Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes, Square Bases

So yes, I am going to take a stab at Fantasy.  Let me clearly state all the reasons why.

1) I'm a glutton for punishment.
2) I've been reading more about the game, and it sounds like it has been improving the last year or so and 8th edition is around the corner.
3) I'm addicted to building armies (both pysically assembling them as well as crafting them on paper).
4) Over the past year there have been a number of weekend days where I suddenly am free of wife/child obligation and I'm desperate to get some table top gaming.  However the LGS is having 'Fantasy Day' and not '40k Day' and I end up sitting at home painting.  Its' not horrible nor often, but I've been thinking having 1 Fantasy army around would be nice for such occasions.
5) Fantasy is what we played in 7th grade back in '89 that got us in to table top gaming.  'Played' is a stretch of the word since I don't think we knew the rules for shit, but it still was the Pandora's box that was miniature gaming.
6) I have two friends that already have fantasy armies.  Even if we play 40k anytime we get the gang all together, some of the times when I can only get together with 1 friend this provides another option.

Back in the day I had some Chaos warriors, a few Lizards, and a handful of Skaven.

So I first thought maybe I would look for my stuff and at those 3 armies and see what I could do.

Well I can't find my stuff, but I'm sure all of it is so old I'd be embarrased by it and not want to use it. :p

As for the armies:

Warriors of Chaos- They are supposedly not great right now.  I think they fall into the 'this build is good, the rest suck.'  I know what that's like for Tau right now, so pass.

Skaven- Skaven have a brand new book a few months old and lots of great looking models.  I have a Skaven blood bowl team and I know painting fur is not incredibly hard and can look really good quick.  I think they fall into the 'really good' catagory for armies right now as there are lots of different builds you can play that are competitive.

The downsides are that it usually means lots and lots of rats.  This means lots and lots of painting and usually more cost (at least for the armies I specced out).

Lizards- These guys also have a newesh book and like Skaven fall in the good and flexible catagory.  They aren't horribly elite oriented or horde oriented, though I think you could go either way if you want (all skinks vs all Stegadons).  The best part is the Battalion is actually really good and comes with all very useable models as opposed to most Battalions that have some crap unit in them (I'm looking at YOU Chaos Possesed!).

And so...
Here's my start to an army.  Like I said the Battalion is all very useful, and the Stegadon is not only a cool model, it can be used as a Ancient or Regular or Engine of the Gods.  It also comes with a Skink Priest and Skink Chief (two heroes) so if you don't mount them you can just run them on foot.  So for the sake of some low point practice you can basically have:
Skink Priest
Skink Chief
12 Skink Skirmishers
20 Saurus
10 Temple Gaurd
8 Cold One Calvery

Is it competitive?  Well it certainly isn't min/maxed out but all of that is useable as you work your way to the 2000-2250 point limit (which is about the 1500-1850 equivelants to 40k for trournaments I think).

So tonight I got cracking on assembly.
First of all they are lovely models. 

Second of all Holy Slanesh's tits did this take forever!  4 1/2 hours to cut, clean, and assemble 30 guys.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, it takes about as long for 40k guys, but usually the squads are smaller so you get more 'units' done faster.

So I'll see what else I can get done this weekend but hopefully I'll get enought togehter for a first run at the rules with Anthony.

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