Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Other Modeling Project

Lack of posting due to my ohter modeling gig: remodeling the kitchen.  It's coming along, but it has eaten two weekends now and several weeknights.  So that has limited a lot of my free time.

I did get a few practice games with Liam, he ran chaos and it was good to play.  However I can't say there were any big refinements that came out of playing.  I was hoping to get a little better use out of the Chaplain but in both games he came in later than I would have liked so the use of the BS5 combi melta was never a big help really. 

I have squeezed a little time over the last few days to get him pretty much painted.

I'm not toally thrilled with him but the model isn't really winning me over so I'll just call him done for now.

In other news the interwebs is all atwitter with the update to the ork Faq.  Battlewagons officially can Deffrolla vehicles.  People are either rejoicing or throwing themselves off of cliffs.  It doesn't seem like there is much in between.

Don't get me wrong, I think they are now good enough to field now.  I have one ready to go, and will now pick up another for my 2nd BW, but I'm not about to run and fill up my army with them and get rid of all the other cool stuff I like to run.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So after getting done with the first thoughts with Templar I decided I should take a look at the only other army I own that is really competitive these days: Orks.

Like Templar I'm trying to think of a list with last years missions in mind, as well as using largely what I have available to keep cost/painting within reason.

Big Mek-KFF, Evy Armor, Cybork, PK
13 Lootas
13 Kommandos w/ 2 Burnas, Snikrot
19 Shoota boyz w/ 2 Big Shootas, Nob PK, Bosspole
29 Slugga boyz w/ 3 Rokkits, Nob PK, Bosspole
18 Slugga boyz, Nob PK, Bosspole (in BW with Big Mek)
19 'Ard boyz, Nob PK, Bosspole (in BW)
5 Mega Nobz, 2 Kombi Scorchas, 1 Kombi Rokkit in Battlewagon, BS, Grot Riggers, Ram
Deff Dread, BS, Scorcha, Armor, Grot Riggers
3 Buggies w/ Rokkits
Battlewagon, BS, Grot Riggers, Ram
Battlewagon, BS, Grot Riggers, Ram
3 Killa Kans with KMB

So let us take a look at what the list offers. 3 Battlewagons zooming up, full of 3 different killy units. They get followed by walkers and 2 slogging boyz squads with good size. Snikrot is there to rape the backside, and lootas for MC/Transport killing. I could possibly just keep the Dread back with the lootas to protect them from outflankers/deepstrikers.
6 Troops, though the Dread isn't scoring.
15 Normal KP, 29 'Ard Boyz' Kill points

So they are resonably lower on KP then my Templar. I just don't know if there are as many 'easy' points there as opposed to all the pods with the Templar. Sure, somethings are a little soft (lootas are easy to make run, a single dread is no real threat) but most other things are a pain to get rid of fully.

It would look something like this:

I'm missing a few things from this picture.
Need to buy:
Battlewagon (my 3rd)
2 Mega Nobz

Need to paint:
2 Battlewagons
1 Buggie
2 Mega Nobz
4 Boyz

Like the Templar it's a bit of work but nothing incredible. Two Battlewagon is a bit of lifting but the ork vehicles go pretty quick. I bet it takes me about as long to paint those two BW as it does one drop pod.

Another version could be the following.
Big Mek-KFF, Evy Armor, Cybork, PK
13 Lootas
13 Kommandos w/ 2 Burnas, Snikrot
19 Shoota boyz w/ 2 Big Shootas, Nob PK, Bosspole
29 Slugga boyz w/ 3 Rokkits, Nob PK, Bosspole
17 Slugga boyz, Nob PK, Bosspole (in BW with Big Mek)
19 'Ard boyz, Nob PK, Bosspole (in BW)
7 Nobz, 1 Painboy, 2 PK, 2 Kombi Scorchas, Evy Armor, Cyborks, Waagh Banner, Bosspole in Battlewagon, BS, Grot Riggers, Ram
3 Buggies w/ Rokkits
Battlewagon, BS, Grot Riggers, Ram
Battlewagon, BS, Grot Riggers, Ram
3 Killa Kans with KMB

Need to buy:
Battlewagon (my 3rd)
Box of Nobz

Need to paint:
2 Battlewagons
1 Buggie
5 Nobz
1 Painboy
3 Boyz

The big change in here is dumping the Dread and the Mega Nobz in favor of a squad of Nobz. Cutting the 1 KP is really not a big deal. It's about figuring out if the Mega Nobz are more functional than the Nobz.

