Monday, March 22, 2010

So I got a little more work done on the Lizardmen Battalion box.

I completed the 12 Skink Skirmishers and 4 of the Cold One Riders.  The Cold One Riders took a bit of time because I wanted to do some magnet work on them.
This will allow me to store them a little easier as well as be able to hit them with two different color base coats from the airbrush.

So I'm a little behind on assembly but we'll see what we can knock out during the week.
Liam also made it up late Sat night to hang out and play some 40k.
I only manage one pic of the first game.  We played a few 1850 games.  Liam was trying out a new build of Chaos and wanted to run the BRB missions just to practice for Kubla.  For the first two games I ran orks just to get out of Templar land.  For the third game I ran 1ksons.

Either way you slice it Liam had challenges all night long.  Granted he was testing some things out in a list that might not be the most competitive choices (Landraider full of zerkers and Kahrn), but there was some epic dice fails also.  I think against a vanilla marine army the list can really get stuck in there and hold it's own.  However I think the real problem just came down to raw killing power vs the armies I used.  The orks just had to much weight going behind them, and the 1ksons actually had more killing and staying power.  Sadly without the dual lash and 9 oblits list I'm not sure what else can be tweaked to bring more hurt to the table.

Unfortunately the ork games didn't let me really see a whole lot of use out of some of my unit choices.  I felt like I was missing my Kans but the two Battlewagons are imposing and does bring some flexibility to some movement options.  The three buggies was actually nice because it pretty much meant at least one rokkit hit every turn.

The 1ksons themselves had about a good a game they can, but that had to do a lot with the enemy as well.  Another Chaos list, no anti Psychic, and they want to get close also.  Pretty much the three things they want to see on the table any time!

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