Friday, April 2, 2010

Uneventful Week

It doesn't feel like much happened this week for gaming.

Wife was ill Wednesday so had to miss out on the 1st planned game for Fantasy.

There's no 40k on the near horizon.

I also up the last bits on this simple display tray I had been doing bits at a time over the last two weeks.  I wanted something more than my normal slab of wood and figured I'd try to start with something easy.

I learned a few things doing this.

1) It takes a lot of flock. Way more than I expected.
2) Non Elmers Glue just sucks.
3) It takes a lot more time than I thought.

It's not prefect but it is something simple for my Templar. I'd like to make something a little more complex but I've just got a ton of painting to do right now.

I did finish up the skinks so the Lizardmen are looking a little more complete.
Hey look at that handy use of a display base!
I also did some more work on the Stegadon. 

There is a bit of magnet work done so i can change him from a Stegadon, Ancient Stegadon, and EotG.  Right now I'm waiting for some more magnets before I finish up the crew.

I also started working on working out the magnetic movement tray action.  Right now it's just the Cold ones but it is a good proof of concept.

Some more lessons learned during this project.
1)  My tin snips are two small to cut the thin steel sheets without haveing to seriously bend the sheets.  That meant having to then hammer it back to 'straight' if we can call it that.  It will work but... man, that wasn't supposed to be that hard.

2) The magnets from your local craft store suck compared to rare earth magnets.  I tried two seperate brands hoping they would provide enough pull.  Instead just a small earth magnet works better.  I may add some more magnets later but even right now there is pretty good bonding even with these CoC that are so top heavy.

3.  I used Gorilla Glue for the first time to bond the steel to the movement tray.  It expands more than I thought so I had some extra bits coming out the sides after an hour.  I tried to clean it up but it makes a freaken mess.  So lesson learned to apply lightly going forward.

I did spend a good part of tonight getting some work on the orks done.  I need to get cracking if I'm going to be fully painted for 'Ard boyz (like the sick bastard I am).

So I guess I did get a bit of little things done, I'm just missing the playing.

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