Mega Nob Pros: Lots of PK attacks, 2+ save, 2 Wounds
Mega Nob Cons: They need the HQ attached or they can easily run, no Invulberable save

Nobz Pros: 5+ Invulnerable, FNP, Can opperate without HQ (ie don't need bosspole)
Nobz Cons: Cost, 4+ save not great, not as many Klaw attacks
Now in reality I'm probably going to always run an HQ with either of these units, it just depends on if it is Ghazzie or the Mek, but lets assume the HQ isn't around. What kind of ugly units could I be throwing these guys toward. The first things that come to mind are Nob Bikers, MCs, and Terminators.

Nob Bikers- In reality either of these squads are going to be dead at the end. Both have enough PKs to basically make both squads very dead. However I'll give the edge to the Mega Nobz because they have so much more killing Klaws and cost less.

MCs- Again a good unit for these guys to fight since they have PKs. However MCs ignore armor so that means probably more dead Mega Nobz. But again I think the Mega Nobz make sure the MC is very VERY dead.

Terminators- These are the worst for either of these guys, and really should be taken by regular boyz when possible. Temies with PWs (ie chaos, or heavy Claw guys like Templar run) will end up doing lots of wounds before either Nob unit strikes. Mega nobz lose out because of the lack of Invul save. However to kill 5 Mega Nobz you need to toss at least 40 PW attacks, which is not so easy. Whatever lives past that is taking PKs, and most PW termies are dealing with 5+ saves. So likely both units wipe each other to near uselessness.

The regular nobz do enjoy the 5+ invul, but FNP isn't going to help them in this case either. That same 40 attacks is only going to hit about 20 times, wound 10, and with failed 5+ inv that means about 7 wounds. Now that COULD mean 3 dead nobz, but with diffently equiped guys that could only means 1-2. The downside here is that if they get your Klaws you are fooked.

Now if your talking PF terminators either way both squads kill each other either way with all the Init 1 Fist/Klaw attacks. So I think we can call that a wipe either way as well.

But TH/SS is probably the most common these days. The upside here is the main killers are all going at the same time. The downside is they now have a 3+ invul save, and it takes a lot less attacks to wipe the squads. To kill my 5 man Manz squad you only need 12 attacks (6 hits, 5 wounds, no saves), but to kill my Nobz squad you would need about 30 attacks (15 hits, 13 wounds, 8 failed saves). That probably means death to either of my squads anyway you cut it. If course it take 10 charging TH/SS termies to throw 30 attacks, unless it's with Vulcan, and who are we kidding it probably is.

However I do get to swing back.
5 Charging Mega Nobz- 20 attacks, 10 hits, 8 wounds, only 2-3 dead
2 Chargin PK Nobz- 8 attacks, 6 hits, 5 wounds, 1-2 dead

So what we've learned here is TH/SS terminators are BAD BAD news for either nob squad. However either way you cut it I think the MANz are superior. Sure plasma and vindicators are worse for them, but for the cost they do it for me.

Wow, that was a long side track there! But I think that makes me lean back to list one.
Looks like we need a few more pals.

Now I need to think about how Templar or Orks would do against the beastly list we're liekly to see in May.

Friday, February 12, 2010

'Ard Boyz: First thoughts about 2010

So 'Ard Boyz is a bit earlier this year as the first round is May 15th.  So I figure I might as well give a little thought to what I'd like to do.

I have one more 1850 next month, but that's going to be my last trounament play until 'Ard Boyz I think.  Kublacon is two weeks afterward.  Both of those I'm planning on taking the podding Templar force.

So the first option would be bumping up the Templar.  I've been thinking about it this week trying to think of something that would compete, wouldn't break the bank, and that I think I can finish painting.  I've also tried to keep the scenarios from past years in mind as well (ie Kill Point variations, lots of objectives).

