Monday, March 29, 2010

A bit of work done on the Lizards last week but sadly not much over the weekend.
About a dozen stinks still need their left arms.
The steg needs his whole platform, but I'd like to figure out how to do some magnet work so I could use him in any of his three variants.

Best case I'll finish up the skinks tonight and do the Steg tomorrow and be ready for the game Wed with Anthony.  If not at least the army is playable.

Kitchen is at least coming together.

Monday, March 22, 2010

So I got a little more work done on the Lizardmen Battalion box.

I completed the 12 Skink Skirmishers and 4 of the Cold One Riders.  The Cold One Riders took a bit of time because I wanted to do some magnet work on them.
This will allow me to store them a little easier as well as be able to hit them with two different color base coats from the airbrush.

So I'm a little behind on assembly but we'll see what we can knock out during the week.
Liam also made it up late Sat night to hang out and play some 40k.
I only manage one pic of the first game.  We played a few 1850 games.  Liam was trying out a new build of Chaos and wanted to run the BRB missions just to practice for Kubla.  For the first two games I ran orks just to get out of Templar land.  For the third game I ran 1ksons.

Either way you slice it Liam had challenges all night long.  Granted he was testing some things out in a list that might not be the most competitive choices (Landraider full of zerkers and Kahrn), but there was some epic dice fails also.  I think against a vanilla marine army the list can really get stuck in there and hold it's own.  However I think the real problem just came down to raw killing power vs the armies I used.  The orks just had to much weight going behind them, and the 1ksons actually had more killing and staying power.  Sadly without the dual lash and 9 oblits list I'm not sure what else can be tweaked to bring more hurt to the table.

Unfortunately the ork games didn't let me really see a whole lot of use out of some of my unit choices.  I felt like I was missing my Kans but the two Battlewagons are imposing and does bring some flexibility to some movement options.  The three buggies was actually nice because it pretty much meant at least one rokkit hit every turn.

The 1ksons themselves had about a good a game they can, but that had to do a lot with the enemy as well.  Another Chaos list, no anti Psychic, and they want to get close also.  Pretty much the three things they want to see on the table any time!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes, Square Bases

So yes, I am going to take a stab at Fantasy.  Let me clearly state all the reasons why.

1) I'm a glutton for punishment.
2) I've been reading more about the game, and it sounds like it has been improving the last year or so and 8th edition is around the corner.
3) I'm addicted to building armies (both pysically assembling them as well as crafting them on paper).
4) Over the past year there have been a number of weekend days where I suddenly am free of wife/child obligation and I'm desperate to get some table top gaming.  However the LGS is having 'Fantasy Day' and not '40k Day' and I end up sitting at home painting.  Its' not horrible nor often, but I've been thinking having 1 Fantasy army around would be nice for such occasions.
5) Fantasy is what we played in 7th grade back in '89 that got us in to table top gaming.  'Played' is a stretch of the word since I don't think we knew the rules for shit, but it still was the Pandora's box that was miniature gaming.
6) I have two friends that already have fantasy armies.  Even if we play 40k anytime we get the gang all together, some of the times when I can only get together with 1 friend this provides another option.

Back in the day I had some Chaos warriors, a few Lizards, and a handful of Skaven.

So I first thought maybe I would look for my stuff and at those 3 armies and see what I could do.

Well I can't find my stuff, but I'm sure all of it is so old I'd be embarrased by it and not want to use it. :p

As for the armies:

Warriors of Chaos- They are supposedly not great right now.  I think they fall into the 'this build is good, the rest suck.'  I know what that's like for Tau right now, so pass.

Skaven- Skaven have a brand new book a few months old and lots of great looking models.  I have a Skaven blood bowl team and I know painting fur is not incredibly hard and can look really good quick.  I think they fall into the 'really good' catagory for armies right now as there are lots of different builds you can play that are competitive.

The downsides are that it usually means lots and lots of rats.  This means lots and lots of painting and usually more cost (at least for the armies I specced out).

Lizards- These guys also have a newesh book and like Skaven fall in the good and flexible catagory.  They aren't horribly elite oriented or horde oriented, though I think you could go either way if you want (all skinks vs all Stegadons).  The best part is the Battalion is actually really good and comes with all very useable models as opposed to most Battalions that have some crap unit in them (I'm looking at YOU Chaos Possesed!).

And so...
Here's my start to an army.  Like I said the Battalion is all very useful, and the Stegadon is not only a cool model, it can be used as a Ancient or Regular or Engine of the Gods.  It also comes with a Skink Priest and Skink Chief (two heroes) so if you don't mount them you can just run them on foot.  So for the sake of some low point practice you can basically have:
Skink Priest
Skink Chief
12 Skink Skirmishers
20 Saurus
10 Temple Gaurd
8 Cold One Calvery

Is it competitive?  Well it certainly isn't min/maxed out but all of that is useable as you work your way to the 2000-2250 point limit (which is about the 1500-1850 equivelants to 40k for trournaments I think).

