Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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I've been remiss on posting for good reason.  I spent 8 days in Vegas for a tradeshow, and upon returning have been hosting the folks from our UK office as they have been stuck due to mother nature saying a big 'F U' to flying to nothern Europe.  So I haven't done a thing in regards to Warhammer.

Well I did pull out my 1850 Templar to make sure they fit on the display board.

I'm pleased with the overall army look.  It actually looks like tournament army... which I suppose is the point.  I'd like to do a little magnet work on some of the loose pod doors with the new small magnets but I'm not sure when I'll have time.

After all, in theroy I still have a good clip of orks to paint in under a month for 'Ard boyz, plus more Lizardmen I'd like to put together (and lets not even talk about my 1ksons sitting on the bench).  I'm not sure which one of those  bits I'll really prioritize as I just don't seem to be getting excited about the orks/ard boyz combo.  Time will tell.

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