Emperor's Champ- AACNMTO
Marshal- Pair Lightning Claws, Terminator Armor in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
Command Squad- 4 Terminaors, 2 Assault Cannons, Tank Hunters
Dreadnought- MM/HF, Armor in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
Dreadnought- MM/HF, Armor in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
6 Initates, 2 Neophytes, PF/Melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
6 Initates, 3Neophytes, PF/Melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
6 Initates, 3 Neophytes, PF/Melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
9 Initates, PF/Plasma in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
9 Initates, 5 Neophytes, PF/Melta (for LRC)
2 Land Speeders MM/HF
2 Land Speeders MM/HF
LRC w/ Smoke

This list brings a lot of firepower where it wants it to go.  Templates, Big blasts, Meltas, and lost of Marines.  The LRC can either go in Reserves and make plays for the closest objectives; or if forced to go first advance as far as it can.  The Champ can go in either a pod or there is room in the LRC.  The Marshal is hard to kill in his Terminator command squad, but of course in 'Ard boyz there are things out there he'll need to avoid (hello Abbadon and 10 Chaos Termies). 5 solid objective takers, 9 Deepstrikers/Pods.

The big problem with the list is Kill points, and 7 of those are Drop pods which are very easy to remove should one choose.  In a normal mission there are 20, but in missions like the Head Hunter last year this gets up to 34!  (Assuming HQs are 5 again and the command squad would be 2.)  That's the big reason I've dropped the 3rd HQ even though it would be nice to have the GKBC or Chaplain.
Here's roughly what it would look like:

Before the next tournament I should get my 6th pod painted and the second Dread painted.  I have the command squad termies on the way from ebay already.  Right now I have 'stand ins' for my command squad, and the 4th speeder is really a wreck, plus I wouldn't try to push the paper drop pod in a real GW event. 
Need to buy:
Drop Pod (my 7th)
Speeder (my 4th)
Power Fist (my 5th)

Would need to paint:
Drop Pod
Power Fist Marine
4 Terminators
5 Neophytes
Lightning Claws for Marshal (and magnet work)
Not so bad, but man ANOTHER freaking pod.  I must be sick in the head.
If I want to save on painting I could try this:
Emperor's Champ- AACNMTO
Marshal- TH/SS, Terminator Armor, Adamantite
5 Assault Terminators (3 Claws, 2 TH/SS) (in LRC)
Dreadnought- MM/HF, Armor in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
Dreadnought- MM/HF, Armor in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
6 Initates, 2 Neophytes, PF/Melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
7 Initates, 2Neophytes, PF/Melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
8 Initates, 2 Neophytes, PF/Melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
9 Initates, 4 Neophytes, PF/Melta (for LRC)
Land Speeders MM/HF
Land Speeders MM/HF
Land Speeders MM/HF
LRC w/ Smoke
LRC w/ Smoke
Need to buy:
Need to paint:
2 Neophytes
Well that certainly is a nice short list!
Down to 4 Scoring units
Only 8 Deepstriking/Podding units. 
Marshal is probably more 'killable' despite the Adamantite Mantle.
The Landspeeders are now even more likely to be wiped for KP where they might have had a small chance as pairs in the first list.
19 Normal KP, 35 'Ard Boys' KP.  Still a lot.  I could take the LRC as transports, but then no other squad could potentially use them and I'm not sure the 2 Kp there are really the issue.
I think I like the first list better, but I'm really concerned about KP.  Of course I have to keep in mind that my opponents are not going to get the alpha strike on my ever, and some things will be delayed.  I've only had one KP mission with podding Templar against IG so I don't really have a good sense of how this plays out entirely.
We wont see the missions until a week or so before so I'm going to have to make up some decions on this, but I figure I still need to get other things done before my March tournament.
I wonder what my orks would look like...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thinking about 1850

Ok, so I know I've laid out some previous plans for 1850, but now that I've had a few more games it's time to review what I think my most likely options are to move this army to 1850.

