Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Hate Metal Models

There was a time when I loved metal models.  The rich detail was far superior to plastic of the day, and I think the models I had were simple things with one or two bits.

These Terradons are driving me crazy.

The bits just don't fit together right, and means needing to use a healthy combo of greenstuff and glue.
I had one almost complete, but as I tried to mount the rider the model slipped and in my own hands EVERY SINGLE BIT broke apart as I watched in terror at my hours of work come undone.

What's that?  Pinning you say?  Great idea!  Except my pinning set which I've been using succesfuly on plastic was basically GROUND OUT OF EXISTENCE on the metal leaving nothing more then a pin prick.  Clearly the set I had was too small for metal so I'll need to go pick up a thicker set that I can use for metal 'cause this is ridiculous.

Sure metal models still look nice, but plastic has come a long way and looks great now and is a billion times easier to work with as well.  I wish GW would do away with metal figs and do it all in plastic but I'm sure there are sound fiscal reasons that doesn't happen.

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