Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Hate Metal Models

There was a time when I loved metal models.  The rich detail was far superior to plastic of the day, and I think the models I had were simple things with one or two bits.

These Terradons are driving me crazy.

The bits just don't fit together right, and means needing to use a healthy combo of greenstuff and glue.
I had one almost complete, but as I tried to mount the rider the model slipped and in my own hands EVERY SINGLE BIT broke apart as I watched in terror at my hours of work come undone.

What's that?  Pinning you say?  Great idea!  Except my pinning set which I've been using succesfuly on plastic was basically GROUND OUT OF EXISTENCE on the metal leaving nothing more then a pin prick.  Clearly the set I had was too small for metal so I'll need to go pick up a thicker set that I can use for metal 'cause this is ridiculous.

Sure metal models still look nice, but plastic has come a long way and looks great now and is a billion times easier to work with as well.  I wish GW would do away with metal figs and do it all in plastic but I'm sure there are sound fiscal reasons that doesn't happen.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to Posting

I've been remiss on posting for good reason.  I spent 8 days in Vegas for a tradeshow, and upon returning have been hosting the folks from our UK office as they have been stuck due to mother nature saying a big 'F U' to flying to nothern Europe.  So I haven't done a thing in regards to Warhammer.

Well I did pull out my 1850 Templar to make sure they fit on the display board.

I'm pleased with the overall army look.  It actually looks like tournament army... which I suppose is the point.  I'd like to do a little magnet work on some of the loose pod doors with the new small magnets but I'm not sure when I'll have time.

After all, in theroy I still have a good clip of orks to paint in under a month for 'Ard boyz, plus more Lizardmen I'd like to put together (and lets not even talk about my 1ksons sitting on the bench).  I'm not sure which one of those  bits I'll really prioritize as I just don't seem to be getting excited about the orks/ard boyz combo.  Time will tell.

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Fantasy Games

So Wed night I got together with Anthony to finally get a few first games in with Fantasy.  We decided to start with a modest 1500 point list (as it looks like 2000-2250 are more like the 'normal' tournament size similar to 1500-1850 in 40k).

We got two games in and both were fun.  It is interesting trying the new game as there are certain things that feel familiar and certain things that I'm still getting my head around.

-Placing Terrain- in fantasy you are placing terrain piece by piece and there are probably things that you should be considering for your army and against the opponent.  We just kind of tossed a few bits out there, but now I'm already thinking about what things I should be looking to get out of terrain (LoS, Cover saves, etc).

-Deployment- So movement of the blocks is really limiting.  Yes you can turn and wheel, but really you want to try to place the blocks pretty much where they want to go or you are wasting valuable movement.  Plus I put guys on hills that shouldn't have been, got trapped by bits of terrain, and all kind of noob mistakes that are just bound to happen these first few games just like it did for 40k.

- Marching- Wow, you can cover a good clip of ground pretty quickly!  I kept thinking this would be like run but since it just doubles your move it is more predictable and actually pretty good for getting across the dead mans zone.

-Movement Phase-  I have to master the structure of the movement phase- Declare Charges, Rally Troops, Compulsory Moves, Move Chargers, Remaining Troops.  I know one or two times I had thought I would charge with Sauri but I had skinks in the way (and they can't move until after charges are made).  So I need to get the hang of that.

-Magic phase- Well Magic seemed hit and miss, which maybe is the way it is supposed to be after all.  Granted we each only had one mage but there were turns were not much was happening but a few times when key things happened that probably shifted bits of the game.  I also never used my Dispel Scroll either game which was a waste.  I just didn't know how to identify what the best use would be and then never used it.  So I have to figure that part out as well.

-Shooting- I learned my army doesn't shoot.  Skinks were all I had and the range is horrible.  I think I just need to use them as harassers and flank protectors.  More testing is needed there.

-Combat resolution- This is so different than 40k that it is going to take some getting used to for sure.  There is no easy 'let me just mathammer these combat results out before I charge.' It doesn't help that there are all kinds of magic things and other gear that affect this outcome so I guess that is just going to have to come with practice.

Still a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to getting in some more games.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slann Built

A brief Lizardmen update after wrapping up a tiny bit of work this weekend.  I built the Slann which is a really cool model.

I really struggled getting the peices of his throne together.  I errored on making it look good from the front.  The back part is a bit off and I have a little greenstuff to help it out but I'm not 100% happy with it.
So now he can hange out with my Temple Gaurd (who still need to more to be built).
I also got the two Sauri blocks magnetized so they are pretty sturdy on the movement tray now.
I'm not sure I'll get any other hobby stuff done this week as I'm making the big push to wrap the kitchen work up before I leave for a weeklong business trip.  Certainly when I get back I'm going to be feeling the preasure to get some painting done!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Uneventful Week

It doesn't feel like much happened this week for gaming.

Wife was ill Wednesday so had to miss out on the 1st planned game for Fantasy.

There's no 40k on the near horizon.

I also up the last bits on this simple display tray I had been doing bits at a time over the last two weeks.  I wanted something more than my normal slab of wood and figured I'd try to start with something easy.

I learned a few things doing this.

1) It takes a lot of flock. Way more than I expected.
2) Non Elmers Glue just sucks.
3) It takes a lot more time than I thought.

It's not prefect but it is something simple for my Templar. I'd like to make something a little more complex but I've just got a ton of painting to do right now.

I did finish up the skinks so the Lizardmen are looking a little more complete.
Hey look at that handy use of a display base!
I also did some more work on the Stegadon. 

There is a bit of magnet work done so i can change him from a Stegadon, Ancient Stegadon, and EotG.  Right now I'm waiting for some more magnets before I finish up the crew.

I also started working on working out the magnetic movement tray action.  Right now it's just the Cold ones but it is a good proof of concept.

Some more lessons learned during this project.
1)  My tin snips are two small to cut the thin steel sheets without haveing to seriously bend the sheets.  That meant having to then hammer it back to 'straight' if we can call it that.  It will work but... man, that wasn't supposed to be that hard.

2) The magnets from your local craft store suck compared to rare earth magnets.  I tried two seperate brands hoping they would provide enough pull.  Instead just a small earth magnet works better.  I may add some more magnets later but even right now there is pretty good bonding even with these CoC that are so top heavy.

3.  I used Gorilla Glue for the first time to bond the steel to the movement tray.  It expands more than I thought so I had some extra bits coming out the sides after an hour.  I tried to clean it up but it makes a freaken mess.  So lesson learned to apply lightly going forward.

I did spend a good part of tonight getting some work on the orks done.  I need to get cracking if I'm going to be fully painted for 'Ard boyz (like the sick bastard I am).

So I guess I did get a bit of little things done, I'm just missing the playing.