OPTION 1- Command Squad Terminators
265pts- 4 Command Squad Terminators, 2x Assault Cannons, Tank Hunters, Pod w/ Deathwind
-45pts- Drop Marshals Adamantite mantle, drop TH/SS down to Twin Lightening Claws
110pts- Chaplain, Combi Melta, Melta Bombs
16 pts- 1 marine

In this configuration I've added the Chap I've been wanting too for more Melta pop, and have a Nasty shooty Command squad.  All my pods are at 9 marines.  Downside is that's a lot of eggs in one basket, and as I saw on my game 3 it sucks when the killy unit you want podded in the wrong spot.

Need to build and paint: Magnetized Lightning Claws for Marshal, 4 Terminators, Chaplain, Drop pod

OPTION 2- Double Dread It
180 pts- Dread, HF, MM, Armor, Pod w/ Deathwinds
110 pts- Chaplain, Combi Melta, Melta Bombs
64 pts- 4 marines

This option gives me more redundancy with the dreads, keeps my beast of a marshal, adds the Chaplain.  It also fills my pods to the brim with marines, and I can swap one Crusader squad into a shooty squad with plas for the objective holders I've kinda been missing.

Need to build and paint: Chaplain, Drop Pod, Dreadnought

Option 3- Double Chaplain, Elite Shooty Terminators
110 pts- Chaplain, Combi Melta, Melta Bombs
110 pts- Chaplain, Combi Melta, Melta Bombs
-180 pts- Old Marshal
305 pts- 5 Terminators, 2 Assault Cannons, Tank hunters, Pod, Deathwind

Here I still get my shooty terminators and get redundancy with the Melta shooting chaplains.  Upside is I get better at shooting and I have two fearless squads.

Need to build and paint: Chaplain, Chaplain, 5 Terminators, Drop Pod

The first option to me still looks dead sexy.  There is a tough hammer that is also a great shooty unit.  However the Troop choices feel a little 'weaker' than the other lists.  It does add more variety than the other lists, but that has it's risks as well.

The second option looks pretty balanced.  It's basically taking what I have and making it better.  Plus it has the least amount of work to get ready (which is important since I'm remodeling my kitchen the next 2 months).

The third option is probably very sound, but from the hobby side is the least exciting to me.  I have to pull out my Marshal and paint two chaplains.  The terminators are probably more effective than the dread but there's quite a bit of work that needs to go into that.

So I have a bit of thinking to do.  I'm torn and would love to get some practice games in sometime but again doubt that will happen with everything else going on these days.  If anybody has any thoughts let me know what you think.

Though I'm pretty sure the work on this guy wont go to waste.

This is about as clean as I can get him after a few days of Simple Green and picking at him with the hobby knife.  The plastic arm just wont give up the paint.  I tossed his old plastic backpack and pulled a metal one off the old and chopped up Emperor's Champ I had.  Because he is an old 2nd/3rd edition model he is a little squatty, and the bigger gun doesn't help.  Still I'm hoping that when he's painted up he'll look respectable, bit if the sizing still looks funny I can always just drop the $7 for the combi melta and see if that looks better.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

1500 Tournament Results

This is going to be a bit of a long post so for those who don't have time: I took second and won best painted again, and with my winnging picked up these.

The Event
18 players, so we didn't hit the player cap which was cool.  I'm not going to remember the exact make up but I think it was like this: 3 Templar (no kidding), 3 Tyranid, 2 Chaos (both Nurgle I think), 2 Space Wolves, 1 ork, 1 dark eldar, 1 eldar, and 5 various marines.

So we went from 50% IG to, what, freakn 0?  Crazy.  But I like that the players change it up and you really don't have a clue what is going to show up each event.

Each round was 2 hours, had different deployment but all the same scoring.  We played the growing in popularity '3 x 5' game.  How it works is there are 3 objective, one in the center and one placed by each player not within 12" of the other objective or board edge.  Then you choose 5 'kill points' in you enemies army that you try to kill, and he does likewise.  Objective are 10 points (only scored with troops still), 0 for contesting, 3 points for killpoint, and a bonus 5 for killing all of them.   A total of 50 killpoints.

We had a brief chat before the tournament started with the TO.  I brought up the questions about tabling an opponent.  The challenge that we see with this system is if you table an opponent and have 0 troops left should you get all 50 points?  Most 'wins' in this system are probably in the 30ish points.  To just table and get 50 is .. eh, I guess a good question.  What was ruled was that you would have 1 turn (given that it existed by the rules) to try to take objectives.  Everyone seemed to think that was fair and we were off to the races.

