Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Revised List for Sat Tournament

Two of these three freshly basecoated Ork units will be painted and appearing on Sat.

After taking pictures last night I started to think about my Warboss biker and his uses.  After mulling it over I think I've decided to give him a shot at 1250.  There are of course risks with sending him out with out other bikers, but he could also come up big on heavy LOS boards or against nasty AV 14 vehicles.

Of course to take him I need to trade something, either a Trukk squad or Snikrot's kommandos.  At the end of the day the Kommandos are probably the best choice as they fulfill a similar role but have their own set of risks (not coming in at the right time or not having a prime target to charge).

Cutting the Kommandos freed up extra points and the first thing I thought about was adding a another buggie.  Buggie is nice and cheap and another tank hunting unit.  The biggest downside is I really doubt that I'll use a third buggie anytime soon so kind of sad to paint it for just this turkey.

Then my mind turned to a Kopta.  I've been meaning to get at least one painted, and for 45 points more I've gained some flexibility.  For one I've got the scout move, two I could use him as an outflanker, and third if I know I'm going second and it looks ugly for me I conceivably could attach the Warboss to the Kopta (jetbike) and have some options to split wounds up.  It doesn't fit every scenario (like looking over at tri las preds or vendettas) but it could have some armies where I don't want the biker sitting out alone (like Tau).

The last bit to decide is the options.  I really want Ram on all the vehicles because there is normally so much terrain at GK.  I'd also like Extra Armor on the BW to try to keep it moving.  On the bike boss I'm willing to live without his 6th attaack on the charge from the Squig, but I'm finding it hard giving up Cybork.  Lastly I'm always tempted to take the Buzzsaw on the Kopta.  Yes it is 25 pts for a Str 7 on the charge Klaw, but the thought of getting a good alpha strike after the scout move is alluring.

Of course, more sacrifice needs to be made to get all of that.  So now I'm considering running two 5 man loota squads as opposed to 6.  They still are screwed if they take long range fire, but hey that helps take fire off other units.  That also isn't devistating statistically from shooting going from an avg of 4 hits to 3.33 per squad at the get go.

So now the list would look like this:

Big Mek KFF 85
Warboss, Bike, Cybork, Klaw 135
5 Lootas 75
5 Lootas 75
20 Shootas, Nob PK/Pole, 2 Big Shootas 170
12 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole, Trukk w/ Ram 152
12 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole, Trukk w/ Ram 152
19 Sluggas, Nob PK/Pole 154
Buggie w/ Rokkits 35
Buggie w/ Rokkits 35
Kopta w/ Rokkits, Buzzsaw 70
Battlewagon w/ Big Shoota, Ram, Armor Plates 110
Total 1248

The upside: there are lots of targets and none of them (except the warboss) really stands out as really a big killer, so it could confuse the opponents shooting.

The downside: 14 KP!!! Ouch.  Not sure if putting the buggies together is a big help or not.

Thoughts on the list?  I need to get painting the 2nd Trukk and the Deffcopta to get this army ready unless I'm not thinking of something game changing.


  1. I dont know. I think Snikrot could be pretty huge on those GK boards. I also think that biker is going to get owned by a lascannon or something right away.

  2. Ya, but Warboss on bike is T5 (6) so it takes Str 10 to one shot him. If I get moving on turn one he gets a 3+ cover save, and 3 Wounds. If I take out one solid tank he's made his points.