So tonight I got cracking on assembly.
First of all they are lovely models. 

Second of all Holy Slanesh's tits did this take forever!  4 1/2 hours to cut, clean, and assemble 30 guys.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, it takes about as long for 40k guys, but usually the squads are smaller so you get more 'units' done faster.

So I'll see what else I can get done this weekend but hopefully I'll get enought togehter for a first run at the rules with Anthony.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1850 Tournament Report

A lack of posting due to crazy amount of work on the kitchen, but I finished up painting my pod and headed off to the LGS for our 1850 Spring Tournament. 

I ran the planned Drop Pod Templar list:

Emp Champ, AACNMTO 140
Marshal, Terminator Armor, TH/SS, Adamanitite 180
Reclusiarch, Combi Melta, Melta Bombs 115
Dread, MM/HF, Armor in Pod w/ Deathwind 180
Dread, MM/HF, Armor in Pod w/ Deathwind 180
6 Initiates w/ PF/Melta, 2 Neos in Pod w/ Deathwind 191
7Initiates w/ PF/Melta, 2 Neos in Pod w/ Deathwind 207
7 Initiates w/ PF/Melta, 2 Neos in Pod w/ Deathwind 207
8 Initiates w/ PF/Melta, 2 Neos in Pod w/ Deathwind 223
Land Speeder MM/HF 75
Land Speeder MM/HF 75
Land Speeder MM/HF 75

We were using the missions from the upcoming Adepticon.  We filled our 20 spaces with the following break down of amies: 4 Space marine, 4 Bugs, 2 Wolves, 2 Gaurd, 2 Templar, 1 Daemons, 1 Dark Eldar, 1 Eldar, 1 Tau, and 1 Ork.  Not a bad break down, still a little heavy on bugs but that not too shocking given they are the latest book.

Round 1
Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Kill points!
Secondary Objective: Eliminate all Troop choices.
Tertiary: 250 more VPs than Opponent

Thomas's Dark Eldar- I've seen Thomas around but we've never had a game.  This would also be my first game against DE after several years of playing.  I thought I had his army list but I don't so here is a rough guess that I might try to flush out later in Army Builder.

Lilith Hesperex, Wych Ret, Sucubus in Raider
6 Wyches in Raider
6 Wyches in Raider
6 Wyches in Raider
6 Wyches in Raider
6 Wyches in Raider
6 Wyches

The upside for me this game is that Thomas had one of the armies that had a lot of kill points also as we both had 18.  He won the roll of and wisely made me go first.  However he decided to start two of his raiders on the table with 1 Ravenger semi all bunkered in around buildings.

For Combat Drugs if I recall he got 1 12" Assault, 2 +1 WS, 1 Always Strike first, and 2 Reroll Misses.

Turn 2 I get a pretty solid reserve roll with 1 Speeder, Both Dreads, and 3 troops that didn't include the ECs squad.  Unfortuantely everything scattered and a few things ended a bit off target.

Unfortuntaely this turn 1 deployment shot is the only shot I have of us playing.

I think I downed both Raiders but only managed to immobilize the Ravenger.

The game then got fierce and fast.  Thomas rolled on a bunch of wyches and before you know it there was lots of CC all over the place.  Sadly his lances never really got rolling, and I was able to hold my own in CC thanks again to Preffered Enemy.

Somehow the game went pretty slowly and we called it at the bottom of 4 with time winding down.  My EC squad never made it to the table at all.  In the end I was up on killpoints by a double digit number (granted he would have picked up some easy kills on his next turn but not enough to close the gap), but neither of us could manage the secondary or tertiary points.  We both pick up 2+ bonus points, but it's a decent start for Templar 23-2.

As always I played agressive and tackled as much as I could.  The lances didn't get to do much  and having nothing but AV 12 makes them almost overkill.  The only thing Thomas and I talked about afterward was his choices to move up to CC (thus putting Raiders up for kills also) as opposed to making me chase him around and him using his superior range.  With the night shields and my lack of range I would have had some issues in there, and he could have popped pods at range all day long.  Regardless it was a fun game for the both of us.

I knew my score was not going to be all that great after talking to other folks as many people had either really hot Game 1 or really craptabulous scores.  Looking at the score print out now I was 9th out of 20, with the next highest player having ... 2 points!