Game 1: Peter's Tyranids, Dawn of War
I'd played Peter's Nurgle with my orks before and he is a hell of a nice guy.  This would be my first game with the new bugs so I was eager and scared.  His list looked something like:
Tyranid Prime
4x Shooty Warriors
3 Hive gaurd (shooty)
2x18ish Gaunt small bugs
2 Zoanthropes is Spore
18ish Gargoyles

I choose to kill his Zoes, Prime, 2 Gaunts, and Tervigon.  He chooses my 3 speeders and 2 drop pods.

I barely remember this game already.  I know I spend a lot of time shooting at his Gargoyles and I was even at the time wondering why was I even bothering.  I had one speeder scatter into his guys but the roll went back to reserves, and most of the rest of my deployment was not bad.  I rolled some amazing cover saves against his Mawloc coming up on my troops in cover.  The zoes shot horribly.  The tervigon only generated 13 gaunts but crapped out on doubles.  That probably helped me a lot.

In the end I took 2 objectives, killed his Zoes, Tervigon (go Marshal) and one Gaunt squad.  He had one objective and killed 2 pods and one speeder.  Time was effectively out at the bottom 5 so we just called it with like a minute on the clock at 29 to 19.

I had killed his Trygon and his Mawloc only had one wound by the end of the game.  I should have definately chosen to kill them as I HAD to deal with them, while the gaunts and the Tervigon were harder to actually get to in the game.  I couldn't even approach his warriors, hive gaurd, or prime as they were behind walls of small bugs.  I should have also chose the Spore pod.  Alas, I was satisfied how it ended up in the end.

Game 1: Michael's Tyranids, Spearhead
So here we are game 2, and I'm playing Michael again (who I played in round 2 last time) with another bug list.  Are you frak'n kidding me?  I now am terrified I'm going to play a 3rd bug list in game 3.  Michael is an excellent general and his list looked something like:
2 Winged Tyrants with Nasty Nasty (trademark)
5 Non shooty Warriors in Pod
2 Zoanthropes in Pod
2x24 small bugs (with poison and the reroll 1s thing)

Michael confides that he thought of me when he made the list.  I don't know if that was a 'I will pwn you' or the fact that basically the whole list was designed for turn 2 deepstriking/reserve hell.  He wins roll off and makes me go first.

I chose this time around both Tyrants (thinking I WILL have to deal with them), his Zoes and their spore, and one gaunt squad.  He chooses all 5 pods.

I deploy my speeders since there are boatloads of building to hide behind (and why risk scattering) and he deepstrikes/reserves everything.

I scoot around turn 1. 
Turn 2 I roll for my 5 Pods, and perhalps by the blessing of the Emperor NOTHING COMES IN for me.  Hallelujah.
Turn 2 everything comes in for Michael (thanks to a 2+ reserve rule) except one Hive tryant.

Again the game is a blur but here were some highlights. 
Deathwinds (plural) > Guants in the open
I need to take Extra Armor on the Dread (for 5 points, yes please)
Nasty Nasty Hive Tyrant with the 'you are now WS 1 for a while' is boo boo.  My Uber Marshal still managed to kill him, but died to the Trygon later.
Warriors w 3 Wounds are nasty, but enough Melta and HF action is still bad for them.

In the end I tabled him in turn 6, but it was really much closer than that sounds.  His Trygon got an excellent move through cover roll and was able to clear off one of my troops on an objective which hurt.  I only had 2 other crusader holding in absolute terror another objective.  I additionally had left two pods, and immobilized dread, the EC soloing it and two speeders. In the end I got 30 points (all kp, 1 objective) and he got 9 for kp I think.

There was only rule bit which I let slide which I think is correct (because it mattered little).  He had a warrior and a bunch of gaunts in combat with  a group of marines.  I killed something like 7 gaunts and he killed 1 marine.  Should both his fearless warriors and gaunts taken saves?  He said no, so his gaunts did and died off, leaving his 1 Warrior who promptly died the next round.  However I think it is all units have to take the LD/saves with the modifiers.   In fact I just looked up the rule, page 41 of the Big Rule Book under Assault Results for Multiple Combats section:
"When determining assault results in multiple combat, total up the number of wounds inflicted by each side to see which side is the winner.  Every unit on the losing side has to check their Morale (they all use the same penalty as described in the Moral section)."

