Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speeder 3 Complete

Finished up the 3rd speeder and tossed decals on speeder 2&3.  Nice to have those done.
I'm not sure if I'm really going to attempt to get those 3 scouts done.  As I only would use them in this tournament I'm not highly motivated.  Moving to higher points I'm not planning on using them... well until 2500.  I'm not sure that is reason enough.

Instead I moved on to start another project for my next addition for 1850.
I have this crappy old Chaplain that came with one of the eBay lots I bought from ages ago.  I've never done anything with him.  I've been reading how lots of BT guys like the Chaplain in the Drop pod.  It gives some pop with a combi melta, and make the unit fearless as it eats a hail of bullets they are sure to take.  So as you can see I crafted myself up a combi melta.
To do this I actually used a bolter I had cut off another Templar, the bolt pistol I cut off the Chaplain, and a Ironclad Melta i had picked up when I picked up the weapon lot for the heavy flamers for my normal dreads.  A bit of cutting, glue, and a patch of green stuff and I think it will look ok.

For now the Chaplain is taking a bath in Simple Green then I'll put him back together, primer him up, and see what the model looks like.

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