Round 2

Modified Dawn of War (12" center strip undeployable area)
Primary Objective: Terrain Elimantes are Objectives
Secibdart Objective: Eliminate all HQs
Tertiary: 500 more VPs than Opponent
Pete's Eldar- Pete is apparantly over for 6 months from Finland for work and brought along his army for some gaming.  He had a great looking Eldar army that won best painting.  It was cool to see both our armies on the table as it was probably the only game all day that had both armies fully painted. 

His list looked something like:
Farseer w/ Doom
7 Scorps w/ Exarch
6 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch
8 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch in Wave Serp
10 Gaurdians w/ Bright Lance
10 Gaurdians w/ Bright Lance
3 Garudians on Jetbikes w/ Warlock (assorted Weapons)
4 Gaurdians on Jetbikes (Assorted Weapons)
7 Warp Spiders w/ Exarch

It is less of mech army for Eldar than I have seen in quite some time.  5 Troops was no joke considering there were probably 14 bits of terrain we agreed would count as objectives.  I decided I would go for the aggressive aproach again as if I tried to go defensive he still could have out ranged me to death.

I won the roll of and decided to go second.  He milled a bunch of guys around mostly in the center.  For my drop on turn 2 I pulled 1 speeder, 1 Dread, the Marshal Squad and the troop squad.

This game was incredibly close.  There were two fairly awesome moments.  After the initial deployment and stike to kill off a good clip of scorps Pete focus fired on my Doomed marshal squad.  Here's him about to move in on the squad.
After all that focus fire only the Marshal was left.  Pete really wanted the Marshal dead so he charged with his  Scorps, DAs, and Gaurdians with the Farseer!
Totally awesome shot!  Of course just the scorps killed him so it was all a little overkill.  And unfortuanately for him everyone ONLY got 1-2" consolidation moves.  This would turn out disastorous.
Meanwhile on the other side of the board the Fire Dragons and Avatar cleaned up the Dread and the drop pod.

The now ugly part came as I was able to roll up my 2nd dread near on top of his masses of guys.  The heavy flamer alone must have killed 11 garudians and DAs and they all broke and ran off the table.  My chap squad dropped on one of his bike squads and nuked them, and the EC squad started pounding his other Gaurdian squad.

I pretty much avoided tangling with the Avatar and the Wraithlord.  The game literally came down to the wire, but some last minute CC let me claim 1 objective.  Once again neither of us could take the secondary or tertiary points, but I picked up +1 bonus point, making it another victory for Templar 22-0.

At this point we lined up for painting.  There were a few more armies that looked close to done, but really there was only other army beside from Pete's and mine that I thought was in the running and that was Kevin's bugs.

Round 3

Table Quarters
Primary Objective: 3 Objectives (2 minor 1 major)
Secibdart Objective: Units in all quarters
Tertiary: 750 more VPs than Opponent

Grant's Drop Pod/Biker Marines- Grant and I have played before but this was going to be a first with some 10 drop pods on the table.

Captain on Bike with Relic Blade
5 bikes w/ Fist, 2 Meltas, Attack Bike
5 bikes w/ Fist, 2 Meltas, Attack Bike
10 Marines Melta/ MM in Drop Pod
10 Marines Melta/ MM in Drop Pod
10 Marines Melta/ MM in Drop Pod
10 Marines Melta/ MM in Drop Pod
2 Typhoon Speeders

I won the roll for the turn and chose second.  Grant put guys in reserve but still had to put two pods down.  He combat squaded them and ran them around a bit.

On his turn 2 he had his non captain bike squad come turbo boostin on, his speeders come flying on, and his 3rd drop pod combat squad down into cover.

For my turn 2 I had pretty much everyting but 1 Speeder come down!  This game was ugly from the get go.  I was able to whittle the bike squad to just two guys, but more or less only a few other failed shooting attempts.  The only upside was his turn 3 was also pretty dreadful, though he did get his captn bike squad on the table.  He popped one pod, but he shot my chaplain squad and with Righteous Zeal they were able to pull themselves back from getting assaulted.  In the end I don't know if that worked out for the best as that squad was then able to come sit on the 'main' objective for much of the rest of the game.

Turn 3 was great for me for the most part.  I was able to charge lots of squad and totally put the hurt on them.  I did have one massive failiure with a '1' to assault into cover where I needed a 2 and that probably cost me the main objective at the end of the day.

In the end I think all he had left was a drop pod, his captain, a whirlwind (that came on real late) and tact combat squad.  I had also taken signficant casualties as well having lost my marshal, chaplain, 2 Crusader squads, 2 Drop pods, and 2 Speeders.  With the VPs given up for immobilized units (my remaing drop pods and one dread) I wasn't able to clear the 750 VPs for tertiary, but we did contest the main objective and I held the other 2 minor objectives (11 pts).  I was also clever in my pod deployment and had units in every quarter, so with the secondary acheived I pulled down a win 25-1.