So there you go, warrior should have taken 6 4+ saves.  Again it mattered little and I didn't really want to become captain rules lawyer in a game that was pretty much going my way.

Also slightly hilarious that I tabled someone after being concerned how that could skew the points if I had been given the full 50 points, hehe.

In retrospect (and not that it mattered)  I will always chose the spores with this army since it is not hard to kill with Meltas for this type of mission (though I honestly missed the fact he had a second).  I also should have kept my speeders out of the center as he would have had to really go out of his way to get them when he deep struck into play.

Later I walked up to Michael chatting with some guys and he said he was just comenting about my deployment.  Michael said he thought I would be 'safe' and try to turtle around 'my' objective and we would kind of duke it out in the middle.  Instead I went full bore on his back line and took some (his words) crazy risks that ended up paying off for me (ok maybe not his exact words but in that vein).  I said I just thought that would be more fun because if it works it's epic, and if it fails oh well, there's still a great story in there.  Michael's a gentleman and a great challenge and I hope we get to play each other again in the future.

Game 3: Bill's Black Templar, Long Table Edge
Bill came to us from up North to check out the store with his Dark Eldar friend.  This was a matchup I had not expected in the slightest since I have really yet to see another real Templar player (and of course there was 3 of us).  Bill brought a list that also had me wonder what the hell I would do.
Emperors Champ, AACNMTO
Marshal, Twin Lightning Claws (I assume Iron Halo also)
10 Neos/10 Initiaties Fist/Melta
10 Neos/10 Initiates Fist/Melta
8 Assault temires in LRC

Lots of guys, not a lot of units.  I basically choose not his Champ, and he chooses my 4 crusader squads and the dread (I think).

I'm looking at his force.  There is not a lot there.  The big squads are scary because he's bigger and ergo better in CC and I can't do a ton with my abundance of meltas.  I lack a lot of heavy (ie plasma, demolisher cannong) shooting that would be great against these big mobs  His Termies are terrifying.  I'm not sure my list is built to deal with this and realize my only hope is a bit of startegy, and a healthy dose of good fortune.

I win the roll off and make him go first.  He puts everything in reserve.
Turn 1 nothing happens.
Turn 2 he gets his Champ squad.  They move up on the board and get a 1 for run.
My turn 2 I pull everything but the champ and the dread.  I position my pods so that I'm basically creating a wall between him and my troops and all 3 objectives.  There are buildings in between with very small gaps to get through.  My deathwinds go bananas, and I think I must have killed 8 or 9 guys.  The rest of my squads pull back with their run, excpet for 1 which I foolishy left closer thinking cover would help them.  A few turns later they would be creamed by assaulting Terminators our of the LRC.

However the rest of game is a blur as the turns went fast.

His Marshal squad did kill one guy in my marshal squad.  I pass LD, and chose not to move forward.  Oddly Bill isn't too sure about that rule, and now I feel horrible because I assumed he would play it the way we always do because it is incredibly helpful for Templar.

I MUST make a consolidation toward the closest enemy following the rules of the consolidation for massacre.

The Consolodation rules now state that you MAY move D6 inches.  Not MUST move, MAY move.  So everyone can choose to move toward the closest enemy or move .00001 inches.
Unfortunatley he was counting on me moving up so he could charge.  As I explained the rule I said 'look I roll my consolidation' and rolled a two and explained I MAY move up that distaince but chose not to do so.  I'm not sure if two inches would have let him assault me anyway.  Some guys in his 3rd row were unable to shoot me, so his closest guys were maybe 9 inches away.  The 2 would have kept me at distance, but all the same the whole thing would soon lead to boo boo for Bill, and I regret that might have happened over a rule question.  The next turn he blew a LD 10 save with his Marshal and they barely fell off the table (thought to be fair I was close enough to route him in his turn anyway).

