Sunday, May 30, 2010

40k Pics from Kublacon

Yesterday we went to Kublacon to play 40k.  It was a fun day even though for me it was a disapointing showing for my Templar.  I'll do another post tomorrow to go over the action.
For now here's a handful of pics.
A Deff Dread in the painting competition.

A Battlwaong in the painting competition.
This is an all female IG army made of Necromunda Escher (my pick for Players  Choice).
This Bad Moon Ork army was incredible, and ended up winning best painted army (or Players Choice, I can't remember).
His cool new Dread.
A very cool bike army.
Liam's Army with newly touched up tanks.
There were a number of nice bug armies, this caught my eye.
There were also a number of Nurgle themed Chaos.
And of course other nicely done marines.
A good number of BA, this one was unique.
Also a few Spacewolves.  I wish I could make a display base this cool.

Here are a few random pics I got of some buddies games.  The first one here is Han's Chaos Daemon's fighting off some BA.  He would go on to Tie points for Best Overall with a Witchhunter's player.

Here we have Jason's bug doing a mad conga line to score a victory against Chaos.  Of the 5 of us Jason was the only one how pulled off a win in Mission 2, while the other 4 of us all Tied!

Here's a couple shot of Liam's first game against a Pedro Imperial Fist list in game 1.

This game was with Patrick's Nurgle Chaos Marines against a Vulkan list.  Patrick would go on to win the Best General (Overall Battle Points) of the day!

As I mentioned I had fun and I glad my friends did well.  I have some gripes about the missions and am confused about my Paint Score, not to mention some painful Reserve rolls fresh in the memory... but I'll cover that in another day or so.

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