In the end I had 3 wins where I was able to shut my opponent down very well, but I could never get the 'big' points to really put my on the top of the boards.

The winners of the day:
Casey's Wolves 1st at 128 points
Allen's Orks 2nd at 90 points
Scott's Wolves at 76

I came in 4th at 70.  I can't complain because again I had 3 fun and solid games with great opponents. 

What I do think is interesting is how our top 3 winners days went as they all got there a little differently:
Casey demolished all 3 opponents.
Alan had a good win, was crushed by Casey, and a big win in the end.
Scott had two blow out games and goose egged in the SW vs SW with Casey (with some shit LD checks).  But still his first two big wins kept him in the running.
I once again had fun and am really liking the way this year's tournaments are flowing.  Sadly there will be no tournaments for me until May as work trips will be pulling me away during the key weekends.

However I can say this officially concludes my big Templar Pod experimentation.  They've gone 8-0-1 in the 3 tournaments I've played so I think I've got the hang of them and can say they are a real bear for most opponents.  I definately will play them more but I'm looking forward to getting in some games with some of my other neglected armies!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2nd Dread Complete, Pulling out Orks to Paint

So I wrapped up the last details on the 2nd Dread.  It's not the greatest picture, but you can get the idea that it matches the original close enough on the table top.


I am now also fairly certain that I am going to just take orks to 'ard Boyz.  I don't really want to spend a bunch of money for things I'm only going to use for 'Ard boyz, and I'd like to work on painting stuff that is actually usable in at least 2k point armies.  That means with minimum investment I'd either have to do a combo drop pod/mech Templar list or just run orks I (mostly) have in the bag right now.  I think the later will probably do better, but of course it all depends on the missions and the draw.

Either way here is the new list.

Big Mek, KFF, PK, Evy Armor, Cybork, Grot Oiler
13 Lootas
12 Kommandos w/ 2 Flamers and Snikrot
19 Shoota boyz w/ 2 big shootas, Nob BP/PK
29 Slugga boyz w/ 3 Rokkits, Nob BP/PK
29 Slugga boyz w/ 3 Rokkits, Nob BP/PK
18 Ard Boyz,  Nob BP/PK
4 MANz w/ 2 Combi Flamer, 1 Combi Rokkit in BW, Deffrolla, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers, Big Shoota
Deff Dread, Big Shoota, Flamer, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers
3 Rokkit Buggies
3 Kans w/ Kustom Mega Blastas
BW, Deffrolla, Armor Plates, Grot Riggers, Big Shoota

Ghaz rides with the Manz, the KFF Mek rides in the 2nd wagon with the 'Ard Boyz.  The two bricks of boyz can advance and try to shoot tranports to take midfield objectives.  The shootas remain for rear garud objective holding.  Walkers are moving up with the BWs most often.  Lootas shoot as long as they can, and Snikrot does what he does.

14 KP, or 27 'Ard Boyz Killpoints.  Not bad, and not a lot of soft targets.  Is it the most uber competitive list, probably not.  But it still looks solid and I know how all the parts work... though it has been awhile since I've really got games in with the lads so I'll need to get some games in some time hopefully.

All I need to buy is one Mega Armored Nob.
Painting is a little different.
First off the BW on the right is done, I just need to do the Deffrolla.  But then I have the whole other BW to do and the 3rd buggie.  I also have decided to try to make the 'ard Boyz from models I had.  I actually had TOO MANY boyz with plates and iron gobz so I had to pull bits off.  So you'll see the boyz in the front just need to get touch ups.  However there are a dozen other boyz behind them than need the whole job (all but 2 have the base airbrush done).

Plus the MANz.  Plus maybe a new Nob for the 'Ard Boyz so I don't have to use the Kommando Nob (as cool as he is) but we'll save that for last if I had any time.

Of course I still have one more Drop Pod to paint first to wrap up my 1850 Drop Pod Templar.

Monday, March 1, 2010

2nd Dread Almost Done

I had a few hours in the evenings to do some painting this weekend.  I couldn't quite finish up the 2nd Dreadnought but he is pretty close.  I need another layer of white, of the bleached bone, and then add the mithiril silver details.  Then I just need to 'update' the base to be in the same style I'm using and he should be good to go.  Next time I do a WarStore ordre I'm going to need to pick up some more Vehicles Seals as he's lacking compared to the 1st guy too.

Once the Dread is done I just need to wrap up the 6th drop pod (which I'm not looking forward to doing) and my 1850 Drop Pod force will be finished.