The rest of the game was a lot of slogging and not much meat.  My EC squad got brave and went diving into his termies, but I only had the EC and the fist left up against 2 LC and 1 hammer after that so that was going to go bad is the game continued.  However the game ended after 5 so we never got resoltion to the epic assault.

In the end I had two squads securing objective and we were contesting the 3rd.  He had about 10ish marines with his EC that would have either been able to secure that 3rd objective killing off my EC and fist if the termies didn't manage somehow) or challenge my 2nd objective had the game gone on more turns.  His termies where near dead (EC would probably have killed them mostly off) and his LRC was immobilized facing a non helpful direction.  I think he would have easily taken that 3rd objective safely if the game had gone on and he played safe.  Had he gone after my Marshals squad he might have contested instead,  but I think my Marshal  > Emperor's Champ and that could have worked out even better for me point wise.  However as it stood in the end I took 26 points to his 3 points.

Bill was really nice and very gracisous about the rules in question (there was a second LOS question he did not deliberate after my explanation of his lack of LRC cover from his terminators vs a speeder MM) and when he had some really shit luck in the game (in particular the LD roll).  He has 4 LRC in his army bag, and I hope he comes back down at 1850 and jams those down people's throats in the glory of the Emperor's name. :)

In the end I think the final breakdown was:
Jeff's Eldar 109 points.  He got 40 points 2 games which are huge wins in this mission.
I got, if I'm not mistaken 85 points.  Well behind Jeff, even if I had collect 50 for tabling so I'm glad I didn't.
Then Kevin's (I think is is name) Bugs (who I didn't play) had I think 83 points after being 'raped' by Jeff in game 3.
I'm willing to bet there were a number of players right on our heels as well.

I also won painting again which is really an honor.  There were still not a lot of complete armies but there were a few and I thought they gave me a run for the money.  Jeff was kind to say that mine should win becuase of how hard the white is to do and I think most people are excited about the pods.  Either way it is very kind to be given that award again.

So $50 for 2nd this time, $25 for paint.  Another $20 out of pocked (not to mention the $10 for the tournament) and I've got my 6th pod (sigh) and a second Battlewagon which I'd been thinking of getting 'at some point.'  Since I don't need anything else I figured why not.

I had fun, and I hope everyone else did too.  Templar podding is really exciting to play and I think I'll try one more tournament before giving a go with one of my other armies.  After all I've still ONLY plaid IG, bugs, and Templar across 6 games.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speeder 3 Complete

Finished up the 3rd speeder and tossed decals on speeder 2&3.  Nice to have those done.
I'm not sure if I'm really going to attempt to get those 3 scouts done.  As I only would use them in this tournament I'm not highly motivated.  Moving to higher points I'm not planning on using them... well until 2500.  I'm not sure that is reason enough.

Instead I moved on to start another project for my next addition for 1850.
I have this crappy old Chaplain that came with one of the eBay lots I bought from ages ago.  I've never done anything with him.  I've been reading how lots of BT guys like the Chaplain in the Drop pod.  It gives some pop with a combi melta, and make the unit fearless as it eats a hail of bullets they are sure to take.  So as you can see I crafted myself up a combi melta.
To do this I actually used a bolter I had cut off another Templar, the bolt pistol I cut off the Chaplain, and a Ironclad Melta i had picked up when I picked up the weapon lot for the heavy flamers for my normal dreads.  A bit of cutting, glue, and a patch of green stuff and I think it will look ok.

For now the Chaplain is taking a bath in Simple Green then I'll put him back together, primer him up, and see what the model looks like.

Speeder 95% Complete

I basically just need to go around with black/black ink and touch it up and make it look clean.

I suppose I also need to dig out where my transfers are and add them on as well.  Where the hell are those anyway...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Speeder Work Underway

Sorry for the crap phone pic, but just a quick update on the speeder.  I knocked out the bulk of the body last night.  The only thing not done on it are the lights/gems.  Now I can just work on the guns and the pilots tonight and hopefully have it wrapped up.

It is amazing how much faster this was than a drop pod.  Sure the model is smaller, but the choices I made on the pod to do all that white is just excrutiating.  And of course why not make that call on a vehicle I had to paint several time over (and may have to do more). :p