Dwarf kannons from Skull Pass. The grotz are actually old Bloodbowl goblins. Good enough for my purposes!

That's the tour! I have a few option up around 2k, but I'd need to pull more together to do 'Ard Boyz with orks. Of course I have plenty still to paint, but the abundant HQs, Boyz, Bikes, and Stromboyz aren't really high on my list to do. Maybe another Battlewagon someday, but for now the orks are pretty ready to go to WAAAGGGH!!


  1. I would like to step on Snikrot I hate him.

  2. Hehe, he just wants to reach out and hug you. From behind. With big knives (and rerolls). :)